DC Nike Women’s Half? I tried to Just Do It.

Well, between running the Tar Heel 10 Miler next April and the Pittsburgh Half Marathon in May, I won’t have to worry about fitting in the DC Nike Half.

Via their lottery system, I was not selected to run it.

I swear I am the most Nike-addicted person, as you will see by SOME of my collection below {Yes, I have tons more}. But I still did not have luck of the draw. No amount of stuff was going to help me with that.

EVERYday that goes by somebody finds my blog by typing in something Nike-related. EVERY DAY. And it’s a lot of people, too. I’m THAT Nike obsessed that I’ve written about my love for them many, many times.

I’m that obsessed with Nike that I’ve received not one, but two pairs of free shoes AND a GPS+ watch for free simply because of my love for their products.

I could open my own store with the amount of Nike clothing I own.

Walking billboard? That’s me with Nike.

It was me with Nike.

The hubby was like, “This is the same company that gave you all that free stuff right? Because they know how much you like them, write about them, tweet about them, wear their stuff everywhere, right? Shouldn’t you just get some automatic in? {I mean, when I’m loyal to a brand, I’m REALLY LOYAL. What about me Nike? What have you done for me, lately?}

Oh how I wish. But much like the PowerBall, this is one lottery I had to play to win and win I did not.

Someone suggested I sign up with a team to run it. But if you follow me, you know how precious my solo running is. I’m just not a runner with people. I’m a runner alone. It’s my me time. I just wanted my me time, wearing my Nike stuff in my old city of DC.

Yup. I used to live there for three years. Only when I was there, I was “fat Cherie.” It was rough to walk the streets; I could never imagine running them. It was also the city in which I was mugged. And then five months later was physically attacked. DC wasn’t too kind to me.

I wanted to go back stronger, braver, fitter and MAKE THOSE STREETS MINE. Me. Me alone. Me vs. DC.  But I never was any good at winning lotteries.

So I have a heavy heart about this. I don’t fly, so having it in DC was amazing for that reason, too. San Fran would completely be out of the question! But I am so happy for my friends that got in. Friends that I’ve made through this weight loss journey out there in Bloggerville. Friends I hoped I would FINALLY get to meet up with while in the same city. But yet again, I must sit back and read about the fabulous time it was from my computer screen. Just like I did with Fitbloggin’, the Healthy Living Summit, and many other events. Those I never had the money to register for, and now when I finally had the money to register for this, I didn’t get accepted. Frustrating!!!

Sorry for venting. I rarely pout on this blog or complain. I like to keep it pretty upbeat, peppy and positive like I’ve become over this journey. We’re all allowed our days like these…Today’s my day.

But as I said last night–the bright side is that this makes it possible for me to buy myself a pair of Lululemon’s or Under Armour. Or gas. Or groceries. Or delicious fruit…Ohhhh, that’s some happiness right there and a positive note to end on! It’s like free money all of a sudden! 😉

Lululemon dressing room!
Always did love this Under Armour tank!

So tell me–if you didn’t get selected either, what are you doing with the money?

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