Hydrate with a PowerICE Bar! Review and Giveaway!

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Spring is just about here which means the hot weather will be fast approaching. Now, maybe you already have hot weather, or maybe you’re in some frigid part of the country and you’re rolling your eyes about the heat because you can only see a Polar Vortex outside your window.

Here in Chapel Thrill Hill, NC, it was 73° today and that’s about 23° hotter than the hottest I like it when I run.

hot weather running

Give me a cold day any time!

But since I can’t do anything about the on-its-way heat, now I can at least do something to stay cool and refreshed. Thankfully for runners within eyesight of me, it has nothing to do with less clothing. 😉

power ice bars

May I introduce to you PowerICE Bars! I already had an ice pop/slushie/cold, icy treat addiction and these have now added to it. Seriously, the other day at work I saw a little girl holding an unopened Popsicle in her hands and I wanted to grab it and make a run for it. But she looked faster than I am, so…

I took a look at my newly received box of goodies and checked out the info:

PowerICE is an innovative, great-tasting, frozen, and hydrating ice bar designed to enhance the performance of athletes by cooling the core body temperature while replenishing electrolytes. You can take PowerICE before, during or after a workout and feel the difference.

♦ Frozen Electrolytes
♦ Caffeine Free
♦ Only 30 Calories per Ice Bar
♦ No High Fructose Corn Syrup
♦ Gluten Free & Kosher
♦ 100% Daily Value of Vitamin C
♦ 8 grams natural sugar

How happy I was that I didn’t snag the little girl’s Popsicle. These were much better!

I decided to give one of these pops a try after my long run the other day. I would have tested it out before the run, but even though it looked like these ingredients would be right up my alley, I wanted to make sure nothing wonky would happen to my stomach while I was out there.

power ice bars lime kicker

As soon as I got back into my apartment, I tore open a Lime Kicker. Mmmmph. It was lime-a-licious! So cold, so icy–it was delicious! There was no weird aftertaste and it was a delicate lime flavor–not too weak, not too *POW* make your mouth pucker–just right. I dug it. And at 30 calories, I was ready to have another. I didn’t, but I sure was ready. I let the electrolytes do their thing and I cooled down.

I kept forgetting to pack another with me to have after my workouts at the gym. That was my only concern with them. I’d have to have them at home because I don’t have anything insulated enough to keep them in frozen form while I’m gymming it.

But I can keep a couple at the office!

power ice bars orange_

I could say that I walk around a lot in my profession, which is true, and that I would need one after some of my walks, also true. But in this case I just wanted to eat an ice pop. And I did need to try the Orange Blast for review purposes, of course 😉 Just like the Lime Kicker PowerICE Bar, this one was equally yummy. I just usually have a hinkering for lime over orange so that would probably be my go-to flavor.

I’m going to have to keep some of these on hand. If the summer is as hot as the winter has been cold, I’m going to need a lot of cooling down!

How about you? Would you like to try a box each of these ice pops? If you said yes, you’re in luck! I have one box of Lime Kicker PowerICE Bars and a box of Orange Blast up for grabs in a giveaway!


♦ Comment below and tell me which flavor you’d be most excited to try. (One entry per person allowed.)


This giveaway is open to United States residents Sunday, March 16 through Wednesday, March 19, at 11:59 PM Eastern Time!!! The winner will be announced sometime Thursday, March 20. I will use random.org to select a winner and will contact him/her. The winner’s information will be forwarded to PowerICE and they will ship him/her the two boxes of bars! I’ll just need your complete name and address if selected as the winner.

Good luck to you!

*I was sent two boxes of PowerICE Bars in exchange for a product review and hosting this giveaway for all of you! All opinions are truthful and my own.