Crying in the closet & Drinking Lululemonade.

How yinz doin’? I’m writing to you from outside Washington, DC, as I’m here for the week house/cat-sitting for my sister & her hubby. A paid {she offered, soooo why not?!} week free from work and responsibilities at home and a chance to see old friends, stay in a luxurious home, pretend to be a tourist {I used to live in DC so this is old hat} and relax, work out and veg out? Don’t mind if I do!

I had a nice list of things I wanted to accomplish and I seem to have checked off a lot of them already!

Cupcakes, Lululemon’s {I’ll get to that glorious part in a bit}, and Pacers are all done and I will check off the Spy Museum, Kim & Jay, Zola’s/Karen, and La Tasca today & tomorrow. Lists totally help me even if for the non-necessary things to do!

Something else that’s been on a mental bucket list all of my life happened on Saturday.

So of course, I cried.

I wanted to call my mom to tell her, which made me cry even more. {The 8th of this month is the 3 year anniversary of her passing.} In fact, I started to go find my phone so I could call her because I wanted to tell her so very badly. Le Sigh.

Yes, on Saturday, I did this:

That’s me in a suit. No biggie, right?

Wrong! That’s me in my sister’s suit!

All of my life, for as long as I could remember hearingΒ  and deciphering actual words I had to hear how “your sister’s so petite, your sister–the smaller one, your sister–the one with the nice figure, your sister–oh yeah, she’s way smaller than you other two, your sister–so easy to clothes shop for”–a good bit of this came from my mother, mind you.

So on Saturday I found myself needing a suit last minute and with no other resources, I wandered into her closet to find one and crossed my fingers. I tried on said suit and discovered that it was actually roomy in a lot of places!!!! I absolutely LOST. MY. MIND. Wondering if it was a fluke, I tried on another piece. And another–they all fit! I can wear my sister’s clothes!! I am her size!!! {If not a wee bit smaller–hello, sister, if you’re reading this ;-)} I really needed to call my mother. Not only to gloat and tell her that I did what she never thought I would, but then just to hear motherly words of praise. {If you knew my beloved mother, you’d know that was our pattern. Hey, it worked for us!} I just couldn’t stop crying.

**Disclaimer–Now, before you comment and say, “Cherie, comparison is the thief of joy“, or something else like that, let me just say, calm down, slow your commenting roll. I never set out on this journey to specifically reach her size or be like her. She wasn’t in my thoughts. This was all about me. Reaching her size was a nice byproduct, and that is what I’m talking about here.–Haha, had to say it. Errrrrytime I write something, there’s always one or two that feel the need to take what I’ve said wrong, tell me I shouldn’t feel this way or that way, etc.–nothing’s wrong, I’m not upset, I’m just expressing my happiness. Good-natured! It’s all good. Okay? Okay!

You know what else is good? My booty in my first pair of Lululemon Marathon Crops!!

I’ve wanted some Lululemon pants for oh-so-long. Stalked the stores, ogled the website, looked in awe of the chicks sporting them in yoga class, on runs, walking down the street. I just wasn’t sure if I wanted to make the financial commitment. I could just keep buying cheap Walmart crops. So what the seams are ripping and the crotch has holes and they fall down when I run any faster than a turtle’s pace? Right?

Again, wrong! I ventured into the Lululemon location in DC on P Street. It was time to suck it up, invest in one good pair that’s going to last, hold up, stay on my body, and make the booty pop. Enter the Marathon Crops. They do all of that! ALL!! I seriously was making squealing noises in the dressing room because I was so in love with them. “Oooh! Look! So sleek! And pockets galore! Hugging my thighs! Great compression! These puppies aren’t moving at all! And the butt! OMG Becky, look at that butt!”

There were a couple of colors to choose from on the rack, but I had to go with my usual greenish/blue color. The pink was a close second though! I went with the Size 8’s. I’m 5’3, and you know my weight somewhat if you scroll through previous posts–they’re a perfect fit. No camel toe, no weird picking and pulling, no gaps–I tested them out with an 8 mile treadmill run the other day and they were awesome through and through.

And to my shock and further excitement, they were on sale! That was definitely an added bonus. All of the sales associates were totally helpful, too. Not the fake-helpful, but genuinely ready to assist and making recommendations. As a retail worker myself, I love when I get to be the customer and receive exceptional customer service!

At my request, the sales associate even cheerfully gave me a large Run Run bag instead of the small one {which was definitely more suited to my purchase}. This tote is going every where with me! Yes, yes, I can say with great certainty I am drunk off of the Lululemonade with good reason! Ohhh, how happy I am that one is opening in Durham on the 8th! Can’t wait to check it out when I get back home. Even if it’s just window shopping/drooling, I’ll be happy to have it close by.

Allrighty. Time to go visit some old coworkers at the Spy Museum & get ready for dinner at Zola’s. Yum! If only these crops would be okay as fine dining attire!

Do you cry happy tears over great weight loss achievements? Do you own any Lululemon? What do you have?!

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  • Love the Lululemonade. Grand opening in Durham at Southpoint this Saturday, I can’t wait… I doubt that I’ll get TOO much (trying to save some $ for Costa Rica) but I may struggle to totally resist.

