CNN {seriously?!}, You Rock, and a Weekend Run Down.

Heyyyyy, guys! I had a whole other post ready for today but then this showed up on the world wide web this past Friday: Cherie Runs This

So that happened. Wow. Just wow. That’s my friggin’ mug on the home page of CNN!!!

I knew there was an article coming out on there, but only days before did I learn it would be online on Friday. So soon! I also had no idea there was a link on the homepage. I figured you had to go to their health section and dig around until I appeared on a page like this: screen shot_Cherie Runs This

Hey–either way I am postponing whatever I was going to write today {and I can’t even remember what it was at this point} to thank YOU.

Since it appeared online, I have been OVERWHELMED with emails on Gmail, messages on my Facebook blog page, comments on my blog, Instagram, Pinterest, and tweets. I have spent this entire past weekend responding to each and everyone of you {and if I didn’t, bear with me, I’m still in the process of it} as quickly as I could. I love hearing from you and am beyond humbled and thankful.

Some emails–goodness! They took me back to where I once was. That feeling of standing at the bottom looking at this huge mountain before me wondering how I was going to climb it. Wondering what I needed to do to get up there, what if I slipped, or fell, was anyone going to help me, how long it was going to take and was I really ready to make the climb.

Seriously some of you had me in tears!! I get what you’re saying. You speak my language; I speak yours. I don’t just sympathize with what you’re going through–I empathize because I was there. Just know that I hear you, understand and am listening!

Anyhow, I just want to thank you again, SO MUCH, for reading my story, stopping by to say hello, following along with my journey and sharing yours with me. Guys and gals who have been here since Day One and brand new friends who are here for the first time today…THANK YOU for taking an interest in a girl who went on a journey to lose some weight & get healthy and wrote a little blog about it. YOU ROCK!!!!


Real quick, I’ll toss in some stuff from my weekend!

I hit the gym bright and early at 6 am on Saturday morning to get in a great weights session (legs) and then some cardio.

One day the biceps will show up...I swear....
One day the biceps will show up…I swear….

Afterwards, I hit up Target and was going to get some better shoes for squatting…
converse all star squatting shoes
Yup, some Converse!
target dress and brown boots
But then I stumbled upon this dress and these ankle boots. Yeah, so the Converse had to wait! Now I see it IS possible for me to buy non-fitness and non-food items. 😉

Speaking of food, I ate tons of good, clean meals this weekend.
Remember, y’all–Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are just regular days on the calendar. NOT an excuse for a free-for-all to eat whatever and however much you want…this one here is shrimp, spinach and mushrooms. So good. So good. Clean eating is not bland!

Early Sunday morning, I knocked my meal prep for the week out of the way.
meal prep sunday
Made some salmon, brown rice, scratch-made collard greens, protein waffles, packed up some servings of almonds as pictured here, and a bunch of other things. When you fail to plan, you plan to fail! Don’t plan to fail! 😀

How was your weekend? Did you get in a good sweat? Do you meal prep?

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  • Congratulations! That is amazing! You deserve it!!!!
    Karen Orozco recently posted..Staying out of my headMy Profile

  • I need to try your protein waffles! But more importantly — can you be my personal shopper — you always have such cute stuff! Workout stuff included 🙂 And I 100% agree, the weekend is normal days and you have to stay as focused as possible!
    M. Love recently posted..CrossFit Weekend + Fitness RecapMy Profile

  • You are such an inspiration!! Keep up the great work. You are changing lives. 🙂

  • This is awesome! You should be so incredibly proud. You’ve worked hard to accomplish all that you have, so it’s only fitting that it should be recognized. 🙂

    Congrats ma’am!

  • Congratulations, sis! So proud of you!! You’ve come so far and you look amazing, and more importantly, I think you feel pretty darn good! 🙂

  • This is just another piece of fan mail. You are an inspiration to many women, and to a lot of men, too. I wish you nothing but good things as a result of both your weight loss and your story on CNN.

  • WOW!! This is so amazing lady!! Congrats! You are so inspiring to so many ladies!! You deserve it!
    I also love your dress! I saw it at target and wanted it but they did not have my size!! Those waffles also look amazing!! =]

  • Congratulations! When I went to CNN (a daily thing), I saw your pic and was like “That’s Cherie”. You continue to be amazing and many, many more people will be and have been made aware of this fact. Keep it up! #TeamCherie

  • Hi Cherie,
    I LOVE your story! One of my FB friends posted the link. I especially liked your post about gym fears! I am currently at the beginning of my weight loss journey, and I am totally inspired by you and will be following your blog. That said, I also have my own blog, Diary of a Fat Black Woman ( My intent is to let it all hang out, warts and all, as I begin and go through my journey. A lot of people relate to the humor I find in this whole “process”. It’s funny, but I have a similar post on my blog about going to the gym…not put as eloquently as yours though. 🙂 Anyway, I’d love any advice you can lend on staying the course and seeing this weight loss thing through, as well as reaching more people with my blog.

    • Hi Nicole! Thanks so much for writing to me! Good luck throughout your journey–you can totally do this!! I’ll definitely check out your blog as well. As far as advice–I have tabs posted at the top of my blog with some tips and I frequently post some on my FB, Twitter and Instagram, so make sure to check me out on there! As far as the blog goes, hmmm, it just kind of got around, lol! I think a lot had to do with being on Twitter and making a lot of connections on there–that’s where most of it probably got around, and then it just spread. Took a while though…I started in 2009 and I feel like it seemed to really start taking off late in 2011 early 2012!

  • Hi Caryn! Wow, our stories are similar–right down to the exact disk!! That’s exactly what you have to do–stop feeding the grief and LIVE. Congrats on the weight loss and I wish you continued success with the rest!! God Bless you too! 😀