Review and Giveaway: Fit Four Gloves…Less IS More!

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RunFastMama, email me with your full name, address and size and I’ll forward it all to Fit Four so they can send you your gloves!!

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It’s well-documented throughout my blog that I was a crazy Cardio Queen for pretty much all of this weight loss journey. But finally sometime this past December, I started to come to the realization that cardio was not the only way. Since then, I’ve been learning to love the weights and hitting them hard. And heavy.

But along with all of this weight-lifting, I’ll be doggone if I’m going to mess up my pretty hands with calluses!

Keeping that in mind, I needed a really good pair of gloves to keep my hands in tip-top condition while I pumped some iron. I NEVER lift without gloves, y’all. I have a pair of men’s gloves that I found at Walmart, but they are too big–even the smalls. I also bought a pair of women’s gloves that I found at my old employer’s {Dick’s}, and they fit okay, but again–there’s soooo much “glove”. They can almost be too restricting. I continued to rotate between those two pairs and then I saw a random tweet about Fit Four Gloves.

Fit four gloves

“Well those little things look interesting,” I thought. It looks like a glove that was cut in half, but still covers the main part that needs to be covered–the callus-forming area. Minimalist weight lifting gloves–genius! I contacted the company right away and here I am, reviewing a pair AND having a giveaway for one pair for one of you lucky people!

Picking the right size is HIGHLY important. There are solid directions on their website for sizing yourself.  If you do it correctly, you’ll be golden. I needed the small, but accidentally was sent one medium and one small originally. The small was fabulous while I was lifting, the medium was slipping all about and it was almost crazy disastrous for me while I was on the assisted pullup machine! So yes–MAKE SURE YOU MEASURE AND SELECT THE RIGHT SIZE!

fit four gloves

Once I got both smalls in the mail {they were great with fixing the error and sent me a whole new pair quite quickly}, I was ready to seriously test them out.


fit four gloves

I put them both on, outstretched my hands and took a look. Yup, they’re on, snug and felt like they’d protect without getting in my way. I just needed to make sure they’d do so while I was holding on to the weights.

fit four gloves
fit four gloves

No matter if it was bicep curls, lateral raises, overhead tricep extensions, kettle bell swings, barbell squats, cable pulls–whatever–these gloves held up! I never once felt like I didn’t have enough coverage or protection. The pads of my hands weren’t raw or sore. They didn’t slip off my hands or wiggle around. Again–the ONLY trouble I had was on the assisted pull up machine, but as I said, I wasn’t wearing the right size!

fit four gloves

So overall, these Fit Four Gloves lived up to my expectations and then some. I’m very pleased with how they worked out. I’ll be honest when I first saw them, in the back of my mind I thought, “These little things?? Haha, how on Earth are they going to work?!!”  But they did! It does go to show that sometimes less IS more!

***If you’d like to get your hands on a pair {or a pair on your hands}, you get buy them directly from Fit Four on their website. When you check out, use the code “CHER20” for 20% off!!! ***

You can also take your chances at winning a pair right here!

You will receive one entry for every one of these items–the more you do, the more entries for you. The FIRST ONE is mandatory all others are extra entries for you! {You may only enter the giveaway once. Duplicate entries will be deleted.}:

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This giveaway is open to everyone {yes, outside the US, too!} and will end on Wednesday, February 13, at 11:59 PM EST!!! The winner will be announced the evening of Thursday, February 14th. I will use to select a winner and will contact him/her. The winner’s information will be forwarded to Fit Four and they will ship him/her the gloves! I’ll just need your address and size.

Good luck! 😀

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