    • I’m heading there as soon as I get back to town!! With what money, I don’t know, as DC is eating it all up. But have fun there AND in Costa Rica!!

  • So happy for you. That suit was not a little roomy it was NOT YOUR SIZE!!! Squealing for you right now. Anyway isn’t it great to get little gifts like that on our journey? I just celebrated losing 50 pounds (53.5 right now actually) and I was happy and all. But it didn’t hit me until I realized that was actually shopping in regular stores regularly that WOW things have changed. I had to look back at a picture my son took of me recently to really digest that I had actually done something pretty awesome. Enjoy your squealing moments (without disclaimers or apologies). I’m sure your sister is thrilled for you and your mother is looking down with pride.

    • Thank you Myrtle!! πŸ˜€ Isn’t that the BEST feeling when you can just wear regular sized clothing?!! Not specialty-for-the-big-girls, but just good ol regular ones! And wooooo hooooo for those 53.5 pounds!!!

  • Awesome job! Such a great feeling to fit into smaller clothes! And how fun to celebrate by shopping at lulu…love that store! Congrats and keep up the great work!! πŸ™‚

  • Do I own any lululemon… Baha, you know the answer to that!! OF COURSE!! Best stuff ever. Expensive, yes. Awesome, TOTALLY! I wear it for anything and everything. I’m so happy you dipped into the lululemonade! πŸ™‚

    • Haha, oooh yes, Krista, I sure do! πŸ˜‰ I can’t wait to see if it holds up through the many washes as I hear it does! Yessss, Lululemonade forever!!

  • I’ve still never been to a lululemon yet πŸ™ You look fantastic in those capris!

  • I am SUCH a list maker! There’s one on my desk right now (and most of the time, lol.) P.S. When I was a kid, I always wanted a sister because I thought we’d share clothes and it would therefore double my wardrobe, ha ha.

  • You go! Congrats on the suit! Awesome feeling, huh? πŸ˜‰
    My mom passed away in April, so this post really hit home. I swear I go to pick up the phone daily. I still cry myself to sleep. I’m still in that “I can’t believe she’s gone” phase. I’m sorry for your loss and although I know it will get easier, seeing that you still go to call her 3 years later just inspires me to know that I will never forget my own mom, just as you haven’t forgotten yours. Thanks for this post!

    • Thank you, Steph! It’s the most amazing feeling. So amazing because for years I had just conceded to the fact that I’d never ever share clothes with her. There was just no way. So now that I can it’s just jaw-dropping to me!!

      I’m so sorry to hear about your mother, too! I can’t fathom that mine is not here any more physically, so I mainly focus on knowing and believing that spiritually she is. She was cremated, and I have some of her ashes in a little teddy bear that I had given her once. {The bear looks just like her–it’s odd actually! Well, if she were a teddy bear of course!} I carry the teddy bear with me when I travel and when I’m just at home in my house, she is right there on my night stand. I squeeze the bear a lot, and I can feel the little baggie of ashes in there. So, it makes me feel like I’m hugging her somehow. LOL, I basically just do what I can to get by! I can’t say it’s easier now–just different…she’s always on my mind though. Never a day passes that I don’t think of her several times a day! You WILL get through it too!! Take care!!

  • loved this post, Cherie! go you:)

  • You look like “Executive Barbie.” Way to go!!! πŸ™‚

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  • Ah, I wish I come drink the LuLuLemonade. (BTW – Love the word play.) It’s out of my budget. Congrats on the shorts and the NSV (None-Scale Victory)!

    • Thank you!! Lulu first came on my radar LAST August…so this purchase has been in the works for almost a year now, lol!

  • Cherie, CONGRATS!!!!! and girl I loved that suit but it was too big on you. No offense to your sis cause it is definetly a small size. As for your mom, go ahead and call her, just walk around with the phone and talk to her, sweetie she hears ya. I talk to my mom outloud πŸ™‚
    Lulu is awesome, the sales educators (they are really trained to educate) as they don’t like the term sales clerk. Look on the Lulu site and you’ll smile at this:
    Make your mark on the world at lululemon athletica. We place an emphasis on self-empowerment, positive inner development and taking responsibility for our own lives; values that are integral to our functioning as individuals or as a collective whole. We work interactively as an organization to encourage goal setting and excellence in both our personal and professional lives.
    If you look under their education column and click on goal setting they even have a list you can print out.
    My favs: Run in the sun dress…Groove pants…Chase me tank

    • Thank you!!! Yes, I know they’re Educators–meant to call them that, but I was typing fast. πŸ˜‰ I’m supposed to be referred to as a Certified Fitness Trainer at work, but still get called a sales associate, lol. It happens at times! They were very helpful in explaining all the different types of pants/capris–I can’t wait to visit the new one that just opened near me at home!

  • Congrats on fitting into your sister’s clothes! how COOL is that?! And I am so sorry about the rough time right now near the anniversary of your mom’s death. That just adds so much more emotion to your day/week, I am sure. And the lululemonade…I dig it. Does wonders for the rear, doesn’t it?!

    • Thank you, thank you!! It’s friggin great!! This was definitely the best anniversary of her passing that I’ve had. I usually WAY out of commission that day, but I had to try something new this year. That was just wasn’t healthy at all!! Oh yesssss–wonderful rear. Wonderful!!