In between all the bills and stuff…

I know I already wrote an entry today, but I was so excited I had to do another! And I’m on a wee itty bitty break from studying, soooooo…. 😉

I love when I get fun stuff in the mail. It’s so nice to have something other than bills, advertisements or newsletters from the pennysaver. Today I just received two happy things!

runners world magazine
Happy thing #1

 My new issue of Runner’s World! Granted, it looks like the post office beat up the cover (grrr…) but nonetheless I’m happy it’s here. Lately, I’ve been receiving mine waaaaay after other people so I feel like it’s on time this month! And even though I’m on Week 10 of no running due to my injury, I’ve still been devouring every word in these issues to stay on top of things!

This article looks sooo good!

 I cannot wait to read this article. But, I’m going to be a good little schoolgirl and get my homework finished before I do. I absolutely have tons of running fears so I’m hoping this will be therapeutic and calm me down! I will most certainly be blogging about my running fears soon enough, so look for that in a bit! Maybe we share some of the same ones!

Happy thing #2

 My second happy thing I found in the mailbox today was my Pittsburgh Sweaty Band!!! {Even the bag it came in was cute!} I’ve talked about my love of Sweaty Bands before but I haven’t gotten into the nitty gritty about Pittsburgh. I’m from there, love, love, love it to pieces and am BEYOND obsessed with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Beyond. I probably need help, but don’t want it, lol… So when I received a coupon from Sweaty Bands and looked around their site, I immediately knew which one I had to have!! Yes, I’m sure some people got them for the Pittsburgh Marathon, but a true Pittsburgh lover would get it just to show her pride in her city!! And I’m going to a Steelers game in about two weeks and HAVE to wear this. Eeeekkk!!

just breathe
It's the cutest Sweaty Band ever!

 Pittsburgh: The city of champions! Here we go Steelers, Here we go! 🙂 Okay, so obviously I’m super pumped from my special deliveries today. I must now go put forth all of that energy into my studies…………..

Gotten anything fun in the mail lately?

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