Gear Up and Go with Runner’s World and Mizuno Running at Dick’s Sporting Goods!

The long time readers of my blog know that I used to work as a Certified Fitness Trainer at Dick’s Sporting Goods. These same long time readers also know my very good reason for leaving that company! {If you’re itching to know the final straw that broke my back as to why I left that store, here’s the post all about it.Β  Scroll down in the post and read what my boss said to me {it’s right after the picture of me on AOL’s homepage}. Yup, I knew it’d only be a matter of time until I left that place!

Now, I still like Dick’s as a company overall. I just choose to not spend my money at my ex-boss’s store contributing to his wallet if I don’t have to. So very little will get me to go into the Dick’s Sporting Goods in Burlington, NC. It has to be an EMERGENCY where I just HAVE to get to Dick’s and won’t be going the other direction towards Durham. {And OH BOY all this talk about Dick’s and I can just imagine the spam I’m going to have!!}

So at work on Friday when I saw this tweet, I constituted it as an EMERGENCY:

runners world tweet

Now at first, I thought, “They can’t possibly mean my Dick’s. Not the Burlington, NC Dick’s. It has to be Burlington, Vermont. Let me just click the link and check.”

It WAS mine! Woohoo! Nothing cool ever really comes to town around here and this was my type of cool. I know I haven’t been running very much as I have fallen in love with weight lifting and it’s taking up all my fitness time lately, but I do still have it in my heart deep down. I couldn’t miss it! And ummm, yeah, this blog is still called Cherie RUNS this so……

There was a morning run scheduled at the store at 9am. Haha, I skipped that of course. I probably would have attempted it, as there were different runs for all abilities, but I chose to sleep. And I’m still healing my knee, thank you. I could have run a little, but not enough to make it worthwhile missing my snoozing.

mizuno running runners world gear up and go dicks sporting goods event 3

At 11:00am they were going to start giving away items and doing gait assessments. That’s what I was all about, so I showed up around 11:15am. Gotta love freebies, yo.

mizuno running runners world gear up and go dicks sporting goods event 1
I was expecting a HUGE crowd but when I walked straight back to the footwear deck there was hardly anyone around. Just this one guy photobombing my pic. Oh, and there was my ex-boss, of course. I gave him the “Hellllloooo Newman greeting from Seinfeld–only using his name of course. Also chatted with my replacement at the store, Cameron. He’s actually cool and one of the people I’m happy to see if/when I have to venture in there. I got the scoop as to what was going on and what I needed to do. Again there was only one couple ahead of me, so I just hung out around the store, chatting to former coworkers, and checking out my old department to see if they got any new fitness merch in.

When I saw that they were done with the other couple, I went over to meet the Mizuno rep and Jeff Dengate, a Runner’s World Senior Editor. Jeff got tied up with another customer right away, so I talked to the Mizuno rep first. I wasn’t necessarily planning on having my gait analyzed because I already knew I was an over pronator, but he still had me hop on the treadmill to test it out anyhow.

I was wearing my bright yellow Mizuno Wave Rider 15s that I got for free through the Mezamashii Project and giveaway I had on my blog a little bit ago. Right away he was like, “Umm, you know those are the wrong shoes for you, right?” Haha, yes, I knew. I’m supposed to wear stability shoes, but they always feel bulky on my feet. So I chose these more neutral Wave Riders for comfort AND color. He watched the video of my treadmill run and suggested I try on the Wave Inspire 9s. My first question, “What color are they?” Haa.

mizuno running runners world gear up and go dicks sporting goods event 2

He brought over the Wave Inspires and I was pleased. Look at that shade of blue! Love them! And if I still plan on running my next race, the Tar Heel 10 Miler in April, they’d be the perfect color for it! I hopped back on the treadmill wearing these shoes and he took another video. Yup, these helped my right ankle from turning in so much, but it didn’t feel as natural to me as the Wave Riders did. He said sometimes if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Even though I’m “supposed” to wear stability shoes, if the neutrals feel better and I’m not getting injured from them, then go with it. I agreed. When I do wear the stability shoes to “correct” my problem, I end up with some sort of injury without fail. Sooooo as pretty as they blue shoes were, I didn’t buy them.

