Shut The Front Door!

Y’all know that I love hot yoga to pieces. If you didn’t know, and you’re new to Cherie Runs This, Hi–I’m Cherie and I love hot yoga to pieces. Sometimes though, as much as I love it, I feel like it sticks its tongue out at me, puts its hands to its ears, wiggles its fingers and says nah-nah-nah-nah-nah-nahhhh. 😛  Like when I’m doing balance poses and I think I can hold it for eons and then mysteriously I fall out of it and tumble to the side–I can just feel the hot yoga mocking me. But not yesterday! Yesterday there was no mocking at all!
My Yoga Chapel Hill, NC

There I was in my usual spot {lined up right in front of this closest window panel here} holding the Dancer’s Pose and Maddy, the owner/teacher, complimented me. “That’s the highest I’ve seen your leg go up yet, Cherie. Good job.” I got a ‘good job’! It was like, Gold Star for Cherie! This was my first compliment. I’ve only been doing hot yoga for 3 weeks now, but I think I’ve improved and it feels terrific. As Maddy says, some days you’ll have success with some poses and some days you won’t. Yesterday was success! I’m even inspired to try Hot Power Yoga on Friday!

After class I had a zillion errands to run including grocery shopping. Yes, I normally go right home after class because the sweat makes me smell like I haven’t bathed in 3 days {Sorry for the TMI, but I vow to be honest in this blog! Haa!} but I had to get stuff done while I was in town. Besides, it keeps people away from me and outta my way. No one wants to talk to the stinky girl. 🙂

This was numero uno on the grocery list. I had to stock up. I’m in LOVE with this peanut butter. I also have to make more Peanut Butter Balls because they’re amaaaazing. I’ve never tried the Bee’s Knees kind…it was last on my list of the flavors to test out–I’m not a honey person, so hopefully it’s good.

Ramen noodles were also on the grocery list thanks to Krissie’s post about them. One day when I feel like splurging on some comfort food I’m going to gobble these down! I was about get the cheapo brand, but I like Annie Chun. Hope they’re tasty!

I was about to go right home, but took a looksee at the thrift store instead. This HUGE book was only 50 cents! Score!! I’m thinking of getting certified as a NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist right after I get my personal training certification. Nutrition goes hand in hand with fitness and I want to be qualified to speak about it, too. Might as well start doing some studying on my own with this big ‘ol book!

Once I got home I got started whipping up a special dessert for me and the hubs. I bought some Nasoya Lite Silken Tofu because I had this treat in mind:

I saw this recipe in a Peta booklet that I picked up when I was in DC last week. Haha, YES, I the carnivore grabbed a Peta booklet to do some light reading. I’m very random at times, okay? 😉 The recipe looked so simple and with only two ingredients I had to give it a shot. I’d never used silken tofu before and after my tofu noodles/seitan fiasco I was skeptical. The end product looked good, but would it taste good?
silken tofu chocolate mousse

SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!!! OMG this is by far the BEST dessert I’ve ever made in my lifeeeee! It was so fresh and light and creamy. Eeek! I loved it. The recipe makes 6 servings and each serving has about 165 calories and 7 grams of protein. YUM. Fabulous. Fantastic. I’m sold on silken tofu and will be making this often! Hubby even liked it, too. Total score.

Alrighty… I’m off to meet with Maddy to do some social media consulting for her, come back home to study and then we’re off to Bailey’s/Fox & Hound to hang with the Chapel Hill Terrible Towel Club and cheer on our STEELERS! 🙂

What’s your go to dessert? What yoga pose do you want to master? Who’s your NFL team? I have so many questions with a random post like this!

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  • WOOO HOOO on our yoga!!! You make me want to try Hot Yoga so bad but I still can’t find a place around me that offers it.

    • I know…Goooo yoga! I swear everyone should give it a try at least once. I hope you find one soon…they rock! 🙂

  • Ok, you put those PB jars up and I want to grab them off the computer screen. Why are they so good?!??! The chocolate and honey ones are amazing! And isn’t the silken lite tofu great? I was scared of it but it is perfect in desserts! I need to try it in a smoothie before I let the rest of the package go bad! No NFL for me… everyone around me watches the Eagles but I’m more of a baseball girl 🙂

    • I knowwwww. I don’t know why PB has to have so many calories either. I SWEAR I work out solely so I can eat peanut butter! Yessss, the silken is amazing! 🙂 I’ve never gotten into baseball too much since my love is NFL but I do like my Pirates!!

  • Yummy!! Never tried that PB now it’s on my list!

  • They sell Peanut Butter & Co. stuff at regular grocery stores? Is it better than regular peanut butter?

  • You should try avocado chocolate mousse. It’s made in a really similar way but it’s vegan but I’m sure it can be made vegetarian. I had it on a trip to sacramento and it was AMAZING!

    Maybe I’ll blog about my adventures w/ it.

    • Wow, that sounds absolutely amazing! It does have the creamy texture so I bet it would be an awesome replacement. I’ll have to try it!! 🙂