The Mizuno Wave Rider 17: Get Ready for a Runtastic Rungasm!

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It’s official. I’m about to go through another breakup. But this time, it’s with all of my running shoes that don’t begin with “Mi” and end with “zuno.”

I own 35 pairs of running shoes (Let’s not discuss my addiction right now, okay?) yet when I’m going for a run I only choose between one of two pairs–my Wave Rider 15s or 16s. I crush hard on these shoes. And now that the Wave Rider 17s have been added to my collection, it’s safe to say we’ve progressed from a crush to love.

Yes, that’s right–the new Mizuno Wave Rider 17s are here!!! Well, they’re almost here for you–I was lucky enough to snag a pair early. But you, my friend, can get your hands on a pair beginning December 5!!
mizuno wave rider 17
It was love at first sight. My boss can testify to that. They arrived at my office and my productivity ceased for a few minutes. I couldn’t stop squealing, and ooing & ahhing at them. She even had to come in to see what I was flipping out about, “Cherie, what are you doing in there? What’s the commotion?”
mizuno wave rider 17

THESE. Look at these.

I sat on the floor and then proceeded to do some kind of weird The Price Is Right–hand model–waving over the merchandise–showing off the prize thing with my hands. “Cool. I like the pink,” she said before returning to her office. My boss isn’t a runner so she didn’t understand the fabulousness that was before me. But she did at least appreciate the beauty of the color. 😉

I tried them on. Ohhhhhh they were like buttah. My dogs were barking from work as usual (I’m Assistant Property Manager and walk around the property a lot) so these were just what I needed after a long day. I jumped up and down, ran in a circle, jumped again and then had to put them back in the box. Even though they are Mizunos and I had proclaimed it love at first sight based off the color and the cushiony feel as I stood in my office, I knew I’d have to run in them to make it official-official. Besides, that’s how those other 33 pairs ended up on my closet!
mizuno wave rider 17

My first run date with them was a six miler around my neighborhood. I had only planned to run fives miles, but my feet felt so good I just kept going. That’s how I know I’m hitting it off with a pair of kicks–I can keep running long after I planned to stop. I wasn’t in pain, I wasn’t feeling tired, my ankles felt strong and my old frenemy, the right tibia, didn’t feel like it was being stabbed.
mizuno wave rider 17

They were also light. In comparison to the 15s and 16s, the 17s felt lighter, more airy to me. I’m quite sure wasn’t, at least by the time registered on my GPS watch, but I felt like I was running faster! Yeah, I can say with most certainty that I wasn’t running faster–some girl ran past me with such speed that I actually had to turn around to see if zombies were chasing her, and perhaps, me. So okay, the speed was in my mind. But what I may have lacked in speed, I totally made up for it with comfort. And with comfort, I can at least say I have better endurance!
run unc shirt

I finished my Mezamashii run with a smile on my face. I was sweaty, breathing heavy, pleased with my performace, my body felt good and I wanted to do it all over again–yup. That was a rungasm!
gobble and gorge 8k fleet feet

The next opportunity for me to do it all over again came quickly–it was during my local turkey trot on Thanksgiving. While standing in the crowd, I saw a lot of brightly colored shoes, and even other Mizunos, but no one had the Wave Rider 17 kicks! That’s one thing I was super thankful for–color choices. I’m one of those runners who will tend to choose color over comfort, the look over the function. I know, shame, shame on me!! I like to be all kinds of matchy-matchy.
pittsburgh runner

Again–this is how I ended up with so many pairs of running shoes (that don’t work). The Wave Rider 17 comes in different colors to suit whatever color philosophy you may have! I was super tempted to wear my yellow Mizunos, but nope–I had a second run date planned with the 17s and wasn’t cancelling.
fleet feet carrboro

I still think the pink looked awesome anyway! The main compliments during this Gobble & Gorge 8K race were on my cute Steeleriffic themed attire, but I did get a few on these shoes. “Wave Rider 17s,” I shouted somewhat out of breath, “They come out December 5! Get ’em!”
fleet feet gobble and gorge carrboro

Again I say, the comfort was amazing. I sailed through my 5 miles, could’ve gone longer, and I even beat last year’s time. Though you know I’m not all about PRs–haha, I wasn’t even trying to PR.
pittsburgh runner

So hmmm, could it have been the shoes? 😉
mizuno running wave rider 17

After this #brilliantrun, this runtastic rungasmic run, I knew two things.
fall running mizuno wave rider 17

One, these Wave Rider 17s cemented my love affair with Mizunos; I never wanted to run in anything else. And two, the thrift store was about to get a donation of 33 pairs of running shoes. Sometimes breaking up is easy to do. 😉

Have you ever run in Mizunos? What’s your favorite style of theirs?


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