Making a mockery out of a Mocktail search.

“Yo, baby, why you in that wheelchair?” Yes, someone really asked me that tonight at Walmart. The sad/humorous thing is that he was trying to use that as a pick-up line. Really, dude? But hey, if I can get hit on driving a motorized wheelchair in Walmart while wearing my sweats and glasses and have my hair in a loose pony, then I know I’ve still got it going on. But then again…it WAS Walmart….haha. The reason for going tonight was to get my hands on Crystal Light’s new Mocktails.

They look oh-so-pretty! (Courtesy of

They come in three different flavors Margarita, Appletini and Mojito and I must have each one! I quit drinking alcohol in February (for caloric reasons, not any other) but I still want to have the taste of fun, fru-fru drinks. These little virgin mocktails are the answers to my prayers! Er, they will be when I can get my hands on them. They were supposed to be available June 22 at Walmart and like clockwork, I showed up there to purchase mine.

Come out, come out wherever you are...

I searched the entire aisle. (This is where the man who decided to hit on me started trying his best to get me to fall under his spell. “So, is you married?” Again, really dude? I’m an English major. Come on!!) Then I searched the aisle again.

Eh, it'll do for now.

But this was all I found. (Later I decided that if I tweak the directions and use 7 cups of water instead of 8 and get it super, super cold in the freezer, it’s pretty decent.) Still kind of tastes like glorified limeade though.

Not sexy.

So I zoomed my little chair out of there. I was somewhat bummed, but still eager to get home and whip up a pitcher of the Great Value virgin margarita.

It's growing on me.

I’m kicking back with my special drink, happy that it’s only 5 calories and keeps me in the booze-free lifestyle. But the search still continues. I’m a sucker for new products and won’t stop until I find them!

Have you tasted them? If there’s a new product out on the market do you have to have it right away or do you wait?

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