Dick’s. Nike. My shopping utopia.

My vacation is winding down. So sad, so sad. But it’s been a fantastic two weeks away from work, tasks and responsibilities. So as I prepare to return to that today I’ll devote one last post to a recap of the vacay.

It wasn’t all about hanging out at my favorite spots in Pittsburgh or chillin’ with gal pals, mind you. I did manage to get in some pseudo work. My second day there, I deemed it the “Day of Dick’s”. Chuckle if you want {I have the humor of a 13-year-old boy so I did}, but really, I made it all about Dick’s Sporting Goods.

The headquarters is located there–a mere 8 miles from my parent’s house. I HAD to visit. It just so happens that one of my friends from high school works there, so she got me the hook up!  I agreed to meet her for lunch at noon and then the fun began.

I sat in the lobby and waited for her for a little bit.

Then it was time to grub!

Turkey panini and handmade chips. I had to. Mmmm.

As we sat in the cafeteria, we chatted about old times, but then I started grilling her! I wanted to hear all about her job, what goes on there, how soon could I start, lol…Okay, not that last one as they don’t have any fitness positions per se, but I’ll keep it in mind. {One fine day my hubby may agree to let us move to Pittsburgh–when he does, I wanna be ready!}

After we lunched, we headed to this big open area. Dick’s was debuting some new golf products, so they had this little game we could play. I won a t-shirt, hat, and golf balls. As I am craptastic at golf, I still was awarded some prizes anyhow. I think they felt bad for me, haa.

By now, I had taken up her lunch hour and then some. We said our good-byes and I was off.  The Mall at Robinson, a mall that has a double-decker Dick’s {two floors}, was nearby so I knew I had to check it out!

I must have spent about an hour and a half in there! I visited with one of the managers and told him how much I liked the store. Again, I still have “moving home one day” on the brain…had to put in a good word for myself!

I also went to the mall closest to my parent’s house, the Beaver Valley Mall, because they have a Dick’s too. Not a double-decker, but still awesome. No joke–about two hours were spent there. I chatted with a cool teen…I think her name was Montana? Some state…from what I could remember. She worked in the Apparel Department and was giving me the low down on the store. I thought the current Certified Fitness Trainer there and I should have a job swap, and he could move to NC, but he wasn’t going for it.

After I chatted up everyone I could find, I shopped. My fave item from there was this:

So cute! A pink and grey Nike gym bag! I wanted to get this from my store, but we sold out of it. I won’t lie–the main reason I wanted it was because it came with those two pink headbands that say Just Do It. Y’all know that I don’t even go to the gym as I’m a home worker-outer. But if I ever do go, I’ll have the bag ready!

This had me jonesin’ for more Nike of course. As I wrote about the other day, I did find some at Ross and Lady Foot Locker, but I wanted to check out a little bit more if I could. I knew I’d have to spend a little QT at the Nike Factory Outlet…and that I did!

I have one near my house at the Tanger Outlets. Seriously, way out in the country of NC where I live, there really isn’t anything. But we have a Tanger! And now I know how awesome the Nike store is, this could be a problem….

Only 8 miles {what is it with 8 miles again?) from my house, I made a little pit stop there once I reached my exit on the drive home.

HEAVEN. It was the prettiest place ever. If I were an addict, this would have been feeding my addiction. Oh wait, I am and it was.

Colors, running attire and swooshes galore!

Wheel of Nike Tempo shorts!

Wall of Nike Tempo shorts!

Nike Frees! And so bright!!

I work out to feel and look good. I feel and look good in my Nike gear so then I want to workout more so I can keep feeling and looking good. Ohhh this crazy cycle!

Even though I was digging through a bag of quarters to complete this purchase, it was worth it. I went with a t-shirt and the shoes.

Haha, I get it. 😉

But the shopping is over for now. Along with the vacation. Le sigh. I must get back to my Dick’s, get back to working, and get back to earn money {Yeahhh, I don’t get paid vacation time, FYI}. Hope you enjoyed my roadtrip recaps as much as I did!

Have  you ever been to a Tanger Outlet? What’s your favorite store?

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  • One question – Is there really a Dick?

    I love love love that gym bag. I really do need a new one – does it have lots of compartments, or just a big open space in the middle?

    We stop at Nike outlets whenever we go by one – lots of good stuff to be had there. I can never find shoes there because of my big feet though!

    • Haha, yes, there actually is a real Dick!! 🙂 It’s a cute story of how it began. The bag has an inside pocket, some outside pockets and an area for shoes/sweaty/wet items. Soooo awesome!!

  • Thank you! The ‘Burgh is always a good time!

  • I’ve been to those Tanger outlets near you before, they are dangerous. And I LOVE Nike so much (though sometimes under armor gives them a run for their money when it comes to my favorite workout gear.

    • UA is pretty great! My second fave is adidas. Well, that and Puma. This is why my paycheck goes right back to Dick’s… 😉

  • You always have the best workout clothes. Cute but functional. I’m totally jealous and feel the need to raid your wardrobe.

    • Thank you!! I know it looks like I’ve bought a whole new one (wardrobe), lol…I had been working out in clothes from back in the day and now I need ones that actually fit and won’t fall off/move around when I’m working out!