Review: Vitacost ARO Whey Protein Powder

So I had the opportunity to review another protein powder…

I can hear you now–“Another protein powder, Cherie???? Again?” Yes. Again. With my heavy duty gym schedule, me + protein powder are bffs. I have it about three times a day and that ish adds up. Granted, I already have a favorite as I’ve said many a time before, but I’ll happily test out others if they seem to have what I’m looking for in a protein powder.
vitacost protein powder
Enter Vitacost ARO {the ARO stands for β€œAttack, Recover and Optimize.”} When I was approached by a representative of Vitacost and learned that they had a new line of products which included pre- and post-workout formulas, protein powders, flavored glutamine, creatine, and branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), in addition to other general health items that were designed to support athletic performance AND all items in the line were free of artificial colors and gluten and contained no hidden ingredients, I was game to give it a shot.
vitacost protein powder in tub_
The whey was my immediate choice to review. I have a whey protein shake first thing in the morning every day. Apparently the casein protein I have right before bed doesn’t hold me over too much; I’m hungry as SOON as I get out of bed and want something in my stomach to get my metabolism going while I shower/get ready for work/cook breakfast. I also sometimes have one before the gym and always have one immediately after the gym. This adds up to a lot of protein powder, see?!
vitacost whey protein
I liked many things about Vitacost ARO. The smell was great. Sometimes I open a protein powder and immediately get a manufactured whiff. Not from this one. So far so good. Moving on to the taste–another winner! It wasn’t chalky and also didn’t taste like it was created in a lab. A very honest to goodness mix of chocolate and PB–not too sweet and not overpowering. I dug it.

I also like that it has 20 grams of protein per serving. But, and if I have to have one con to mix with these pros, it is what I found on the nutritional label.
protein powder nutritional comparision
Twenty grams is great–don’t get me wrong. But when I compare it to my usual {favorite} brand, I get more from that one. The Vitacost ARO also has more calories, the calories coming from fat is higher, along with saturated fat, cholesterol, carbs, sugar, etc… Once I examined the label, I knew I couldn’t go through the whole tub and passed it along to my hubby, haha. For someone trying to gain a little weight or who is not so conscious about those things, this would definitely be a good powder–again, RE: the mister.

Nutritional Facts–ehh. {for me}

*I was sent the Vitacost ARO Whey Protein Powder for review purposes only and was not compensated in any other way other than receipt of the protein powder. All opinions are truthful and my own!

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  • Just curious, what brand do you normally use?

    • Hi Cheryll! Out of respect for this post/company, I’m not mentioning the name of my favorite here. But if you search my blog, you’ll see me mention it A LOT. πŸ™‚ Or just Tweet me and I’ll tell you there!

  • Thanks, Cherie! I’m going to pick some up. I just hope they have plain vanilla.
    I feel really good after my 4-mile power walk today. I’m ready to pick up the pace.

    • Yup! They should have that flavor and you can order it directly from the link I included. Way to go on those 4 miles!! πŸ˜€

  • great review cherie. i can vouch for aro. it’s definitely more bang for the buck