Meet My Fellow Official Pittsburgh Marathon Bloggers!

Pittsburgh Marathon Blogger

Hey folks! As I just said on the Twitter yesterday:

Pittsburgh Marathon Tweet _ Cherie Runs This

I thought I had all kinds of time to prepare for this race. And then it flewbylikethisfast. I looked at the calendar and then it was two weeks away. Actually, now that it’s Monday, it’s LESS than two weeks away. Sh*t did get real, y’all yinz. (And yes, I am from this great city originally, but after spending the last 10 years in North Carolina, sometimes the “y’alls” sneak out of my mouth. I’ll get it right. YINZ.) While, I’m discussing the vernacular, yinz who are not from here, better brush up on your Pittsburghese! Otherwise, you may get here and be like, “WUT?”


So anyhoooo, I’ve not successfully trained for this thing. Not like I should have. But don’t I say that every year? UGH. But I’m happy to see the sights of my lovely city by foot, trotting along at my slow pace. The way I normally run anyhow!

slow runner

I’m looking forward to meeting up with my fellow Official Bloggers at a special event at Panera Bread this week though! No running. Just eating carbs. That helps, right? 🙂 And since I never gave them all a shout out on my blog yet, here yinz go:

Official 2015 GameOnPgh Pittsburgh Marathon Bloggers:

Chelsea @ Pittsburgh City Girl
Jennifer @ Running on Lentils
Tony @ The Runderful Life
Agnes @ Aggie Runs
Kathy @ Will Run for Miles
Aimee @ The Evolution of Ms. Aimee C.
Jenna @ Stop, Drop & Blog
Heather @ Fit ‘n’ Cookies
Melissa @ The Wheezy Runner
Jennifer @ The Local Elite
Kim @ This Runner’s Fuel
Mar @ Mar on the Run
Amanda @ Run Intended
Emily @ Marathons and Mechanisms

I will will will do some prep within the remaining days. But you know how I am; by prep, I mostly mean figure out what I’m going to wear so my post-race pics look cute and Pittsburghish. Of course it’ll be black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow…that much I know. 🙂

Catch yinz at the finish line! (Where I’ll be eating my Smiley Cookie.)

pittsburgh marathon post race smiley cookie_

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