Friday Night Foodie Night: Bowl of Ramen Noodle Goodness

When I’m craving a food, I lose all a good bit of ability to concentrate on anything else but said food. This happened last Friday afternoon. As productive as I tried to be, ramen encompassed my entire mind. I don’t know if it was the weather—it is starting to be the kind where you want to get bundled up on the couch in your Snuggie slurping from a huge bowl of something hot. Or maybe it was the fact that it was Friday—as grandiose as the plans in my mind will be for work’s departure, I usually end up being bundled up on the couch in my Snuggie watching Dateline.

Ramen Noodles_

I was determined make this past Friday different. One, I spent quality time at the bar. Not the bar-bar, but gym, as in lifting. No beer for me! After pumping some iron, I then set off to get the fancy-schmancy ingredients to make the ramen.

Okay, no—they weren’t fancy schmancy. Long gone are the days when I stroll through the aisles of Whole Foods to get my groceries. I’m totally in the “shop at Walmart and rollllll-back” game. You know that All-State commercial where the deep-voice black dude is talking about a girl on a “ramen noodle every night” budget? Hahahahaha = my life.

Ramen Noodles broth and noodles_

I walked into Walmart with swagger. Totally from the workout though—sore AF.  I knew from checking out Pinterest earlier that I wanted to make a healthier ramen. Not the $0.29 cent a pack, crimped brick ramen—I was going to be a little bit classier on my solo date night. Treat yo’ self!!!  I found a pack of fresh-cooked Hokkien noodles which seemed to be the best Wally World offered and then I headed over to broth aisle. Oooooh store brand organic broth was only $0.30 more? Hey big spenderrrr! I got it. I had all the other ingredients at home minus a green onion. Picked that up and I was on the way to my house to get cooking.

Ramen Noodles shrimp and ingredients_

So the thing about me and cooking—I usually just look at a picture and then tell myself how I’m going to make it. I’m not necessarily the best at creating recipes or following them. If it looks like it should go in there, I put it in there. If it looks like I should bake it at 375* or broil at 500*, that’s what I do. I’m a free spirit chef. Which is why when y’all ask me—“How did you make that? What did you put in there? What is the recipe? How long did it cook? At what temperature” etc., etc., etc., I usually can’t tell you. Jeeze! Sheesh! Who knows these things?! I just cook! But seriously tho—I make it look good. Well, I try.

Ramen Noodles cooking_

I used two pans. One for the broth, noodles, shrimp, peppers, green onions, mushrooms, and a little salt and pepper. I may have even added a little rotisserie chicken spice. Maybe. The other pan was to soft boil the egg (I did it for about 6 minutes). Haha, as my sister said when I showed her a picture of the finished product, “I’d like all that if the egg wasn’t raw.” Well, with this dish that’s how it’s supposed to be. I don’t make the rules. I just look at the pretty Pinterest pictures.

Ramen Noodles Eggs and Shrimp_

Right as the broth/noodle pot was almost done, I tossed in the spinach for a hot second. I didn’t want it too wilted. Poured that pot of goodness into a bowl, peeled the egg, sliced it and placed it on top. Boom. Ramen that I had been waiting for all my life all day. It was so tasty I had it two days later. Took my bowl of yum and then proceeded to cuddle up on the couch in my Snuggie right on cue for Dateline.

Ahhhh, the single life. Don’t hate. (I see you reaching for your Snuggie and some noodles…) 😉