Nutri Ninja Review…Time To Shake Things Up!

Remember how I was all excited back in June to go to my first Fitbloggin’ Conference? But then I up and moved cross-country which depleted my bank account and any available vacation time to take such a trip back down south for said conference? Well, some good came out of it—even though I couldn’t make it, I was still receiving all kinds of lovely emails as though I was still a popular blogger participant.

Nutri Ninja

One such email—my fave—was all, “Hey, thanks for coming to Fitbloggin’. Would you like a complimentary Nutri Ninja to review?” Umm, hey hell yeah I would! But then there was that whole “not being an attendee” thing. 🙁 I ‘fessed up that I was on the list to go, but could not due to personal circumstances. Sure that this would have me losing the opportunity to score such a free fine piece of blending badassery, I was a bit sad to hit ‘send’ on that email. But honesty pays off, kids—they said I could still receive one and review it anyway!

Nutri Ninja and its contents

I couldn’t wait to tear into the box! I’d been seeing them on store shelves and infomercials for a while now and was stoked to have my very own. But until the grocery fund would allow me to stray from the standard necessities + bacon, I kept it wrapped up. This gave me more time to salivate create recipes in my head and then pretend like I had a secret Christmas gift stashed in my living room.

Nutri Ninja shake ingredients Klean Athlete Protein Powder

Nutri Ninja ingredients in cup

During this last trip to the store, I finally managed to scoop up some ingredients to make a creation—the Appleblasm, I call it. Autumn has me craving apples like no other season. And apple cider, apple pie, and appletinis…The Appleblasm will do my body better, though!

Nutri Ninja Smoothie Recipe

The ingredients I used:
1 green apple (cut into pieces)
1 cup of fresh spinach
½ cup cottage cheese
1 tsp vanilla
½ orange
½ water
4 ice cubes
1 scoop of non-flavored protein powder (optional)

Nutri Ninja fruit

Nutri Ninja contents in cup

The green apple makes it tart, which I love, and the orange gives it a nice balance so I’m not puckering the whole time. You could also use Greek yogurt instead of cottage cheese. I’m a fan of plain Greek yogurt so I rarely, if ever, have flavored yogurts in the house. Of course I thought I had yogurt in the fridge and didn’t when it was time to make this, so luckily I happened to pick up the cottage cheese. I added the protein powder because I like that additional serving of it after my weights sessions. Depending on your workout goals/protein needs/ingredients at home, you may leave it out if you desire!

Nutri Ninja blended ingredients

**I normally keep the skin on the apple when I eat it alone, but I’d probably peel it the next time I make this. Also, the cottage cheese doesn’t make it tart enough for me, so I’ll grab my plain Greek yogurt the next time I’m at the store.**

Nutri Ninja in glass

Overall, I rate this Nutri Ninja with an A+!! It completely blended and pulverized my ingredients to a nice consistency—no lumps! This motor is powerful, haha! The set up was super easy and it doesn’t take up a lot of space on my kitchen counter—fantastic when you only have a small amount of space and want to have access to it on the daily. I’m sad I had to miss Fitbloggin’, but getting this Nutri Ninja wasn’t too shabby of a consolation prize!

**All opinions were truthful and my own. A favorable review of the Nutri Ninja was not required for receipt of the item. I honestly loved it!**