2014 Year in Review: On my own & running through this thing called life

Some wise person once said, “Sometimes you just have to look back at your past and smile about how far you’ve come.” Seems legit.

As a lot of you know, my husband and I got separated in the Fall of 2013. So my 2014 was my very first year in about 10 years that I was completely on my own, roughin’ it and experiencing life solo. A big ‘ol 180° of difference from what I was used to. I was not sure at all how it would turn out, but now, 12 months later, I think I did okay. 🙂 So here I go; a look back at my 2014 Year in Review.

2014 Year in Review _ Cherie Runs This

Being on my own again meant taking care of the finances on my own. I finally decided to put that NASM Certified Personal Trainer in me to work! I landed a part-time job as a personal trainer at my local YMCA. I loved sharing my experiences and helping others reach their goals!!

morning running
I decided that in order to be more social, I would join a running group. Note the excitement on my face. I’m NOT a morning runner, or a morning person of any sort, but some of the runs were at the crack of dawn. Or 7am, which is crack of dawn enough to me. I’m also not really one to run in groups, but I actually had fun training with others for some upcoming races.

Cherie Runs This - Woman's World Magazine
NASM commercial
This month was fun because my story appeared in Woman’s World Magazine and the National Academy of Sports Medicine commercial that I was in finally debuted! If you asked me a couple of years ago if I thought I would be in a magazine or on TV I surely would have passed out laughing. So crying tears of joy over this kind of stuff was much better!

I had two big races in April–the first was the Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon in Raleigh and then the Tar Heel 10 Miler in Chapel Hill. You know I don’t really run to be speedy or PR, so I just went out there and had a good time. I ran the R’nR with my college buddy Jamie and the 10 Miler with my running group!

pittsburgh marathon pre race in garage

pittsburgh marathon during race_

I drove home to PA for the Pittsburgh Half Marathon. I’d been nostalgic about moving back home since I moved away 12 years ago and the feelings finally took me over. About three weeks after the race, I packed up my stuff in NC and moved back home to Pittsburgh for good! Yes, you CAN go home again!

When I first got back to Pittsburgh, I moved in with my oldest sister and father. I had never lived with her (she’s 20 years my senior) and hadn’t lived with Daddy since I packed up and moved away after college. It was great to be back with my family! Especially Daddy, he’ll be 80 in March and time is precious!

As much as I loved being with my family, I had gotten so accustomed to having my own space. At the end of July, I got the keys to a cute little 2 bedroom house. This was now my THIRD move in a year, but I had a bachelorette pad to call my own!! So worth it!

The word of the summer was “SCIATICA” boys and girls. I threw out my back again on Independence Day and sure enough, sciatica wasn’t far behind. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy! I was sidelined from the gym and pretty much all physical activity. The doc said, no gym for 7-10 days, but it lasted for MONTHS! 🙁

Facebook Hiatus

The only memorable thing I did in September was go off the grid. This was something I really needed to do. And to be more specific, I went off the grid from Facebook. Once I moved back to PA I thought it (meaning my life) would instantly instantly better. I was happy to be out of NC, yes, and I did finally have my own little place to stay, but the temp job was leaving me empty, managing bills was exhausting, there was no special person in my life, and I was starting to question everything again. Facebook is NOT GOOD for your mental status during times like these. It’s a place where everyone’s life seems better than yours, and I had to take a little break from it. I clicked that “deactivate” button and started focusing on how to make my life better for myself.


Red wine and popcorn

While on this hiatus from Facebook I took time to think about what I was happy I HAD in my life instead of focusing on what it was MISSING. I also stepped away from the world of online dating. I started loving my alone time and started scheduling dates with myself. Thursday nights with Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder, and Friday nights watching Dateline NBC were especially my favorite. I started doing the things I liked to do and didn’t feel ashamed because I wasn’t out on a real date. I just sat there quietly, enjoyed my food, shows, and wine in peace. I felt more inner peace, too.


i got the job

Since graduating college in May 2000, I finally, finally, finally landed a job that put use to my English major! I accepted a job as a Communications Specialist. Basically I do the social media and write blogs–you KNOW that’s up my alley!  After temping for months once I moved back here, I was ELATED to get the word that I landed my dream job! I had a VERY thankful Thanksgiving indeed!



I don’t really like to do “Year in Reviewsuntil the actual year has ended. Seriously, so much can change in your life in mere seconds that it doesn’t seem wise to do a final look back at the year until the clock strikes down on December 31st. In the remaining three days of 2014, Prince could knock on my door and whisk me away on his motorcycle like Apollonia circa 1984. I’d hate to not have that included on my yearly review! What a highlight!

But this December, let’s see, my birthday is still on its way–tomorrow!–December 30th! Also, because my life is soooooo my life, coincidentally that’s the same day that my divorce will be final! *Side note, I wonder how many people got engaged AND divorced on the same day? I can’t be the only one!* Those are the majors of this final month of 2014. This December, I put it all together and learned to be a lot more carefree, just go with it, have fun, let loose and let it go. And those are good things to take with me into the new year. Bring on 2015!

2015 new year

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