Running interrupted. Again.

This was me for the past week and a half:

If you follow me on my Facebook page, then you’ve already seen this picture and you already know of the cold that wiped me out. I guess it was a cold. It wasn’t the flu…I never had a fever and wasn’t achy. But I’m no doctor. I’m just a chick without medical insurance until November 1, so I had to do my best with generic brand Alka-Seltzer Cold & generic brand DayQuil/NightQuil to get me through. So about 10 days later, I’m about 98% back to the old me again.

For the past week, this is what I saw most of the time. {My desk!! Which is lovely by the way…Been at the new job for a month now and I love it!!} I went to work, came home, slept. Repeat. EVERY DAY. That’s IT. Even on the weekend, I slept the entire day away. Haha, and don’t shake your finger at me–I don’t normally go to work when I’m sick, but again, no insurance ’til 11/1, I’ve only accrued about an hour and a half of personal time so far, and I need the money. Not to mention, my boss is the one who passed the cold germs along to me. So haa!

Alrighty–hope that explains where I was! People were asking me, “Have you stopped writing? Where are you? Why don’t you write more often?” Sooooo…whereas I normally have a hard time finding time to write now whilst doing the whole work/life balance {I sure took for granted those days of not working and having all dang day to exercise and write whenever I felt like it!}, the cold thingie totally WIPED ME OUT.


And hey, Cherie Runs This…How have your runs been going? You do know you have The Color Run in 7 DAYS and your first official half marathon in 28 DAYS, right?! Ughhhh. No bueno. After starting the new job, it took me a week to get back on track with my running. Ok, so I did that. Everything was coming up roses for two weeks and then enter the cold thingie. 🙁 I know I’ve discussed before whether or not to work out when you’re sick, but guys, I COULD NOT BREATHE while sitting still, much less trying to breathe while running. So no running happened. No cross-training happening. No preparing happened.

I haven’t gotten to run in these:

Or these:

But I guess that’s a good problem to have–two great pairs of kicks waiting for me to break ’em in!!

Speaking of shoes…and just to give you a head’s up, Under Armour contacted me because they found my blog and liked it. {I almost passed out over that email.} Anyhooooo, they’ll be sending me a pair of UA Spine RPMs–I picked these:

AND they’re going to let me do a giveaway for a pair for one of my readers. Wooo hoooo!! So as soon as I get them, run to test ’em out, I’ll post the giveaway. Stay tuned!

That catches you up and catches me up! Now, I must catch up on sleep or running. Depending on what time you read this, I should {Lord willing} be doing one or the other! 😉

Quick: what’s your go-to cure all when you’re sick? Rest, meds, natural remedies??

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  • A Hot Toddy and sleep. If that doesn’t work I go see the doctor. It’s a good thing I don’t get sick often. Glad you are felling better. Take care.