That week of road tripping went by quickly! As I last mentioned, we took a trip to the Finger Lakes Region of New York {for the wedding of my hubby’s cousin} by way of Hershey, PA {to visit hub’s grandparents}, Syracuse, NY {to visit hub’s parents and sister}, and then Pittsburgh PA {to check on my Daddy}.

I loved getting to see his side of the family as we don’t make it up there nearly as often as we should. One highlight of the trip came as his grandfather saw me taking a picture of my mug of tea to put on Instagram. Pap said to me, “You’re taking a picture of your tea? To put on the computer? On Insta-what? So people will talk about it? Well, that doesn’t make any sense to me. Who cares about your tea?” TouchΓ©, Pap. TouchΓ©!!

And it was seriously beautiful up there in the Finger Lakes!! I got a chance to visit a Wegman’s {I’m obsessed with that grocery store} and came away with a t-shirt I’ve wanted for ages:

and a 6 pack of this delicious Ithaca Beer Co. Apricot Wheat Beer!

And after a week of traveling and snacking on a little of this and a lot of that, this Ithaca Beer was the only 6-pack I returned with.

If you catch my drift, that means my tummy isn’t flat. Pretty much every part of me feels much less tight than it was when I ventured out of town a week ago!! I did get in a lot of decent plankadays and one good 5K a few days ago, but that was it in the form of exercise.

I am crazy tough on myself when I go on vacation. This would normally be okay if I were just going to my parent’s house to visit, but that was not the case on this trip. There was no telling hubby’s grandma that I wouldn’t be eating her home-cooked meals. So early on, I decided that I would just eat like old Cherie used to eat, but scaled down a bit. Not going overboard, but also relax on my stringent eating ways. The same went for my workouts.

The verdict?

I’m MISERABLE. I can feel the bloat and see it. {The pics above were early on in the trip! Not today. πŸ™ }I’m quite sure that I’m a good five TEN {because I just checked} pounds heavier than when I left last week, and I can definitely see it in the mirror and in my clothes. All in just one week!! This reminds me why I eat the way I do now and why I exercise. I never want to feel like this again!! While I was at my parent’s, I also found some more “before” pictures of me. These are some eye opening pictures, y’all!! These pics are the few available of me from BEFORE I started working out early in 2010. Pretty much all the “before” pictures you’ve seen of me to date are ones that I took after I had been working out for about 1-2 months. These will also serve as reminders of where I don’t want to be again!

At first it was all exciting “letting go” and eating whatever I wanted. Fried this, fried that. Repeat.

Ready? Popeyes {chicken/fries}, McDonald’s {chicken/fries}, McDonald’s {sausage biscuit/hashbrowns}, Dunkin Donuts, Long John Silver’s {fish/chicken}, Hot Dog Shoppe {hot dog/fries}, Witch Flavor? {ice cream}, Kendrew’s {wings/fries}, Olive Garden {cheesecake}, Dunkin’s again, McDonald’s {Happy Meal} again, Kendrew’s {wings} again, and McDonald’s {sausage biscuit/yogurt parfait} AGAIN — YESSSSS. I consumed all of that in a mere 7 days. BLECH. Really, yes, oh yes, I did. I’m a little sick just reading it.

UGH. But it just made me realize how much I’ve changed and how much I really do like to eat clean! The reality, my reality, is that I’m not that girl any more. While that food looks good, and tastes good at first, I cannot stand the feeling afterwards. My eyes think I want it; my system highly disagrees. I’m a little shocked, but also, not really. After nearly three years of eating this way, it’s just become my lifestyle to eat healthy. And boy, after about four days of not eating that way, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on some Greek yogurt, grilled chicken, oatmeal and veggies!!

I’m all for having a cheat meal once a week, but I’m letting this past week serve as an example that’s all I need OR want!! So now, I’m a little bit lot behind and definitely have some making up for it to do this week. A clean breakfast of oats and wild blueberries will be waiting for me and a hardcore workout after that!

But it might not be running…Ooooh, yeah, about that. I’ll save that for the next post! πŸ˜‰

Have you ever been to the Finger Lakes? How do you get back into the groove after a eating/working out set back?

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  • Love your pics! πŸ™‚ I’ll be putting mine up sometime after the move, lol. It was awesome to see you two!! Tim said he could see how happy I was having you two here, so we’re really going to try and make it to NC more often. (Which shouldn’t be too hard since my last visit was almost 3 years ago, ha ha.) Hope you get detoxed and feel better soon! πŸ™‚

    • Thanks! Yes, you have a lot of other stuff to do first! Hopefully we can move out of here eventually and then the trip won’t be so far for you! πŸ˜€

      • Tim is very in favor of a move to Pittsburgh, lol. I’d like to enjoy the South for a bit while I still can though! πŸ™‚

  • Is a process of life and theses things happen and it will not take away from all you have accomplish and now you are back on the saddle and that is all that matter. Glad to have you back and I love that you call him the Mr. that is what I call mines too but it’s in inside joke b/c I tell him when we get married he is becoming Mr. Cruz I don’t plan to change my last name. lol

    • Thanks!! Yes, back in the saddle is good! One week away is way too much for me, so I’m happy to be back at it!

  • Oh boy. Okay, you’ve beat yourself up enough. You look fab! You’ll kill any weight gain of a few pounds (which is probably just water/salt anyway since your metabolism is likely pretty efficient now) in no time.


    Glad you’re back.

    • Haha, thanks! And yes, beat myself up I did! Most times it is just water or salt…but this time, not so much, lol!!

  • After a great trip like that. You just got to put your nose to the grind and go. Great pics.

  • You just have to put your nose to the grind and go. Great pics. Looks like you had a good time.

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