Confession: I tried out for a reality TV show.

I know I totally mentioned that in my next post {which would be this one} that I’d write all about my trip home to Pittsburgh. Well, now that I think about it, nothing much would be exciting to you unless you’re from my little town in the suburbs, which is where I mostly hung out. There, and at the casino in Pittsburgh, The Rivers Casino. I love that place! The lights, the sounds, the pipedream that I’m going to win big–yes, oh yes, I had fun there.

To hold up my end of the writing bargain, I offer this super quick post to mention one of my guilty pleasures, reality television shows. No–not ALL of them–I absolutely cannot stand The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, or any of those, “find true love on TV” shows. PUHHHLEAASE. Give me 12 people trying to peacefully co-exist locked in a house for 3 months with no contact from the outside world ANY DAY. Now, that’s a show.

So one thing I will mention about my trip home other than my fabulous race, is this show I love. I only mention it because some of you may also be into the CBS show, Big Brother. If you’ve been a reader of mine for a while, you may remember, that I totally am! Anyhooo, I was at the casino and saw this sign:

Eeeek! I had to go. I had no intention of actually going on the show should I be selected {I DO NOT fly, people. It’d be hard to get to Cali for the taping!}, nor did I think I would get picked. I didn’t anyhow, haha, so I don’t have to worry about booking my trip. The main things I wanted to do were say I went to a casting call, tried out for a television show, met Janelle and got a picture with her. All of that was accomplished!

I looked a mess all on my own, but especially standing next to her! She was even more beautiful in person and totally sweet. She also signed autographs! I was completely happy overall by going to this casting call. It was fun and I’m always up for trying something new. I’m sure there’s some show out there that always has one token black chick on it, and when the stars align, that token black chick shall be me! 😉 No, not really. But still fun to think about. Like hitting it big at the casino. Sigh.

Alrighty, now I’m going to get started working on the fitness-related post I wanted to write when I remembered I forgot to write this one.

What’s one of your favorite guilty pleasure shows? Even if it’s The Bachelor, ‘fess up!

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  • I love Bravo! I love the real housewives! I tried out for star search when they brought it back for a while. It was a really cool process. I was an extra in a Bruce Willis flop in Boston. That was really cool seeing the production side of everything. I think its great you went in there! It’s always fun trying something new!

    • I like the Bravo shows, too!! Oh, and the Housewives are a trip, love ’em!! That’s sooooo neat that you were an extra; I’d love to do that one day!!

  • UGH, the ABC family shows always get me. The Secret Life of the American Teenager has some of the worst acting I’ve ever seen…. so why do I still watch it?!@#?!?#

    • Haha, I ask the SAME things with some of my shows. I’m like, really, really I just sat through this? And then I do it again the next week. Haa. Never saw that one–I’ll have to check it out!

  • About 100 years ago when I will in my early 20s, I made a video audition for MTV Real World. 🙂

    • That is tooooo awesome!! I absolutely loved that show. LOVED it! I’m still crushing on Eric from season one. 😉

  • This is how you look when you’re a mess!? Lucky!! Haha, I was just thinking how cute you look and then you said you were lookin a mess. What is your hair secret it’s fabulous. I think you look radiant and the lady next to you is equally attractive. Glad you had fun on your trip!

    • Thank you!! It was fabulous and nice to get home. 🙂 The days I think I’m having a bad hair day is when people like it most! Makes me wonder what the thoughts are when I think I’m having a good one…Hmmm…haha.

  • Even if you didn’t get on the show, you’ll have a fun story to tell at parties for years to come.

    I thought about trying out for Survivor, but decided I didn’t have the manipulative edge for it. 🙂

    • Exactly! Just trying out and experiencing it was fun enough for me! I’d love to be on Survivor, but there is not enough bug spray in all the world, haha! 😉

  • Pahahahaha, I can totally see you on a reality show…and I’d watch just to see you react to the other people. Hehehe.

    • Ohhhh, I was reacting in the line! The people around me were crazy. I was like, “I can’t stand in line with them for 2 hours, what would I do with them for 3 months?!” I think ratings would be high though! 😉