Silent Saturday: {I heart Farmer’s Markets.}

Sometimes I do a Silent Saturday post instead of a Wordless Wednesday post. Hey, I do my own thing. 😉 That AND it’s pretty hard to top a popular post about farting. So here it is, a post all about my trip to the Carrboro Farmer’s Market on this gorgeous Saturday–the pictorial version. Enjoy the yummy goodness.

I’m proud of myself for getting up early on my last day of being unemployed {thank you LORD!!!!} to take part in all of this deliciousness! I can’t wait to cook all of these veggies and make some tasty treats!

Do you ever go to your local farmer’s market? What do you like to pick up there?

I got a fever and the only cure is running!

Every month, I lose about 4-5 pounds. That’s totally awesome; I get closer and closer to my goal weight as I turn the pages of the calendar. As I’m getting ready to turn the page from June to July, I cannot say that. Right now, I’m at a whopping 1 pound, maybe 2 pound loss. What happened?! I eat crazy healthy, keep a food journal down to the last calorie, and I work out religiously. There’s no way that I could have hit a plateau with only 30 pounds left to go. Oh wait–go back–“I work out religiously.” Hmm…I’ve been lifting to failure every other day like clockwork. But you know what I haven’t been doing? That’s right…MY BELOVED CARDIO! Also known as RUNNING!

Henry Anderson III Park in Carrboro

No running around my favorite trail by the lake. Or dodging the duck poo…but that’s a good thing.


McDougle Elementary School's Track in Chapel Hill

No running around my favorite track. Which incidentally was the LAST run I had way back in May. Hmmm…that was FRIDAY THE 13TH!!!

fairchild park burlington nc

The walking/running track in Burlington

No running around my favorite park. But avoiding the little Hispanic boy who always annoying tries to outrun me (and usually succeeds) is nice for now.


My beloved home treadmill, Tready.

And even no running on my favorite piece of home equipment. Tready just waits there for me, looking sad and getting dusty.

On Monday it will have been 6 weeks since I heard the news that I could not run and would have to let my shin heal for 6 to 12 weeks.  At least I’m finally in that range. I seriously need to get on the ball with this cardio. Running melts fat like nothing in the world!! My weight lifting is awesome. Truly fantastic. I love it. But I also like being The Incredibly Shrinking Cherie. For that, I need to resume my running!! I wish I could believe the myth that muscle weighs more than fat so I could feel better about the stalling of my scale, but alas, it’s just a myth. And I know that more muscle will burn calories while I’m at rest doing nothing at all, so lift away I do. But oh goodness do I have a fever and the only cure for it is running. 😛

If you had an exercise-related fever, what would be your cure?

Saturday in North Cackalacky.

As far as Saturdays go, this was the most awesome I’ve had in ages. Nothing spectacular happened, but it was just a great day. I drove myself to Raleigh for super fun informational meeting (I’ll blog about it sometime depending on the outcome!! :-) ). Raleigh is only about a 50 minute drive away, but my hubby and I like to joke about it being the end of the Earth. We obviously don’t get out much or stray more than 20 minutes out of our little town! So I made it to the big city, went to my destination, had a fantastic time and then went in search of the mysterious Crystal Light Mocktails again. I started at Krogers in Durham.

bacon popcorn

I'm soooo curious about bacon popcorn!!

Obviously this is not the Mocktails. It’s something else I found! I love bacon. I love popcorn. I’d surely love the both of them together, right? I won’t be able to say for sure today because I did not buy it. Pretty much the rest of the afternoon went like this. I saw tempting snacks and managed to just say no.

panera bread

I bet they taste incredible!

I made a quick pit stop at Panera Bread to get a steak salad to go. I love Panera and don’t get there nearly enough. Mainly because I don’t allow myself–hello, bread bowls???!!! I was standing line next to these gems. I took their picture and also told them no.

hot in car no air conditioning

I'm dying. No air condition in my SUV. Ugh. Not good for summers in NC!

I hopped back into my hot, hot, hot Xterra. My vehicle is 11 years old, will be paid off next year and no longer has air conditioning. I could fix it, but eh, I try to muddle through. I was miserable at this point in my travels, but the search for the Mocktails had to continue. I pressed on to Wal-Mart.

crystal light

Where is it?

This was the fastest trip ever to Wally World. I made it in and out, because as you can see, there are no Mocktails on this shelf.

five guys

OMG. Five guys is here???

I was about to leave Durham and head towards Chapel Hill when I had to double back. Was that a Five Guys I saw? Yes, yes it is Five Guys! When I am next feeling the need for a cheat meal, I will be going here. Mayyyyybe. But it’s nice to know it’s here! I was proud for saying no once again today.

low calorie glacier freeze gatorade

Gatorade was on sale at Harris Teeter!

I figured I’d stop inside of my Harris Teeter to look for the Mocktails. No dice. But I did find my favorite Gatorade on sale! Low Calorie Glacier Freeze–AND I had $1 off coupons AND it is Super Double Coupon Week! That means for my 8 pack, I only paid $2.88!! Woo hoo!! So I picked up two of them. This totally made up for the lack of Mocktails. I realized I hadn’t played my Power Ball numbers yet or bought bread, so I kept on down the road to Food Lion in Carrboro.

Kettle Chips, Skinny Cow, Arnold Bread

Some staples.

I picked up my bread and a few other goodies! I was just about ready to start snacking on some of this stuff when I realized I still had my steak salad waiting for me. I had to hurry home and grub!

panera bread salad

I heart Panera.

The lettuce looked a little lime green to me, but I was so hungry I didn’t care. And the steak…oh the glorious steak–I love it! I was about to skip the baguette, but…



…this time I told myself! Eat that tasty baguette and enjoy. Mmm! Bread makes me smile. :-) So that was my fun Saturday. It was great to get out of the house by myself (BOOT FREE) and get some things accomplished.

How was your Saturday?