Meal prep rockstar and other stuff I’m loving this week.

On Saturday, I was all nestled in my blogging chair ready to write about things I love from this past week. {Totally missed a Valentine’s Day post so this is my attempt at it…late. Haa.} I somehow got distracted {as I usually do when I sit down to blog} and then decided to wait until Sunday after my workout.

One of the things I loved that I was going to mention was my new pink Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor.

pink polar ft4 heart rate monitor watch
Thank goodness I waited to write this post!

Polar FT 4 review

This is me after my workout yesterday after returning the dang thing back to Dick’s. Not a happy camper. When I opened it on Saturday it wouldn’t connect to the transmitter. I guess the battery was dead so I switched it with my trusty Polar FT7’s. Then, it konked out on me TWICE during my workout on Sunday. I had enough of that crap. Back it went. It could’ve been a dud that I picked out, but I wasn’t going to keep making a round trip of 36 miles to my former employer {and having to look at my evil former manager} to return others. The only reason I bought another in the first place was that the pink is oh-so-cute AND I thought it would be good to have one for the home gym and one for the gym gym. I’ll stick with my red Polar FT7 from now on!

Alrighty, on to happier stuff that I love from this past week!

Sunday mealprep _ Cherie Runs This 2_17_13_number1_pin it

Food prepping like a rock star. I take a lil time on my Sunday and save myself a lot of time during the week.

Trampolining. This is seriously some fun cardio right hurrrrr. Burning calories, jumping to my heart’s content, all the while watching Murder, She Wrote. Makes morning cardio not so bad.

morning cardio polar heart rate monitor
Which, I can’t believe I’m going to say it–morning cardio. NO–I do not like getting up to do it, but I do like the satisfaction in knowing I got in a great workout and am that much closer to my goals.

night workout
And on the flipside, workout number two of the day–my evening weight lifting sessions + more cardio at the gym 4x a week. Love how it makes me feel and slooooowly what it’s doing to my body. {Hey, muscle takes time! But it’s still better than no progress.}

move your ass nike t-shirt
Kick ass, motivational Nike graphic tees. Yup, still love ’em.

yellow dress
Spring fashion. And anything yellow. I can’t wait to rock this with some cowboy boots. Had to have it.

home made dark chocolate covered strawberries
And to bring it back to Valentine’s Day, the dark chocolate covered strawberries I made for me and hubs. Not too shabby, eh?

What are you loving this week?

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