So This Happened: I’m the Women’s Running Blogger on the Run today!

This makes today especially fabulous:

I’m featured as Women’s Running Magazine‘s Blogger on the Run!! 😀

Hey all–visit the Women’s Running site to check out my Blogger on the Run feature!  If you leave a comment there on that page {on their site} under my story, you will be entered to win a 1-YEAR SUBSCRIPTION to the magazine!!

This was super awesomeness to me. Next to being featured on their cover of course, this would be next on my list!! I’ve been very fortunate to have appeared in some fantastic places since my journey began, especially this year. And now to add this to it? Happiness!!

It means so much for Women’s Running to have featured me and my story because it means I’m a runner. {Hence the whole Blogger on the RUN thing!} While I’ve considered myself a runner since I started running {duh}, it really makes it awesome to featured by a running magazine. I know I’d be a runner without it, but this is still uber cool. You all know I used to hate running, right? Got a D in gym class a few times because I just flat out refused to participate when it was running day? Got called out and humiliated by the gym teacher because I was slow…yup. That’s me. I’m that girl and that girl now has a national running magazine showcasing her story. Friggin’ amazes me.

I almost want to print out a copy and mail it to my gym teacher. {Haha and what is it with teachers saying mean stuff to me?!} Almost. It’s not worth it though. As I’ve said all along this journey since it began, “Be better, not bitter.”

So thank you Women’s Running for helping me check off one more item from my bucketlist! I’ve been reading this magazine for a couple years now, seeing this column, and loving the stories of all the running bloggers. A little voice inside wondered if I could ever be one. One day…You’ve helped me prove to my somewhat stubborn and doubting inside voice that I most certainly could. Someday is today!

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