If you click your heels together enough times, it’ll work.

Long time no type! I assure y’all yinz (I guess I better bring back my Pittsburghese!) that I didn’t fall off the Duquesne Incline, into one of the rivers off one of the many bridges, choke on a Primanti Bros. sandwich, or die from a heart attack upon meeting Big Ben (I didn’t find him yet. YET.) since relocating back to Pittsburgh. I simply have been busy from this move!

Yes, too busy to blog. I know–a hush just fell over the crowd of fellow bloggers amongst me. Probably from the same bloggers that manage to blog errrryday, sometimes twice a day, no matter what. I love my blogging, and my readers, but sheesh, I was busy living and didn’t get a chance to sit down and compose something, okay??!!  #sorrynotsorry  Yup, I just hashtagged that mid paragraph. Whatev.

But I did miss you and my blog! I was keeping busy on the Twitter and my FB page though. Okay, ummm. That’s a lie. I wasn’t posting too much on there either. I was on Instagram a wee bit more than those two. But now that I’m getting more settled, I should become more regular everywhere again!

Moving to Pittsburgh

Oh–and you did know I moved, right?

pittsburgh marathon pre race in garage
The last time I was home before I moved was for the Pittsburgh Half Marathon. See the smile on my face? It’s only like that when I’m here!

Unless you have never visited my blog before (HELLO by the way! Where’ve you been?!) or never heard me go on ad nauseum about my city, you may not know that I am Pittsburgh obsessed. Always have been. I have wanted to move back here since I left. Bugged the heck out of my poor estranged husband about it, too. Well, once we got separated and decided to divorce, I knew it would only be a matter of time before I got back here to where my heart is. It took me a few months to get my ducks in a row, but I finally moved back at the end of May.


I said peace out to the lovely Chapel Hill, NC. (It was a nice town and all, but it never, never felt like HOME to me.)

Cherie and Tracy

Said goodbye to my bestest friend Tracy (The best part about North Carolina was this chick.)

Durham Uhaul

Stopped at a sketch Durham UHAUL (seriously nervous because I think the guy that hooked up the trailer to my Xterra wasn’t an employee; I think he just walked up off the street corner looking for a tip and proceed to hook up my sh*t), got a trailer and then I was off!

The drive normally takes me 9 hours, but pulling all that stuff in the trailer, driving at night (I’m like Velma–I can’t see well at all), in the fog and the rain, with Mack trucks zooming past me on each side…it took me 12. Once I got here, I was the happiest chick ever. It was like the Steelers won the Super Bowl or something. So happy. SOOOOOO HAPPY. I never want to go back to North Carolina again. Or move anywhere out of this area again. There seriously is no place like home.

wizard of oz quotes

“If I ever go looking for my heart’s desire again, I won’t look any further than my own back yard. Because if it isn’t there, I never really lost it to begin with.”

Hart family reunion 2014
Daddy, my sisters and I at our 72nd Hart Family Reunion earlier this month.

me and daddy at the bar..
Me and Daddy at our local bar. Just Pepsi for him. He doesn’t enjoy brewskis like I do.

Once I got back here, I moved in temporarily with my father and my oldest sister. This coming Saturday I am planning to fully move out of their house and into my own house that I’m renting! Hooray for independence again! I am very grateful for both of my sisters and my father for helping me with the move and transition to getting back on my feet and on my own again!

kim and cherie

In the little time I’ve been here, I made sure to:

See my other best friend (that’s her sneaking behind me) a lot before she up and left me to move to Austin. Boooooooo. Not booing Austin; I’m booing her moving now that I’m finally back here!

#run wall
I love this runner’s wall of mine!

before and after dresser

Decorate and do a lot of DIY’s projects for my house.

gym scowl face

Go to the gym. (Not as much as oh-so-necessary, but I’m getting there now that I’m getting settled!)

And of course, take some much needed time to enjoy my surroundings, dress down, dress up and just be comfortable with me and my new (old) life.

bridgewater, pa
Out for a stroll in Bridgewater.

Taking myself to the bar for a drink and to watch the Pirates game. Yup, just like this.

hippy chick
I think I was headed to Walmart on a sunshiny day. Feeling the hippy chick look.

Yes, you can go home again. Cheers to new beginnings. 🙂