Hello 2015 and the Dick’s Pittsburgh Marathon Training Run!

Hello 2015 and Happy New Year, everyone! OH MY GOODNESS am I happy 2014 is outta here! Let’s never speak of it again, shall we? I’m also happy it’s a new year as I was super pumped to get back to running and attend the first Dick’s Pittsburgh Marathon Training Run yesterday!

But first let me recap a little bit. So yes, that means I do have to speak of 2014 one more time. I already wrote my 2014 recap, but at the end of it, you’ll remember me saying that my birthday (December 30th!!) was the next day. Since it’s my favorite day of the year, I of course have to take a second to shout out to it!

Birthday Comparisons Cherie Runs This

Since 2010, I’ve always taken a full body shot on my birthday just to see how things are going with this journey. As I began in January 2010, by December 2010, that gave me a complete year to see what I looked like at the end of the year. Since my bday is basically the doggone last day of the year, it seems like a good day to take it and compare. I’m not as svelte as I was in 2012, but after major life happenings in 2013 and 2014, I’m pleased that I’m not back to where I started in 2010! I’ll take it and keeping pressing on.
December 30

I came out of work that day and it was beautiful. Super cold, but the sun was shining. It usually was in NC on my birthday, but I was thinking I’d be in six feet of snow this year having moved back home to Pittsburgh. Not so! It was a pretty day and it made me feel all warm and fuzzy. 🙂

Oh, and what else happened on my birthday? Yup, my divorce was final. So if you’re keeping tabs on me, I got engaged on my birthday (years ago) and now divorced on my birthday. Who gets engaged and divorced on the same day that’s her birthday, too? THIS GIRL! But I truly wish him the best, best, best always and thank him for the past 10 years. He’s a great guy and the right lady for him is going to be very lucky!

New Year 2015 Cherie Runs This

The next day of course was New Year’s Eve. I took the day off work, reflected on my year, and then got dolled up. I’m a single lady now, gas is cheaper, and I still had this dress left over from the office Christmas Party that needed to be donned again–no way I was staying home!!! I took myself out in Pittsburgh and had a lovely evening. Somehow I came away from the night having confidence, actually believing that sometimes yes, I do clean up well, and I will find love again. Or it’ll find me. Whatev.

Now, back to this Dick’s Pittsburgh Marathon Training Run.

I registered for it a couple weeks ago. It was to be yesterday, January 3, beginning at 7:30am. Again, you know how I cannot stand to work out in the mornings. Nope, it makes no sense to me. I can sleep in and work out later and it still counts. BUT, I am trying to be more social and get involved and do all the stuff I was longing to do while I was living in NC but wishing I were in Pittsburgh.

Dicks Pittsburgh Marathon Training Run pre run

This was my face as I got ready to leave the house at 6:20am. I really do LOATHE morning workouts. REALLY.

The weathermen said there *may* be some freezing rain later on in the morning, but when I left the house, all was fine. Approximately 13 minutes into my travels to the city, it was ALL BLACK ICE ALL THE TIME. Bloody awful.

Dicks Pittsburgh Marathon Training Run accidents black ice

Thankfully, I managed to avoid the six or so cars that had collided, and pulled into a parking lot to wait. There was no driving home; I had to just stay put and wait it out. I watched all the police, firemen and first responders start to arrive. Sadly, I did hear of one death reported that morning, but it wasn’t here on this stretch of road. Black ice is no joke!!!

Dicks Pittsburgh Marathon Training Run in car

Of course at that point, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to make it to the run. I was happy to be alive and that my car was safely out of the mess.

Dicks Pittsburgh Marathon Training Run accidents black ice after

I sat there playing on my phone and looking up info on the Dick’s Pittsburgh Marathon Facebook page–I realized I could do my run as a virtual run! Oh joy!! So I figured I’d go home, when it was safe to drive, take a loooooong nap to make up for the sleep I missed, and then go run at the gym later. I wished I could have run outside but the treadmill was going to have to do!

Dicks Pittsburgh Marathon Training Run Virtual

After my nap, I tore myself away from my comfy bed (at 2:30pm–I really love sleep) and made it to the gym.

Dicks Pittsburgh Marathon Training Run Virtual Completed

I had been planning to run 5 miles at the training run (3, 5, and 8 miles were offered) so I committed myself to running 5 on the treadmill. It was great! I feel like come May, this Half Mary shouldn’t be too bad at all!

So here we go–a new year, a new race, a renewed commitment to my journey, and a fresh start. I’m ready for you 2015! 😀

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