I’m an Official Pittsburgh Marathon Blogger!!

Pittsburgh Marathon Blogger

I have super crazy exciting news! Captain Obvious would say to look right there at the above picture and you’ll know what it is, but I’m going to say it anyway, I’ve been selected as one of the Official Bloggers for the Pittsburgh Marathon this year!!!
Pittsburgh Marathon Blogger #gameonpghI’ve wanted to be one of these awesome bloggers since I knew there was such a thing. Which, I think was only since last year, haha, but still! At that time, I was living in Chapel Hill, NC, and wishing something awful that I could finally be living back in my hometown of Pittsburgh, being one of these bloggers, and training for this race in what I think it the most fabulous city on the planet. Fast forward 365 days and here I am! I packed my bags and moved back here, I’m one of ’em, and get to run the streets of Pittsburgh to train!

Okay, no–about that last part…I live in the suburbs, technically, and while gas is cheaper now, it’s still not cheap enough for me to drive into the city, find somewhere to park, pay to park, run and then trek back to the ‘burbs. I’m a recently divorced chick now, and I got bills, ‘yo. I’m happy to have gas money to get to work. #thestruggleisreal

BUT, that is not stopping me from training at my local gym!! Yes, I know most of you LOATHE running on treadmills. I used to be Team Only Treadmill Running, but once I lost a good bit of weight, felt slightly more okay to be outside, realized nobody was looking at me anyway, and discovered how amazing it was to run around sunny Chapel Hill, I got over that fast. So now that I prefer running outside over the ‘mill, I would gladly lace up to pound the pavement and trails. Oh, but again, I’m not in Chapel Hill anymore and the sun is gone. Not gone, but lately it looks like Queen Elsa has taken over and all of western Pennsylvania will be frozen for a long, long time.

“Just run outside in the snow, Cherie!” sayeth everyone. Umm, no. I’m clumsy, for one, and I think there are several pups in my neighborhood who could easily step into the title role of Cujo any time. Snow + ice + clumsy + Cujo(s) = the treadmill. At least for now, it does. Yes, again, many of you would go nutso solely using the treadmill but we’re all different and I’m okay with it for a little while!! You know how they say, “Run the race you’re in”? Well, I firmly believe in running the runs that are best for me.

If this is the first time you’ve read my blog, you’ll realize I’m a different type of runner than most:

♦ I’m okay with the treadmill (as we covered)
♦ I’m not fanatical about run streaks (I’m a rest day advocate)
♦ I love, love, love weight lifting so no I don’t “cross train” — I just call it what it is, “weightlifting”
♦ I never run without music
♦ I rarely, if ever, run naked (without my heart rate monitor/GPS watch)
♦ I do not give a flying eff about PRs. I just run to run and whatever time I get done is okay by me
♦ I prefer to run alone (it’s my me time)
♦ I am “slow” (this is me calling me slow and I’m fine with it)

Keeping up with the Running Joneses

So yup. That’s me in a nutshell and yes, add up all of those things, and I’m still a runner because I run. 🙂

Pittsburgh Marathon races
5k in 2012, Half Marathon in 2013, Half Marathon in 2014

My very first race ever was the Pittsburgh Marathon’s 5k in 2012. I used my vacation time to drive up from NC to make sure I could run my first race in my favorite city. I was hooked. The vibe is electric. The people are amazing. The support is intense. You’d think there was a Steelers game going on in the streets! So much cheering!!

I knew after that that I’d always schedule my vacation in May so I could run it. The next year, in 2013, I ran the half marathon. Last year, in 2014, I ran the half marathon again. There was just something about that trip. I became overcome with emotions and so homesick that a mere two weeks after that I moved back here for good. So now, this year, I don’t have to schedule a vacation as I’m already in town!! I’ll also add that this year, I’m running as a Charity Runner (for the first time!) for a wonderful organization called Our Clubhouse. They support those who have been touched by cancer–a cause very dear to me!

Okay, that’s it for now! Again, I’m thrilled to be reppin’ the Pittsburgh Marathon through my blog and look forward to sharing all kinds of fun stuff like my training, nutrition, prep, and all other kinds of randomness as I get ready to run this half marathon. I also look forward to chatting with any of you that are running the 5k, Half, Full or Relay as we all get ready to become Runners of Steel!! Are you ready? It’s #GameOnPGH!!



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