24 hours later, still watching craig and okay with the beverage of the hour–lemonade.

       i was very productive today. i just had to type that moreso to remind myself of it because it’s almost exactly 24 hours since my last post and i’m still sitting here watching craig ferguson. on one hand i just really love craig and on the other i like to think that my mother is sitting on the couch at home in pennsylvania watching him, too. so i feel like we’re watching him together…ahh, feel like. she passed away two weeks and two days ago. i’m not in denial about her death; i haven’t gone insane. so i know she’s not watching, physically. but ohmighosh do i want to pick up the phone and laugh with her about the last segment. she wouldn’t know who craig’s guest was tonight, and then she’d say craig’s too silly, but yet, she’d keep watching. and so… i keep watching too.
       if i had a third hand, figuratively speaking, i’d get back on topic and say that i’m proud of myself for sitting and watch craig vs lying down and watching craig–that’s major improvement. why? oh, because to add to this fabulous month o’june that i’m experiencing, i’ve injured my back again. AGAIN.  since this is the second time i’ve hurt it in about 7 weeks, it was seriously time for a doctor’s appointment. i went yesterday and hope to hear about my MRI results later today. so yeah, to be able to sit on the couch for even 15 minutes is amazing progress.
        now, for the productivity. i’m still continuing to make the most kick-ass lemonade from this sour batch of lemons that has been piled in front of me. i changed the name of this blog–this one means so much more to me–and i entertained the thought of furthering my education. i also got my first writing rejection. it sucked the breath out of me at first. but i know it’s not going to be my last. so i took it like a man, cowboyed-up, and made some more lemonade. i reapplied to the same freelancing position, but tweaked some things. it should work this time, but if it doesn’t that’s okay. i’ll do it again–lemonade is

i made this lemonade. by hand. from scratch. i'm pretty good at it...
i made this lemonade. by hand. from scratch. i'm pretty good at it...

 growing on me.

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  • When life gives you rainy days….use and umbrella, when life gives you sunny days……wear sunglasses and sun screen.
    But when life gives you pain…..make the best darn lemonade that the world has ever tasted.
    Curatively you can laugh with your Mom any time that you want. Just knowing that she finds it funny, gives you, her daughter and her joy….. permission to laugh with her or on her behalf.