I Got 100 Problems Because Now a Bikini Is One.

This post is late. Along with everything else in my life the past three weeks.

The quick version: Work life. June is normally a rough mental month for me anyway with the anniversary of my mother’s death, but work life and things related to it that were out of my control, took me to a place far away from my “norm.” This past Tuesday I decided enough was enough.

I had a talk with my boss, who has been having it far more rough than I, and let her know I hit my breaking point. {She’s awesome and wasn’t the one causing me havoc.} What I do {for my day job} is not life or death; my health, my body and my mind ARE matters of life or death.
practice safe sets

I resumed my life as normal that evening by returning to the gym promptly after work, went home and ate super clean, and it’s all been roses ever since. Well, work is still nutso, but I clock out at 5pm and let the madness wait ’til the next day.

So that’s where I’ve been. I know I haven’t blogged in weeks and that’s why. I’m still here, but in what little spare time I had, I slept, haa.
oprah weight loss

What I meant at the very top by “this” post being late, is I wanted to have a big reveal post this past Friday. “This” post was supposed to be a “Happy First Day of Summer It’s Time to Don Pictures of Me in my Yellow Bikini!” Think of when Oprah had that big reveal back in the day! Yup. That was going to be me.

You remember this post of mine from about 101 days ago, right?
How to Get a Flat Stomach

Yeah, so let’s just say there is no reveal picture happening y’all.

But man you guys remember everything and keep me on my toes. “Where’s your bikini pic, Cherie? Are you going to post a pic in the yellow bikini? It’s Summer now, Cherie–the 99 days are over..what’s up?”

So here’s this. I know have 100 problems. Because, indeed, the bikini is one. Haa.

Three weeks of missed workouts and crappy food consumption undid a lot of work I had done. But it didn’t completely derail me. Like I said, this past Tuesday, I went right back to business as usual. Not working out and not eating clean is just NOT ME. I live for the feeling I get after a hard workout. I really do love the taste of clean food. I got back to putting myself first and haven’t looked back since. It’s not being selfish; it’s taking care of yourself. I liken it to being in an emergency situation where you must put on your flotation device or oxygen mask before you help the person next to you. You have to help YOU first before you can help someone else. I had to get back to helping ME first.
gym mirror shot

Thank goodness by the end of this week back to being my old self, I was seeing it in the mirror and my clothes. And in my mind, too. But you can’t see that in the picture. Trust me it’s there; that’s the most important part.

Okay, so the bikini isn’t necessarily a prooooblem. It’s still here and so am I. I woke up today, got down to business and made myself one step closer. And when I’m ready, I’ll put it on. Nope, no problems here. Just back to business as usual after a ‘lil 3 week hiatus in the middle. Ain’t no thang…the journey continues. 🙂

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  • You’ll get there, Cherie.
    It took a lot of courage for you to sit down with your boss and tell her that you couldn’t/wouldn’t do that anymore. So congrats for that 🙂
    And congrats on getting things (relatively) back to normal.
    Karen @Yellow Turtle Fitness recently posted..1980â€ēs Fitness Fads Photo FlashbackMy Profile

    • Thanks. She was puffing away on her cigarette and that’s the time to speak to her–she seems more calm. Haha. I braved it and went for the convo. 😀

  • Cherie I’m so happy you posted this!!! I felt the same way about this weekend. Money is tight & I wasn’t able to eat as clean as possible. I’ve been beating myself up but thank you & letting me know its ok. I’ll be back at it Friday & I can’t wait!!! My body craves clean food!! Thank you for always keeping it real!! Kudos

  • Cherie! Thanks for your usual candid posts! You even say it all the time, you are human and not a health-bot! So life throws us curve balls and we still swing! Sorry I didnt have a football analogy! LOL! In any case, we continue to love you because you keep it 100 and show us when we stumble, we get another chance to continue towards our goals! Blessings to you! #teamCherie

  • Wanted to say hi & tell you how much I enjoy your FB posts. They remind me to get and stay on track. You posted something recently, “sometimes you gotta work out to work it out”-I shared it with a friend who was recently diagnosed with cancer. She is trying to maintain her sense of “normal”, both physically and mentally thru the cancer treatment, which is pretty hard to do as it’s pretty easy to feel overwhelmed. I shared with her your FB message & I think you’ve got a new fan. For her, working out (as best she can with the treatment), helps her work out the issues & fears of dealing with cancer. Nicely done:)

  • You will get your goal it just might take longer than expected! Posting a bikini pic is crazzzzzzy in my mind… I would be such a chicken about it and probably never do it… so even if you never do it but that is your goal – it will still be very motivating to you! You look awesome and I can tell such big differences in your muscle tone when you post your gym pics. You are inspirational!!
    Holly @ Pink-Runner.com recently posted..No Excuses Summer!My Profile

  • Well I think you look great!
    Kristy @PghRunner.com recently posted..Week Wrap Up & Sunday Funday!My Profile