Bikini Progress Pics & a New Tattoo!

Hello Friends. I do believe I owe you a post! This is the one I should have written on the first day of Summer, but thanks to a cray cray couple of weeks in my personal/work life, I was in no shape for a big debut.

After the three weeks settled down and I buckled down, I got back into my normal swing of things. Super clean eating + sticking to each and every workout and going full H.A.M. = I was ready to don my yellow bikini.

Kind of.

By no means do I look like I want to in it yet {I’m in quite the marathon, not a sprint for this weight loss/muscle building journey}, but I deemed it good enough for a little comparison picture time.

Oh–if you follow me on my Facebook page and/or Twitter and/or Instagram, you’ve already seen these. So either keep on scrolling to see them again or tune in next time for the next installment of the Days of Cherie’s Life. 😀

First up we have the back view. The left was Spring 2010, right last week. I don’t feel like an NFL Linebacker any more, so that’s nice. 🙂 I work my back a lot {back fat is sooooo not making me happy in my clothes} to get it to get to steppin’. I can see a little muscle definition coming in. Also, I do believe the bootay is finally starting to shape up. Thank you squats. Haa.
before and after pics

Second is the front view. Left Spring 2010, right last week. NOT my fave, but my stomach was/is my biggest problem area. The only way to get it down has been CLEAN eating, drinking lots of water, weights and cardio. Nope–you can’t spot reduce fat. A million zillion trillion crunches won’t do, y’all. And I get lots of questions about “loose skin.” I don’t consider what I have loose skin. It’s still FAT which I need to clean eat and work out away. I just need to keep on doing what I’ve been doing and it will go down doggone it!!

before and after pictures stomach

Third is my side comparison. I have Spring 2010 on the left, the mid is either the end of May or beginning of June and right is last week. I can at least clearly tell that my tummy went down. I am far from abs of steel, but not as far as I once was. Side note–if you’re on a journey of these proportions, take pics along way!!!! They help you to see where you’ve been, where you are, and how close to where you are wanting to be!

before and after pictures stomach

Since I was in the picture taking mood, I even did a little red, white and blue comparison for the 4th of July.
before and after pictures
I thought the pic on the left was from an Independence Day, but it was actually from December 2010. The right side was this July 4th, a few days ago. I apparently still have the same pose. 😀

Anyhoooo, I’m pleased. Yes, there are those out there who have lost the same amount of weight that I have in like, 6 months time. That’s awesome for them. But I’m not them. I’m me. Life has happened a lot during this journey, and while my mind is always on my goal, it still can interrupt the process slightly. I’m human. Not a health-bot. And not a super fast weight loser. But I always kept going…

So I felt like I deserved a reward. Not a food reward because I don’t do those; I’m not a dog. I’ve wanted another tattoo in honor of my Mom for the loooongest time. Also, I had a craptastic July 4th/holiday weekend. Ehhh, it happens. I’ve just been going through some things that cause me pain {not a physical pain} and feeling the pain {yes, a physical pain} of a tattoo would be welcomed for a bit to take my mind off the other. So the day after the 4th, I said, why not. Hey, grocery money–let’s go get some ink. I’ll live off the groceries I have in the deep freezer for the next week.
peacock feather tattoo
In case you cannot tell, it’s a peacock feather down my left arm and I looooove it. I had planned to wait until my arms were super buff, but oh well. The time was now.
Now I just like flexing in the mirror even more. Haa. {This ‘lil compilation was after my workout yesterday.} And it inspires me to keep on keeping on with my lifting so it looks like even better fabulousness on my arm. The guns are in progress, for reals yo.

So that’s it in my world as of late–progress pics {finally in a bikini} and a tattoo. Until next time, lovely people!

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