Register, I said. It’ll be fun, I said.

Register for three races in a row I said. It’ll be fun I said.

Now, as I’m exactly two weeks out from the first of the three races, this doesn’t appear to have been the most fabulous of my decisions.

I did this last year, but instead, only had two races scheduled back-to-back. Though I somehow miraculously pulled both off well, I apparently didn’t learn from the happy trigger finger I have when pressing “REGISTER” so quickly.

The main difference was last year, I didn’t really train, had been focusing more on weight lifting and decided to just go out and wing it. <<< Not advised. But it somehow worked and I was a happy ‘lil runner after both the Tar Heel 10 Miler and the Pittsburgh Half Marathon.

tarheel ten miler april 2013 cherie runs this_

pittsburgh half marathon may 2013_

These are the races:

♦ Rock ‘n Roll Raleigh Half Marathon, April 13
♦ Tar Heel 10 Miler, April 26
♦ Pittsburgh Half Marathon, May 4

I had no full intention on registering for the RnR. But, I was given a complimentary entry to my local Fleet Feet’s half marathon training program and my fellow runners were using that race as the goal for which to train. They were running it and for once I thought, “Oh joy! I’ll actually have people I know running the race with me! Sure, I’ll register, too!” So register I did.

The Tar Heel 10 Miler was so full of awesome last year, I knew I wanted to run it again. And I believe I look quite fashionable in Carolina Blue, but whatever. But at one point, I did think that if I had to skip a race, it’d be this one. Then, I became a mentor for my YMCA’s running group, and they are training for this race, soooooo again, I knew the show must go on. Dagnabbit.

The Pittsburgh Half Marathon–miss it? NON-NEGOTIABLE. One, it’s in Pittsburgh. Two, I’m Pittsburgh-crazy. Three, the crowd support is like no other. Dare I miss the chance to combine my two loves of running and Pittsburgh while donning black and yellow in my hometown? Hahahahaha. Please. Don’t make me choke on my Iron City and Primanti Bros. sandwich while laughing at that one.

I can’t help that these three were all scheduled so closely together. But I could make sure I gave myself adequate training, cross trained the heck out of my body, and ate right. All three I was doing like a champ. And then, about a month ago, I was doing some hill repeats and *POP* my right calf felt some kind of way. I don’t know what I did–No, I didn’t go to the doctor; I’m still paying for my stress fracture doctor bills from spring of 2011!!!–so I iced it, compressed it, rested it. It felt better. It continues to feel better until I get about 15 seconds into a light jog and then, *BAM* it happens all over again.

If I have to walk these races, so be it. THERE IS NO SHAME IN WALKING.

No time for Walken

I can’t stand this race poster!!! Yeah, it’s a fun play on words and all, but if you need to walk, WALK. There is no time for an injury!!

Soooooo…I’m praying to the gods of good running that I make it to the finish line of all three. Yinz know I don’t much care about PRs anyway. And may I have the good sense next year to not be in this same predicament.

But you know I will… 😉