Gallop & Gorge 8K Recap AND 10 Pairs of Mizuno Running Shoes Giveaway!

I’m a little late with this post. Seriously, I saw Turkey Trot recaps up and all over Bloggerville like 2 hours after the races. What’d everyone do–type and run?! Haa…I fully meant to come home and start writing, but after showering, foam rolling, watching football, building a fire, watching football, making dinner, watching football, eating, and watching football, it left little time to type. Ehh, no biggie. It’s still relevant enough today. πŸ˜€

This 8K, my first Turkey Trot-type, was super fun! Although I almost skipped it. Though I look all peppy in this picture, a mere 45 minutes before this, I seriously thought about shutting off the alarm, rolling over, and going back to bed. Again, and the loyal readers know this, I am NOT a morning runner. AT ALL. LOATHE IT WITH EVERY FIBER OF MY BEING. But when I thought about all the good luck messages I received the night before, and how I had spent my hard-earned money on it, I got right up.

It was only about 15 minutes away, but I got to the site of the race a good hour before. I wanted to secure a parking space as I was too lazy to be too far away from the start even though I was about to gladly run 5 miles. Go figure.

Everything was going splendid at the start, until I was about a half mile into the race. No, it wasn’t my recurring plantar fasciitis {which was very much present}–it was the remaining bits of a pile of trampled over vomit in the middle of the road.


I cannot recall if I’ve ever mentioned it on my blog, but you know how some people have a fear of snakes or flying {which I do seriously have both of those too}? Well, that’s how I feel about vomit. DEATHLY afraid of it. I break down into a small child, rocking back & forth in a corner in a catatonic state. It’s BAD.Β  The movie Snakes on a Plane is my nightmare, especially if there happened to be any vomiting scenes in it. Which I wouldn’t know because I was afraid to see it. I digress…

I hopped over the pile and kept running, trying to take it out of my mind with anything else I could put in its place. I thought about how I wanted to run this race. My main goal was to start out slowly, then go at a comfortable pace for the next few miles, and lastly kick it into gear for the last mile–again, plantar fasciitis allowing. This also would serve as run #2 of my marathon training! Whatever I did, I wanted the five miles to be run in under 1 hour by the time I saw the finish line.

I succeeded! My splits were as follows:

Mile 1 — 12:17
Mile 2 — 11:25
Mile 3 — 11:39
Mile 4 — 11:24
Mile 5 — 10:42

This all equated to a calorie burn of about 700 calories and an unofficial time of 57:58.26 per my Nike+ GPS. Under my goal! Woo hoo! I felt pretty good and felt like I could have run faster if the PF wasn’t nagging my left foot.

Like I said earlier, I promptly came home and foam rolled! I’m getting smarter about that finally, huh? πŸ˜‰ I used my regular roller and then also had hubby massage my calves with my new Tiger Stick! I had been looking everywhere for this thing. When I went to Fleet Feet to pick up my race packet on Tuesday, there it was. Had to have it.

Anyhow, after the race, before I went home, I wanted some post-race pics. I didn’t feel like asking anyone to take one of me, so I snapped a self-photo as is my usual way.

Hubby stayed home and slept so he didn’t come to the race to cheer me on. It’s okay though–I told him that would be fine. The only time I really need people there is at the end to take pics, lol. That’s just how weird I am with racing/running alone. I block out the people holding signs cheering us on, don’t really talk to other random folks after the race, and don’t look for people along the way. I go, run, take pics, go home. πŸ˜€ That’s just my way. I am QUITE a social butterfly 99.99999% of the time, but running–it’s all me, myself and I having solo time.I keeping thinking I’ll change and join a running club or something, but as of yet, nope.

When I arrived back at the house, he took some pictures of me, but most were a hot mess. I at least got one of my bright-as-the-sun salmony Lululemon Wunder Unders. I heart them.

I also heart my Mizuno Wave Riders that I received complimentary as part of the Mezamashii Run Project!

mizuno wave riders giveaway

Ohhhh, yes, the Mizunos. That’s why you’re here, isn’t it? Not the loyal CRT readers–I don’t mean you–I mean the ones that heard about this giveaway on Twitter, Pinterest or Facebook–haha, I get it. It’s cool. You want shoes!! πŸ˜€ Well, hopefully you at least checked out my race recap before you scrolled down here to find out how to get your hands on a pair of these shoes. And hopefully you’ll check me out again sometime!

Mizunos are crazy fabulous shoes. I wore them for my very first half marathon earlier this month and they rocked me the whole way through it. And the people at Mizuno are even more fabulous!! They’ve given me the go ahead to giveaway TEN FREE PAIRS OF MIZUNO RUNNING SHOES!!!

Yes. I said TEN pairs. πŸ˜€

You can select almost any model {excluding the Prophecy & Creation}. If you win, all I’ll need is your full name and email address. I’ll give that to Mizuno Running and they will send YOU an invite via email to the Mezamashii Run Project. Once you log into the site it gives you directions on ordering your shoes. Awesome? Yes, awesome!!


You will receive one entry for every one of these items–the more you do, the more entries for you. The FIRST ONE is mandatory all others are extra entries for you! {You may only enter the giveaway ONCE. Duplicate entries will be deleted.}:

-Leave me a COMMENT below telling me why you want these shoes! {again, this one is required}
-Follow me on TWITTER @cherielianne and comment below telling me you did so.
-TWEET about the giveaway using the following sentence {copy and paste it}:Β  β€œ I entered to win a pair of @MizunoRunning shoes from @cherielianne. You can too!Β  β€œΒ Β  COMMENT below telling me you did so.
FOLLOW me on Instagram @CherieRunsThis and comment below telling me you did so.
–You can also like my Facebook page if you want. It’s not required and is not an entry. You can just like it to like it!

This giveaway is open to those living in the United States ONLY {sorry, their rules!} and will end on Tuesday, NovemberΒ  27th at 11:59 PM EST!!! The winner will be announced sometime on Wednesday, November 28th. I will use to select the winners and will contact them. The winner’s information will be forwarded to Mizuno and the rest will go on like I mentioned above!

Got it? Good luck y’all!! πŸ˜€

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