My Tips…

In no particular order other than how they are flying out of my head, here are some tips:

-Invest in a food scale, measuring cups, and measuring spoons–use them.

-Pay attention to portions.

-Read nutrition labels. If you can’t pronounce it, think twice about eating it.

-Drink water. Drink water. Drink water. Sometimes you aren’t hungry; you’re thirsty.

-Skip the sugary drinks. AND the diet drinks.

-Eat breakfast and start that metabolism.

-Eat several times a day to keep your metabolism going.

-Plan your workouts like appointments and keep them!

-Keep a food journal.

-Let others know that you’re starting this journey. Broadcast it on social media–it helps to hold you accountable.

-Think about the reason you started. Keep that at the forefront of your mind. Then keep going.

-This isn’t a race. It takes time to lose the weight/gain muscle. Don’t give up. SERIOUSLY. Don’t quit.

-Treat yourself now and again. If you don’t have treats sometimes, you may be more likely to binge!

-Have a cheat meal now and again. NOT a cheat day.

-Stick to the perimeter of the grocery store. If you don’t buy junk, there won’t be junk in your house to eat.

-Work out, eat clean. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

-If you have a “bad” meal don’t let it wreck your entire day. Make that next meal healthy and don’t give up. It happens.

-If you don’t feel like working out one day, just get up and do it for 10 minutes. Once you start, you’re likely to keep going and finish.

-Watch your alcohol intake…it decreases your metabolism.

-Find a workout you like to stick to. Not everyone likes to run. Maybe Pilates is your thing. Find a workout that suits you!

-Invest in a heart rate monitor.

-Reward yourself for successes. But not with food. You’re not a dog!

-Take a “before” picture of yourself as a reminder of where you started and keep it for inspiration to keep going.

-Again, this isn’t a race. It will take time to see results. Don’t give up. DO NOT GIVE UP.

10 thoughts on “My Tips…

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  2. patience is soooooooooo important. We didn’t gain it overnight, it’s not coming off that quickly either. Love you list. Printed it out and pasted it to my forehead. =)

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  4. love your website and I am so glad you are doing this. I am currently on this loooong journey myself. I have lost 37.5lbs and counting. It has been baby steps, and I also had to wait 3+ months before I really saw the change, but i stayed persistant and consistant as time went on. I worked on my eating habits as well using My doctor has given me a goal, and I want to lose a bit more than that. I started at 229.8 and right now at 192.2. Doc says 150 is realistic, and I am going for it. Some weeks I lose, some I don’t. Its ok though, because I feel the change and “listen” to my body. Good luck to you and everyone else. Its tough, but Cherie is right, we are worth it! God Bless.

    • Hi Janet and thanks for stopping by!! Yup, it took me a good 3 months before I saw changes too! Consistency is definitely key! Congrats on your loss–we gain so much from it!! 😉

  5. I have lost 14 lbs (as much fat as I want to lose). Now I am trying to tone and build muscle but its been 3 months of working out and about one month of SUPER clean eating. I haven’t seen much results and I am getting frustrated. Do you take any supplements or recommend anything to help pass that bump?

    • Hi Romi! Congrats on your 14lbs! I do take supplements, but the real work comes from the clean eating, weight lifting and cardio. The main supps I take are whey protein surrounding my lifting sessions, BCAAs, Glutamine, Fish Oil, and casein whey at night. 😀

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