Winner, winner. Chicken dinner?

Yesterday was a pretty darn cool day. I had the most fabulous morning at home and then spent a few hours with my hot yoga instructor Maddy getting her all set up on Twitter & tweaking her Facebook page. Cherie Steffen, Social Media Consultant at your service… 😉 Feel free to follow her tweets & like her FB page–she’s new to both and it’ll make her feel oh-so-special!

After that, it was time to come home and get ready to go to Bailey’s to watch the Steelers game with the Chapel Hill Terrible Towel Club! I had been trying to manage my calories well all day as I knew I was about to do some damage. As I learned from my poor eating choices while in DC last week, I can still have cheat days–I just need to make up for it in the gym later. {Which I’m about to do in a few short minutes as soon as I finish this post!}

Only $2.50?? Uhh-ohh...

Haha, do you see why I must go hit the gym crazy hard right now?! All of this food alone would be like, three days worth of calories! Okay, thankfully, I did not eat ALL of it. They put way too many chicken tenders on my plate. I only ate TWO of them, thank you. But I did clean up the fries–gone–inhaled.I eat salads, grilled meats and clean foods all the time. Yesterday, I just wanted to be bad and have some fried food. Guess what? I don’t really like fried foods it turns out. My body certainly doesn’t like it as I found out {ugh}, but I personally don’t like it. Now, the good food actually tastes better to me! As I was crunching away on the fried badness, I was secretly longing for my leafy green salad with grilled chicken. If I didn’t know this before, I do know now! But the beer? Oh THAT was fantastic and I have no regrets about them. 😉

Hubby and I drove separately so he could go home at halftime and get some sleep. I stayed until the last minute, of course. I NEVER bail on my STEELERS! Luckily, they pulled out an amazing win. 24-14 over the Philly Eagles! I actually like the Eagles a lot, but not when they’re playing again my guys! This reminds me–I never posted about my very first NFL game that I went to last Friday!! Steelers vs. Redskins!! We sadly could not pull out a win but I was a winner just for having been there! Eeek!

This was our view–not too shabby at all for $29 tickets!

The stadium was crazy huge. Not used to this scenery!

Hubby looked cute!

I looked sweaty and gross. I get so worked up over my Steelers!!!! {and still rockin' the leg brace--sexy.}

Again–most fabulous time ever! I think my dream job would be to work as a personal trainer for the Steelers. Oooh, I’d be SO happy to go to work! And speaking of work….I must go work out NOW. Goodbye chicken fingers, fries, pretzels, cheese, beer…ughhhhh, lol. Really Cherie?? Really??

What’s your favorite cheat food?