Going Green: Nanami Green Tea #7DayDrinkGreen Challenge!

This is a sponsored post. Nanami Green Tea put me up to the challenge and provided me with a complimentary Nanami Power Set in exchange for my honest review. Here it goes…

Nanami Green Tea

I am a coffee-addict. Let’s get that straight first. I am 39 years old and have been drinking coffee for 35 years, my friends. Yup. Do the math; I’ve been guzzling down cups of joe since I was 4. My mother started me on this habit. She’d sit down to watch her nighttime “stories”–Dallas, Dynasty, and Falcon’s Crest–and I’d sit with her. She made a cup of coffee for herself and made one for me. Why give a 4 year old a cup of coffee at 9 o’clock at night, right? But nonetheless, she did. And I’ve been hooked ever since.

When I decided to do this #7DayDrinkGreen challenge, a challenge it would definitely be. I was asked to drink only the four types of green tea in the Nanami Power Set — Hojicha, Matcha, Genmaicha, and Sencha — and water for my daily hydration. I had to avoid pop, or any sweetened beverage, during the seven-day challenge period. That would be no big deal. But no wine? No beer? No protein shakes? Oh my!

Sencha Green Tea



It’s only seven days. I could do this. I know there are mad benefits of drinking green tea and my body could use a ‘lil break from all of the other beverages I’m fond of sipping. I tore open the box and sorted everything out to learn about the four teas. Apparently all green teas are not the same!



The Nanami Green Tea Power Set includes:

-Roasted organic Japanese green tea leaves
-Nutty and toasty with a slightly caramel flavor
-Low in caffeine
-Drink after a meal or before bed; soothes stomach

-Finely ground organic Japanese green tea powder
-High in caffeine and antioxidants
-Great for mixing into smoothies, lattes sauces, or pastries

-Organic green tea blended with roasted organic brown rice
-Rich, nutty sweetness from the roasted rice
-Drink before a meal to suppress appetite

-100% steamed organic Japanese green tea leaves
-High in caffeine with a lively, fresh flavor
-For pre/post-workout and daily hydration, provides energy boost

I tried the Sencha first. I made a cup at work because I was hitting that afternoon slump and this kind was supposed to give me an energy boost. It actually did! My boss said I was very lively all of a sudden and she’s like, “What’s in that green tea, Cherie?” Haha, so I know it worked if she was noticing my peppiness.

green tea latteThe Matcha was next on my list. I opted to make a hot Matcha latte with almond milk and a little bit of stevia. Even though it’s high in caffeine, I didn’t notice an energy spike, but it was delicious! I once had a Matcha latte in a hip, little cafe in North Carolina and have been trying to make something like it ever since!

Hojicha tasted like the green tea I think of when I think of green tea, but better. The flavor was smooth, full-bodied, and soothing. This kind was my favorite!

Lastly, and as I type this, I’m sipping the Genmaicha. I love how it looks; so earthy and with neat little pieces of roasted brown rice. But taste wise, I’d rate it fourth. Maybe the nuttiness threw me off? I’ll have to give this one another shot. Perhaps I’ll add a bit of honey next time!

So, would you like to try some Nanami Green Tea and do your own taste testing?

The lovely people at Nanami Green Tea have created a discount code for you to enjoy 15% off on all orders! My code, aptly named, is cherierunsthis15.

If you decide to do the #7DayDrinkGreen challenge, tell us what you think! Use the hashtag and be sure to follow them on all of their social media!