Dethroning the Cardio Queen

“You want me to renounce my throne? I will. [calling out to all of you] From this moment on, I renounce my throne. I’m no longer the Queen of Cardio. I renounce my throne! [looking at all of you] Does this make you happy?”

Okay, I stole that from Coming to America. Somewhat. That movie is total awesomeness and I always can take quotes from it, modify them, and they magically fit my life. Such as that one!

And not that I don’t care if it makes you happy, but it makes me happy, so be it. šŸ˜‰

I am no longer a Cardio Queen.

cardio queen

I have dethroned myself and it feels good. REALLY GOOD. No, I’m not running as much and being that this blog is called Cherie Runs This, that may prove a little misleading now, but again, so be it. Haha. I do still run and adding “and Lifts” to my blog’s name {and changing it all over social media} would be too arduous. So the name stays. But me being a “cardio-addicted/running crazy/running is all I care about/running is all I’m going to do/running is all I need/the heck with lifting weights because I have running in my life” chick is over. OVER.

Running, and all things cardio, got me very far into my weight loss journey. Heck– 85 lbs is pretty darn good.

But it’s not great.

It’s not where I want to be. Just as my home gym took me as far as I think it could take me in this journey, I then had to join a gym last month so I could get to the next level.Ā  Running solely has taken me as far as I could go in this journey. I now {and have been for the last month} have been putting more focus into strength training/weights to get myself to the next level.

I knew this had to happen. I knew I had to make weights a major part of this body transformation of mine. I knew it last year at this time. Yup. You can search through my blog and you’ll see many times where I:

-talk about how I’m going to start weight-lifting
-talk about how I’m going to weight lift at home and stick to it
-talk about how I’m going to add muscle to my frame
-talk about how much I love running and {wah} don’t want to lift weights
-talk about how much running will still change my body and I don’t need to lift weights
-talk about how much people need to leave me alone and let me run because weights suck & I will do what I want to do
-talk about how much I hate Crossfit, don’t get it, and wonder how people could get so into lifting weights because it bites
-talk about how as much as I was running, my body still looks the same in December 2012 as it did in January 2012 šŸ™
talk is cheap just do it nike shirt

Yeah, so now I can turn to myself as I would anybody else if I’m in an ‘I told you so mood’, and ask “So how did that ‘not-lifting-weights-cuz-they-suck thing work out for ya?”

It didn’t. And the smart NASM-CPT that I am, deep down I knew it wouldn’t but kept on running running running and doing nothing else. Real smart.

Newsflash to myself: There is more to life in the fitness world than running.

I’ll say it again in case any of you need to see it again: There is more to life in the fitness world than running.

I did finally wise up when I joined Snap Fitness {as scared as I was} last month, have stuck to a set schedule of going to the gym Monday through Thursday after work to hit the heavy weights {Friday is rest day and Sats & Suns are at home for now at least until after NFL season/playoffs}, scaled down my running and even decided to not run my first marathon this March. Much like in January 2010 when I finally said no more yo-yo dieting and stuck to my fitness journey, I have finally said no more wishin’ and a hopin’ I’m going to develop serious muscle definition and get the body I want solely from running.


The muscles are on the way. I swear I see them. Thank you, weights.

body minder gym journal

And to track my progress, because oh yes, there will be progress, I have a gym journal to record my reps, sets, exercises, weight used, and more. Love this thing!

bodybuildingcom 2013 body transformation challenge

And to hold myself even more accountable {and the thrill of winning money is…well…awesome}, I registered for Body Building.Com’s 2013 Transformation Challenge. Taking the unsightly front, back and side pictures of my body in a sports bra and panties was quite eye-opening, let me tell ya. Yes, I’ve come far, but I’ve still got a lot of work to do!!

fitness magazine photo shoot

That was ever-apparent during my Fitness Magazine photo shoot this past Wednesday. I was so so so happy to be there, but all I could think about was how I should be so much further along by now. Like, is someone going to see me in the magazine and be like, “Did she lose any weight? She looks the same to me. And she’s not toned at all. Look–I still see a couple rolls right there. How’d she end up in this issue?!” Yes, I’m hard on myself but it’s for the best. Nothing mean, but I do give myself a lot of tough love and constructive criticism. I don’t sugar coat my words for other people, and I don’t sugar coat them for myself! Too much sugar coating {figuratively and literally} is part of what led me to be obese in the first place.