At this point, Jeff was all done with his other customer so I chatted with him for a bit. Like the big old nerd I am, I whipped out the latest issue of Runner’s World from my purse and was like, “Can you autograph this for me?” Haha, I think he was taken aback by my request, but he obliged.

mizuno running runners world gear up and go dicks sporting goods event 5
Check that autograph out. Woo hoo! By now I realized I had been in Dick’s for way too long and it was time to get going. I asked about the free stuff–hey, I gotta be me. πŸ˜‰

mizuno running runners world gear up and go dicks sporting goods event 4

I got a black Mizuno tote bag that has the Mezamashii logo on the back, the Runner’s World Spring Shoe Guide by Jeff and Martyn Shorten, a huge Runner’s World 2013 calendar, and an awesome clear Mizuno water bottle. Pretty good swag considering I’m a totebag and water bottle freak!

I had a fun time and was happy I braved my old store to attend this. I recommend the Gear Up and Go Tour if there happens to be one in your area! Great for veteran runners or evenΒ  newbies/those thinking about starting–all around fun times and things to take away with you! Literally and figuratively. πŸ™‚


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  • I love my Wave Inspire 9s, they are great and don’t feel bulky at all.
    Natalie recently posted..Back at it.My Profile

    • That’s why there are different shoes for everyone! πŸ˜‰ I’m just saying that’s how they felt on me. I’ll stick with my Wave Riders!

  • Cherie, I am glad you had a great experience today even if it meant running into the jerk. Great freebies too and I am a closet nerd, so I totally feel you on the autograph. Great thinking ahead to bring the magazine with you.

  • Loved the ramble! And it’s great advice–what works for one may not work for someone else, so do what works best for you!

  • Hey Cherie, I have a question for you, since you worked at Dick’s and also love Mizuno…

    I bought my first pair of Mizunos in February, and unfortunately, they don’t come in half sizes past 9. Since I normall wear a 10W-10.5, they guy in the shoe dept had me get a size 11. While they fit fine width wise, they are too long. Do you know if they’ll return/exchange them, even though I’ve worn them? I walked around Disney World wearing them, and they tore up my feet pretty bad. And it bugs me so much because they’re generally awesome shoes.

    Thanks πŸ™‚
    Esther Fox recently posted..apologiesMy Profile

    • That’s too bad Esther!! Do you still have your receipt? In that case definitely. Even without it, I’ve seen my managers take back worn items PLENTY of times in pretty bad condition even without the receipt. I think they may have done exchanges for another item, but still the return was accepted. Take them back to your store and give it a shot!

  • I hate to sound all girly but yeah, those shoes are my favorite color. πŸ™‚

  • Love freebies! Yep my footies love mizunos musha 4, transitioned out of the waverider 15. Did both my last half marys in them and didn’t have no foot pain. I’m a weirdo, I’m actually a supinator. Definitely concur, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it! Also, props for walking into your workplace and not allowing it to keep you from enjoying your time. be blessed!
    Melissa (@MelRUNStheworld) recently posted..Future Figure CompetitorMy Profile

  • Cherie,
    I just came across your blog today and, since I haven’t stopped reading, I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy it! I can’t believe I found a blogger who is funny, smart, and fitness-minded, and best of all, used to look like me!! Fitness blogs are cool, but finding the magic combo (useful info, cool products, hilarity, brains, and someone who is all fit and hawt now but used to be not fit) that is almost impossible!
    Thanks. For blogging, for sharing your journey, for your honesty, for your humor…blah blah blah. you rock!!
    p.s. My highest weight was 230, I dropped some, but was still pissed to learn on 1/28 that I was at 208. I’ve committed to running my first 5k (obstacle course!) in exactly one month and have been training for 2.5 months. I’ve lost 14 lbs and gone from a 25 minute mile to 17:23. I’m now obsessed with nutrition and fitness and get antsy if I don’t get to the gym for 2 days! Thanks for showing that *anyone* can get fit, and *anyone* can be a runner!!!

    • Thank you Missy! Those were pretty much the sweetest comments ever! Thank you so much for taking time to read my blog!! It sounds like you caught the fitness/nutrition bug yourself and I’m happy to hear it. Congrats on your weight loss–each and every pound is something to be proud of and I think it’s awesome!! πŸ˜€ Thank you again so very much!