Runner Gone Rogue.

It feels so good to be back.

mezamashii run project
I laced up my shoes yesterday for the first time since that pesky cold took me out of commission for almost two weeks. I only ran five miles, but felt like I could’ve run for days.

I wasn’t watching the clock.
I wasn’t praying for the run to be over.
I wasn’t rolling my eyes at myself in the mirror over my pace.
I wasn’t breathing heavy or gasping.
I wasn’t in pain.

I was just running. Having a brilliant run, at peace and proud of what my body was able to let me do.

It was Mezamashii defined…in every way, absolutely eye-opening.

Somehow during this first run in my Wave Riders, I ran away from a place where nothing is I’m never ever good enough to the corner of Confidence & Believe-In-Yourself Avenue. I even started to feel a calm coming over me about this upcoming half marathon in…gulp…three weeks. I CAN do it!!

I started off the run P.O.’ed because I wasn’t testing the new shoes in the park like I wanted to. Sticking to a gas budget wasn’t going to allow me to drive to my favorite outdoor running spot yesterday, so I had to run on my treadmill. Y’all know I’m a big fan of my tready, but I really was itching to get outside. I sucked it up, stayed home, popped in a crime show DVD, and got on the treadmill.

My goal was to run three miles straight. Super easy outside, but on my treadmill, I’ll find every reason in the world to take a break after each mile–bathroom, water, blow my nose, bathroom, stretch, change the DVD, bathroom, etc. This time I made myself stay on it and keep running no matter how bad I thought I had to go.

Then I upped the goal to five miles in under an hour. I’ve done that before, but not right after coming off a bad cold.

polar heart rate monitor red, blue nail polish, yellow shoes
BOOM! I did it!!

The shoes felt amazing the WHOLE time. My calves, knee, hip, ankles, shins, and feet all felt good. No pain. I couldn’t believe it! And for y’all that are really paying attention, nope, I still haven’t gotten my stability/motion control shoes yet, nor have I been able to get reassessed at Fleet Feet yet. It’s still on my sooner-than-later to do list, but I’m thinking these non-stability shoes are working for me. There’s something to be said for being able to move a little better, have lighter shoes on and not being so bogged down by the crazy-supportive shoes I’ve worn in the past. These made my feet feel great, so I’m going with it for now. Go Mizuno, go!

Like I said earlier, my half mary is in 3 weeks. There’s really no time now to be upping my mileage to what it should be so that the run will be no sweat to me. Between the stupid cold, getting acclimated to the new job and just running however long and whenever I felt like it falling off the set training plan, I pretty much feel like a runner gone rogue. I think I’m okay with it, though. There is no way I should just “wing” my first official half marathon, but um, well, now I’m in quite a pickle. I wanted to taper a wee bit and now that seems like not a feasible option. Thank goodness I ran the 13.1 distance twice this past July so I KNOW I can do it. So yeah, to all of you who were telling me, “I think you shouldn’t run that distance until you actually run it for the first time in the race,” uhh, I’m really glad I didn’t listen to you!! I know how I am and do what I do for a reason. 😀 I’m glad I went with my gut in July.

Anyhooooo…I’ll be back to my regularly scheduled running in progress this week, Lord willing–Tuesdays/Thursdays after work–doing what I do. Wave Riders in tow, feeling good, feeling brilliant, with that Mezamashii spirit.

Do you follow a set training plan or are you sometimes a rogue runner?

**As a FitFluential Ambassador, I was selected to participate in the Mizuno Running Mezamashii Run Project. Other than receipt of the running shoes, I was not compensated in any way for my review. All opinions, comments, positive and/or negative, are my own.

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  • Cherie – you might be surprised at how well you do going Rogue! Training plans are just that plans. Life, sickness and other things disrupt those plans. All you can do is adjust your goals to meet your present level of fitness, instead of running a faster half, go for the enjoyment of the run and company of the other runners you will see and meet there. You know that you have done the distance and you probably have a pretty good idea about what you can do now. Be realistic and have fun instead of worrying about whether you stuck with the training plan. Besides going Rogue can be fun and a lot less stressful

  • I say stick the assessment at Fleet Feet and go with what works. There was a study done a while back and the participants were either put into shoes that were “correct” for their assessment or (on purpose) put into incorrect shoes. The runners who were put in shoes NOT based on their foot assessment actually had less injury occurance than those put into the “correct” shoes.

    Cliff notes, most assessments and stability shoes are BS.

  • Glad you are feeling better! I’m sure it is comforting knowing you’ve already run the 13.1 miles. 🙂 You can do it again in 3 weeks! I have been a bit rogue w/ the exercise lately too. I’m trying to get back to it!

  • The only plan I ever followed was C25K when I first started running over a year ago. I read tips and things here and there but pull out what works for me. Good luck with your half- you inspire me to work toward that goal 🙂

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