Anyhow, this all adds up to me committing to the weights. And from here on out focusing more so on the number of weights I can lift, press, squat and pull instead of the number of the weight on my scale.

Taking off my tiara and placing it aside, my reign as the Cardio Queen is over. It’s been a pleasure. But it’s time to move on. Sometimes you have to step down to step back up.

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  • “Too much sugar coating {figuratively and literally} is part of what led me to be obese in the first place.”

    ^^THIS. I did an awesome job of losing all the pregnancy weight after my second child but it completely stalled out even though I was still busting my rear at the gym and on the pavement. I was slim but soft – no thank you! I think it’s important to cut ourselves some slack occasionally but, girl, I could sugar coat anything to justify it in my head. I’ve tightened up my diet and switched most of my workouts to strength training, yoga and Pure Barre. I’m not seeing the scale move but I’m certainly getting more definition and losing some wiggle. Great post!
    Liz @ The Lambent Life recently posted..Parenting gone rogue.My Profile

  • I think you have done amazingly, I’ll always say it. I think too, our bodies get used to what we do, then we need to change it up! I seem to stay the same for weeks at a time and then BOOM! Change. It’s not like you’re going anywhere! There’s something else, you just have to figure out what you want next. Plus, stuff gets boring.

    Have you thought about lifting heavy? I see the most drastic change in lean muscle and body fat loss this way. I lost a pound this week just starting crossfit, I think. And my arms look leaner.

    You’ll do it! There’s no doubt.

  • I have to be honest with you, I totally relate to this post. I have realized that strength training is more important that I ever knew. I am a runner at heart but I also know that cross training and strength training is what will make me a better runner. Great post and good luck in your journey! You are doing great!
    Missy recently posted..Week 3 Training RecapMy Profile

  • Great post!!! And thanks for the pictures from your magazine feature shoot. šŸ™‚ Yes, life is all about evolving, learning, adjusting, and learning some more. You’re such an inspiration in so many ways. Keep up the great work!
    Pamela Hart Vines recently posted..You Heard It Here FirstMy Profile

  • This post makes a lot of sense to me! I get where you’re going and can totally relate. I ain’t done with my running but I know what you mean. I’ve started doing P90x and kettlebell training and boy am I getting a high from those workouts and not only that, I can feel myself getting stronger! kudos to you Cherie and I sincerely hope you rock that bodybuilding comp and come out on top! Look forward to reading many more blog posts on your journey.

  • You are happy and doing what’s best for you and that’s all that’s every mattered. Your fitness needs evolve as you change!

    P.S. I recently found out a friend of mine joined my old gym and has a free buddy pass so I can go with her whenever I want. I might take her up on it sometime!

  • There is absolutely no need to change the blog name…”runs” doesnt have to be literal…you are the the one with the English degree and you know that. Cherie Runs This never even caused me to think about literally running but about you being in charge of your body and deciding to really take charge. So there!!! In any case, you know I continue to be TeamCherie and am putting my positive vibes, thoughts and prayers into a successful run (pun intended) for the bodybuilding challenge. You go girl! GenuineFeedback!

  • Ah, you are so awesome! Not to mention, your gym style is amazing! I used to be a cardio queen too–er, princess I guess. Back in October/November, I went 28 days straight running. Where did that get me? In a month-long gym-less rut to the point where I ended up resenting running like crazy! The nice thing about strength training is you can change it up all the time! Can’t wait to see how you do with the Transformation Challenge! I’m rooting for you, girl!
    Liz recently posted..New ProjectsMy Profile

  • Yes, ma’am! I completely agree! And Cherie Runs This still works ā€“ because you do RUN this šŸ™‚ Wishing you the very, very best!
    MILF Runner recently posted..Coffee Makes You Happy?My Profile

  • Changes, no matter how big or small, can be a HUGE deal. I’m a big cardio person myself, but I realized, like you, that to get that little extra push, I can’t ignore strength training and weights. I try to balance the two nicely, but honestly, I’d rather be out running. Keep up the good work!!
    Molly @ Just Your Average Athlete recently posted..Iā€™m Back, Baby!My Profile

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