I Run Because…

…I can.

There are so many more reasons. I could try to list them all but you have things to do today besides read this post and I have things to do besides type until my fingers cramp up. 🙂 Because yes, yes there are THAT many reasons why I run.

A few are:

I run all the time so one specific day is no biggie normally, but this one was. On this National Running Day, I ran because I could not run on this date last year. {Why? Click here to read last year’s post all about it!} I was quite peeved not to be running on a runner’s holiday of sorts and vowed to be able to run next year. Today was “next year,” so I knew I had to give it my best!

I woke up at 6am to feed my sister’s kitties. I thought, “Hmmm, I could give that early morning running stuff a try.” After all, I kept reading tweets about how everyone had already logged their miles by that time. Exhausted by just scrolling through Twitter on my phone reading all of that madness, I went right back to bed after the feeding. Nope, STILL not an early morning runner, not even on National Running Day.

After getting up again at 9:30am, I figured I should don my new Lululemon Marathon Crops and get in the spirit as I fully woke up. I also made a hearty breakfast as I always do before I log some miles.

I know this looks like a lot of food, because well, it is. Two eggs, three pieces of turkey bacon, a wheat Bagel Thin, and a large mug of coffee. I’m not messing around when I say I need a FULL breakfast in my stomach to power my runs! I tried running a few times with just some coffee and a ‘lil sumpin-sumpin in my tummy–OH THE HUMANITY. It was DISASTROUS!

I set out with the goal of running at least 4 miles. I didn’t run Monday or Tuesday, and with my goal of 20 miles a week, I needed to kick it into gear. Sooooo, secretly I knew 4 wouldn’t cut into my total enough and hoped for more. But I’d do what I could.

It was the most beeeeautiful day out. These are some views during my run around my sister’s neighborhood.

As I ran I heard:

— One girl tell her friends I smelled bad, actually it was “Oooh, she stink”
— Two cars honk their horns at me
— One guy say something about “all dat ass”
— Someone in a car shout Run Forrest, Run
— One girl {bigger than I ever was} say I wasn’t running fast enough
— One guy try to get my attention with a “Hey Shawty”

And I saw:

— A total of 5 cars pulled over by cops in separate traffic stops–the police were totally cracking down on non-stop-sign-stoppers and speeders today!
— FedEx Field {Was hoping to run into RG III, but no such luck}
— Several clumps of geese droppings
— My Nike+ GPS watch show my highest outdoor run reading EVAHHHH.

I was totally smiling but cut most of my face off! Arrgh.

Woooot!! Yes, I’ve run 7 miles before, but never OUTSIDE! That’s right–I clocked a 7.27 mile run outdoors on National Running Day!! Now that’s worthy of some celebrating! And I was only going to do 4? Haa! Pshhh. Whatevah.

I had to give myself a thumbs up for that.

Oh–but real quick–what’s up with people shouting things? Yinz know I don’t run outside a ton, so this is just taking some getting used to. The grammatical errors/Ebonics was enough to make my ears bleed!!!!! Normally I can’t hear anything over my headphones/music anyhow, but since I’m trying to be safer AND I’m outside Washington, DC, and don’t want to end up like Chandra Levy, I tried to listen more to my surroundings.


I was proud that I smelled. That meant I was really working hard!
And I’m glad that either through squats or/and running, my booty is bangin’.
Yes, I’m slow, but I’m two years in the right direction past that chick.
The screaming of Run Forrest may have inspired me to channel him and do just that!

National Running Day, you were a total success. I’ll see YOU next year! Stinking, sweating, bangin’ ass and all.

How did you celebrate today? 🙂

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  • Get it girl!! Oh and I kinda love when I get honked at while running sometimes…means you’re doing something right. 😉

  • love the “2 years in the right direction past that chick” hahaha! Glad you had such a beautiful run!!!

  • People are SO weird. I usually just get some honks or a “HEY GIRL!” I don’t have an ass to yell at. 🙁 I didn’t run today, but instead went to the doc to make sure I could still run and I can! I was worried I had a stress fracture or something from soccer and luckily it’s just a deep bruise. Phew! By the way, LOOOOOOVE your shoes!!!!

    • They are!!! LOL, gotta love the Heyyyy Girl’s and honks… 😉 Well, I’m happy your check-up was a-okay and you’re good to go! Except for the bruise–but it’s good it’s not worse! Thank you! I love these kicks!

  • I love all of your motivations! So inspiring. Personally, I run because most days, I think I can’t…and it’s awesome to prove myself wrong!

  • Congrats on your awesome outdoor run! By the way, I like your shadow pic. 🙂

  • I am going to DC in a few weeks and your post about the Lulumelon store is making me re-arrange one of my days there!! 🙂 Looking at those prices is so scary BUT you did say they were worth it….right? 🙂 My husband thanks you!

    • Haha, oh your poor hubby! Yes, there are TWO Lululemon’s in DC–I visited the second one yesterday! So you’ll have two to choose from!

  • No idea about the yelling, honks and hey babeeeeeeee can be nice. I hope the “she stinks” comment was from a little school girl, darn why do people assume we are moving targets for them. As to the lady who said your not moving fast enough, was she yelling from the car? If she was outside along your path I would have said, ya I’m trying to improve on that, “what’s your pace, maybe youcould give me tips” BAAAMMMM.
    I actually said to someone who tried to bring me down once, “hey do you feel better now that you TRIED to hurt another person? Notice, I emphasized Tried, because you failed miserably.
    Tear it up girl, smile, wave and keep it moving 🙂

    • Nope–the lady (who was a teen standing in a group of three teens) was at the bus stop I ran past. Haha, people!!!

      But I agree–the honks and heys aren’t always bad! 😉

  • Forrest Gump is my all time favourite movie. Just saying 😉

    Run Cherie, Run!! 😀

  • Congrats on your awesome outdoor run! I absolutely love the shadow picture you have, I may have to do something like that.

    • Thanks Michelle! I was tired after the run, leaned up against my car and then decided to get artsy, lol! 🙂

  • Thanks Cuz!! 😀