10 Reasons I’ve Been a Sh*tastic Blogger Lately

Golly. I’m being a bad girl with blogging lately, amiright? One, like I said before, now that I work as a Communications Specialist for my day job and I write ALLLLLL day, I’m completely typed-out by the time the weekend hits. And let’s be real, blog posting during the week isn’t happening either. So it’s like 7:45pm on Sunday night and I really would rather have my tookus in the bed, lights out, ready to sleep (no more Walking Dead ’til fall so I may as well), but the blog was feeling a little needy tonight. So here I am giving you 10 reasons why I’ve been a shit*astic blogger lately.

This may be a quick, none-too-elaborate post, but I have pictures to catch y’all up as to my excuses reasons for not blogging a lot. Everyone likes pictures. 🙂 And if you already follow me on Instagram, you saw them. Scroll anyway and just go with it!

1. I’ve been kicking butt in the gym.

Before and after 2010 _ 2015 _ Cherie Runs This

I haven’t fit this dress in MONTHS. Moooooonths. So when I’m thinking it’s not worth it, or I’m sleepy, or I should just home and chill, or I don’t think it’ll matter if I take a while off from the gym, I look at old pics vs. now. And then I choose the gym. And not typing, lol.

2. I’ve been trying to grow a butt in the gym.

Glutes progress _ Cherie Runs This

This booty didn’t look like that two months ago. It takes time!!! And I’ve got a ways to go still. I like to have two glutes specific days –not just “leg day”– to make sure I’m focusing on this thing. It’s intensive work to fight gravity!

3. I’ve been making a lot of salads.

Chicken Cobb Salad _ Cherie Runs This

Yes, salads are quick, but look how pretty! I could be writing while I’m taking time to make my salad gorgeous, but it wouldn’t taste as good. Trust me.

4. I’ve been hand crushing pistachios.

Pistachio encrusted cod _ Cherie Runs This

Okay, crushing pistachios doesn’t take that long. But my point is, I craft each dinner specially. This ain’t no microwave meal here.

5. I’ve been making Insta-worthy pictures to sum up my disgust with dating.

I prefer dumbbells to dumbasses _ Cherie Runs This

One reason why #weightsbeforedates is one of my favorite hashtags. I date, but good grief, the men out there. [My eyes are rolling.] My time is better served in the gym right now.

6. I’ve been meal prepping.

Meal prep _ Cherie Runs This

I’m going to be working on Sundays now (see #7), but I will still have to get my meal prep done. This is CRUCIAL to me staying on track and it saves me money by not eating out. When I fail to plan, I plain to fail. I take a little time on Sundays and get myself meal-ready for the week. I know how to meal prep like a champ and keep it up!!

7. I’ve been working two jobs.

Part time job at Ross _ Cherie Runs This

I got a part time job at Ross! So in addition to my full time day job, I will now be working a couple a nights a week and errrrrry weekend to make ends meet. The financial struggle after divorce is real, y’all. But to ensure I can pay my bills, eat as much as I like to eat, and move closer to work this summer, I need the dough. First week of this and I’m already exhausted. But you do what you have to do, right?

8. I’ve been reading inspirational quotes to keep myself going.

Rough Days Keep Going _ Cherie Runs This

I don’t swear on my blog much. But doggone it, this says what I’m feeling. I’m going in a zillion different ways right now and wondering how I’m going to get it all done and if it’s even worth it half the time and WHEN OH WHEN will it get easier. This quote, and those like it, helps me keep on keeping on.

9. I’ve been grocery shopping.

Incredible Hulk _ Cherie Runs This

Not for an Incredible Hulk beanie. He just happened to hop along for a ride. But food. Do you know how long it takes to grocery shop? Well, it takes me a while. And I stay grocery shopping because most of what I buy is perishable. It takes time, yo.

10. I’ve been a good daughter.

Family _ Easter _ Cherie Runs This

Daddy can’t drive right now. Sometimes I have to help him out and do the Driving Miss Daisy thing for him. Planned to spend the latter half of today with him so I could take him to a family Easter dinner so he could scarf the food down in 30 minutes and then decide he was ready to leave. He did at least the pose with the bunny ears for a hot second. Anyhow, with as much as I’m trying to balance right now, I help out as much as I can. No one will tell me I don’t!

Anyhow. That’s it. 10 reasons why I can’t seem to get blog posts written lately. Valid reasons, IMO. 😀

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  • Guuurl, you’re doing GREAT! You keep focusing on being the best of you that you can be and you will get there. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. I really admire you and love your blog. Keep your head up and you’ve so got this. You’re such an inspiration!!!

  • Glad to hear you are doing well! That dress (and butt) look great!! Glad you’ve been hitting it hard at the gym! I need to make that salad this week too.

    My friends and husband are racing for Pittsburgh Marathon/Half. We seriously should meet up! I’m not racing, but I will be there!!