A Headphone That Beats All Others: The Bose SIE2i Sport

Me + music while working out, we just go together. Actually, if there is no music, there is no workout.

I have heard of people out there who can take off on a run sans music and just go with the sounds of nature all around them. There are also people out there who can go in the weight room and lift with just the sounds of metal clanking and grunting in the background. Y’all are like, just wow, to me. More power to you! But, I am not one of these people. Forgot my music once and it turned into a #FirstWorldCrisis. I need my music. It inspires me, cheers me on and pumps me up or keeps me going through an intense set or arduous run.

So color me super thrilled when I was offered the chance to review a pair of Bose SIE2i Sport headphones! Heck ya, I thought. I can always use another pair of headphones and Bose was a name I had heard of for years…this was going to be awesome!
Bose SIE2i Sport headphones

The day before my Tar Heel 10 Miler race, these babies arrived at my door.

I was…and I cannot not lie…like, “uh-oh, oh-no.” I somehow accepted the offer to review these headphones before I actually did my research to find out what the headphones looked like!! THESE. WERE. EARBUDS. Nooooo!!

I’ve tried earbuds a few times in my life. They’ve never worked. Before each purchase, I’m like, “Okay, these will be the ones. THIS pair will work. There will be great sound and they will really, really stay in my ears no matter what.” And then, upon first use, the sound is awful and they pop right out of my ears with the slightest movement. I get P.O.’ed to the highest level of pissivity and vow to never buy earbuds again. The last time this happened, I meant business. I bought those huge headphones that are all the rage these days. Soooo, when the offer came along to test out some Bose headphones, I immediately figured they were of the huge, sit-on-your-head, look-like-a-DJ-type.
Bose headphones with ipod
Haha, I figured incorrectly.

Oh my. What to do, what to do. Were these really going to stay in my ears?! They were Bose. I trusted Bose. But so little…so earbuddish…so not like what I’m used to…How on Earth was this review going to go?

As I mentioned, they arrived the day before my 10 miler. I wondered if I should chance it and wear them for the race. It could be disastrous to have to fiddle with them during the run or even worse, not have good sound! But if they did hold up to be true to the Bose name, they’d rock and make me a believer.
bose headphones tarheel ten miler

I chanced it and wore them during my race.
tarheel 10 miler

I was amazed!

One of the greatest compliments I can give these headphones right away is that they didn’t enter my thoughts AT ALL during the race. Even with my previous favorites, the big DJ-like ones, I still had to adjust them at times during my workouts. Not with the Bose SIE2i’s! It’s like they weren’t even there and that’s what I’ve been searching for–headphones, earbuds to be more specific, that I don’t even have to think about. They just work.

I tried them a couple more times just to be sure.
bose gym workout

A straight cardio session on the arc trainer…

bose chest day

Chest and biceps and then the arc trainer…
bose leg day

Legs and glutes and then the arc trainer…
bose gym workout 2

Abs and then the arc trainer…while wearing a very cute Reebok outfit {a mint yoga top and black slim fit tights}.

Every single time, they stayed in my ears! Whether it was running for miles, lifting weights or a cardio machine, they didn’t budge. The sound was jammin’ too! Amazing–they do make earbuds that actually stay put–they are Bose SIE2i’s. I am a believer. Now I know. 😀

A little more info about them:

— Are sweat proof and water resistant.
–Have a shorter cable that doesn’t get in the way of movement {and come with an extender to make it longer if needed}.
–Come with a breathable, stretchy armband, designed by Reebok that hold music devices in place during workouts and stores the headphones afterwards.
–Armband has a touch-sensitive plastic window for convenient usability.
–Come with small, medium, and large StayHear® tips to fit your in-ear size comfortably.
–A separate pocket for your keys.
–Or see them in action here.

I can’t speak to you about the use of the armband because I am not an armband wearer. Just my personal preference is all. I did try it on and it fit comfortably. My phone, a Droid, fit right in and the touch-sensitive plastic screen worked really well!

Also, I used an iPod Shuffle with mine, but the headphones can be used with most music players, and are designed for listening to music and taking calls from select Apple devices, including the iPhone and iPod. They come in orange or lime green and if you’d like to get your hands ears on a pair, they can be purchased right here!

*As a FitFluential Ambassador, I was sent these Bose SIE2i Sport headphones for review purposes only and was not compensated in any other way other than receipt of the headphones. All opinions are truthful and my own!

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  • Those are pretty awesome. I might have to try them out.
    Natalie recently posted..Nike Women’s Half Race RecapMy Profile

  • Cherie, I own a pair and they were the BEST investment EVER as far as earbuds are concerned. Fortunately, you received them as a gift to review, but I have turned 2 other people onto them as well and they love them too. Great investment. Now I use them ALL THE TIME….I used them again this morning for a 10K and like you said, didn’t have to think about them nor adjust them, just place them and they stay until you remove them. I have used the armband when running and it is great too…and it is not too tight and I LOVE the fact that you can still select everything through the plastic with no worries or issues. Glad you love them. Genuine Feedback