Green Goodness: An ENERGYbits & SKINNYbits Review!

I received the energybits and skinnybits for the purpose of doing a review. I was not compensated in any other way. All opinions are my own.

A few weeks ago, my Twitter timeline was all a buzz with talk of spirulina, algae & green smoothie drinks. Oh goodness, I thought. What have people gotten into now? Is this some new fad, potion, pill, trick? Just eat real food!

algae spirulina

But I was curious. So I did some research. I Googled ‘spirulina’ and looked into the benefits of algae.

“Algae has also been sold in the USA for fifty years, meets all FDA requirements and has an impressive pedigree that includes endorsements from The World Bank, United Nations, Carnegie Institute, NASA and Olympic athletes. It also has a long list of health benefits that include increased energy, increased vitality, removal of toxins, lowered blood pressure, lowered heart disease, lowered cholesterol, balanced blood sugar, prevention of diabetes, IBS, improved digestion, improved immune system, weight loss, correction of anemia, brain disorders and more.” Phew! That’s a lot!

I liked what I read enough to take a bite. I took energybits and skinnybits up on their offer to try them out. First, I gave the energybits a shot.

They sent me a lot of informational postcards to further back up what I had already started to read online. Although these were by far more colorful and to the point.

Straight from the card: energybits are “100% spirulina algae, boost mental and physical energy and endurance. A favorite of athletes, runners, teams and executives.” But I was more interested in the

– 100% natural organic green algae
– ONE calorie per tab
– 64% protein
– 40 vitamins
– No additives, chemicals, caffeine, sugar, gluten or artificial ingredients

That last one means it goes nicely right along with my clean eating ways!

It was time to give them a try so I checked the serving suggestion. Twelve bits is a serving, a minimum of 20-30 per day, the recommended serving is 30-40 per day, but for best results you should have 40-100 tabs per day. My little bag only contained about 30 and I didn’t want to take all of them at once. First of all, I didn’t know how I’d react to them and second, I didn’t want them to all be gone right away! I like to savor things.

The only downer at first was that they were sent to me in that little black baggie in just an envelope. A lot of them broke apart in shipping, so I had a lot of bits of bits. Green algae dust everywhere! Argh.  Oh well…I gathered the whole ones, about 10 and got ready to take them before my workout.

I took one and got ready to pop it in my mouth. I will alert you–because it’s algae, it does have a fishy-type of smell. Kind of like the ocean!  But that didn’t bother me so much so I pressed on. They do say to swallow or chew them, one at a time, so I decided to chew the first one. Let’s just say, I made sure to swallow the other nine! Haa! My tip is to just swallow and skip the chewing. Also, because they are so small, I didn’t find any need to swallow one at a time. I just popped them all in and washed them down with water. No problems.

I waited about 20 minutes to let them get settled into my system and went to work out. I can’t say that I really noted a major boost of energy, but again, that may be because I only took 10. I wished I had more to test it out with a full serving!

Like magic {about three weeks later}, I got my wish. For some reason, they sent me another sample! Hey, I wasn’t complaining! Not only was this sample wrapped in bubble wrap {they must have telepathically heard my woe of crushed bits}, since I already had had some, it would give me the opportunity to just go ahead and take the whole serving.

I opened up the bag and proceeded to swallow a couple at a time. Waited again for about 20 minutes {that’s just something I like to do; not saying that you need to} and went into my home gym to lift. I don’t know if it was a mind thing or not, but I felt pretty good! I wasn’t as tired afterwards and felt like I was able to go a little bit longer. Hey, whatever keeps me energized, is natural and doesn’t give me that crash and burn feeling afterwards is a good thing!

Next up, I tested out the skinnybits.

They are, “100% spirulina algae, eliminate hunger and fatigue, are a great meal replacement, healthy snack or for when trying to lose weight.”

I eat pretty regularly like clockwork anyhow to keep my metabolism going, so hunger isn’t really an issue for me. I figure when I’m hungry, it’s time to fuel my body, and I do so with good, natural food–not supplements. But since skinnybits aren’t a supplement, they are a food, I gave them a shot.

More than anything, I was impressed by the packaging. YAY!! The bits came in a tin so there would be no crushed pieces. Also, the tin makes it easy for you to take them on the go!

They also have the same stats that I liked about the energybits:

– 100% natural organic green algae
– ONE calorie per tab
– 64% protein
– 40 vitamins
– No additives, chemicals, caffeine, sugar, gluten or artificial ingredients

I took them all in one serving this time {I wanted to savor this supply, too, but also needed to give them a fair review and take the recommended amount} around 11am. This was a few hours after my breakfast, but around the time that I would normally be having a mid-morning snack. I took them with a big jug of my water and felt pretty full until about 2pm. I can’t honestly say if it was the water filling me up or the bits, but it kept me from thinking about snacking for a few hours! I then ate normally as I would the rest of the day. I’m curious to try the bits again to get a better sense of them, but I’m all out for now.

Overall, I’m please with both the energybits and skinnybits. To vouch for them on behalf of added energy and fullness, I would need to allow myself to take more of them than just the three samples I had, but for the purposes of getting in the added vitamins, antioxidants and protein for such low calories, I’m sold!

If you’d like to try energybits or skinnybits for yourself, they are sold exclusively online through the Bits of Health, Inc. website at or The bits come in bags of 1,000 tabs and are $115. Be sure to follow them on Twitter–they often give out promo codes for discounts! @ENERGYbits and @SKINNYbits_

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