The Snowpocalypse as Cross-Training. Dig It.

First, my Valentine’s Day was not as solemn as I thought it’d be.

valentines outfit

I put on big girl panties my sparkly heart-themed shirt, red lipstick, took a deep breath and went to work to proceed with my day.

put on your red lipstick and pull yourself together

I skipped the drink, unless you count coffee, and tried to focus on the other types of love I have in my life. Like the awesome love y’all have given me by sticking my side and following along the hills and valleys along the road of this journey.  That counts. 🙂


There was no Ryan Gosling for dessert or anything, but I had a crazy awesome snow shoveling workout/cross training extravaganza for three hours at work (thanks maintenance staff for showing up to work and doing it–not), ate a nice meal while chilling on my couch, chatted with lovely Tweeps and called it a night. It was decent enough and I have to believe in my heart next year will be even better.

snow in chapel hill

Speaking of the lovely snow, North Carolina had a crazy storm this past week–like, crazy, Storm-of-the-Century, catastrophic, shut down the entire state kind of storm.

raleigh snow meme

Seriously, this was EPIC. There have been memes galore made with this picture–obviously. It’s the most meme-tastastic shot ever.

snow cherie runs this

Now, as a Pittsburgh girl at heart, I was like, BRING IT. But my follower NC’ers could not handle it so well. Sad. I think it was only somewhere between 6-10 inches, but again, North Cackalacky is not prepared for such stuff! Down here, the “threat” of snow will shut it all down. At first I was happy just looking at it and doodling on my porch railing. But when I looked outside again and saw it majorly coming down, I knew I had to get out in it for a workout!

snow dressed to go play

I donned some snow-gear–nooooo–actually, I don’t have snow gear. I put on a jacket, scarf, hat, gloves, Lululemons, knee highs and Uggs. It was going to have to do.

snow run spelled out

At first I made a snow angel. She didn’t turn out so well. Hence no picture of that mess. I felt like writing something, so of course I spelled out RUN with my tracks.

snowman little

I made a little snowman. He’s umm, different. I apparently didn’t excel in Snowman Making 101.

snow pool

I took a power walk around the apartment property twice. One, I wanted to see if I could run. That was a negative. I thought I’d snap my ankle if I moved too fast. Two, I figured as a member of management, I should make sure the complex looked okay all around. The pool is a big area of mischief and since I didn’t see any footprints around it from any young whippersnappers, I then wandered back to the backyard as the coast was clear.

snow ball

Then, the real workout began. I saw people across the street making a snowman and they looked like they were having a Dicken’s of a time trying to roll the big base of the snowman. AHA!! Since that looked like such work and there would be tons of squatting and pushing involved, I decided I needed to do it, too. Not to build another snowman, FAIL, but to do an imitation of tire flipping!!

snow ball and me

I rolled, squatted, pushed, rolled, squatted pushed for a good 30 minutes. I WAS BEAT. Ohhhh-weeee it felt like I had done a major workout. Actually, I HAD done a major workout. I was sweating like a pig and wished I had my Polar on so I could have tracked the burn. Darn it!! But judging from my soreness, breathlessness (my video of it is on my Instagram,) and strange looks from passer-bys, I knew I was going H.A.M. on that huge snowball!!

I know fellow NC’ers will be all, “shut yo’ mouth,” but I hope it snows again soon so I can do it all over again!!!

snow storm in nc aint nobody got time fo that

Uhh, minus the meme-worthiness level, of course. No one needs all that.

And that snow shoveling of the entire 144 unit apartment complex grounds? I estimated the calorie burn to be around 2,000 for those 3 hours. AT LEAST. I have muscles that I don’t even think have been activated in my 4+ years of exercising that are chewing me out right now. Heck yeah, the Snowpocalyse is the new cross-training. 🙂 Now…if I could just move back up to Pittsburgh where the snow makes an appearance more than two days of the year….Sigh.