“Even as a vegetarian, you should still eat chicken.”

Howdy! Real quick–because now it’s starting to be old news but I keep forgetting to mention it–take a look at my guest blogger post on I Swear My Legs are on Auto-Pilot…! Courtenay asked me to be her September Guest Blogger and I happily obliged! It’s now seven days old, but if you haven’t seen it–check, check, check it out. If you’re a new reader to Cherie Runs This, it will give you an overview all about where I’ve been and where I’m going! :-)

Okay let’s start this post….I originally wanted it to be a What I Ate Wednesday, but now it’s after midnight and I’m late. What I Ate Thursday just doesn’t  have as nice of a ring to it, you know? But shucks, I still will mention some foodie things before I get into what I REALLY want to umm, rant er, pop-off no, bitch chat about.

After hot yoga, I made a pitstop at Whole Foods before making the commute home. I know I’m dripping with sweat, gross and smell pretty ripe at this point, but I also live about 25 minutes out of town. No way am I going all the way back to the country to shower to drive way back into town just to run in for a few groceries!! Sorry Chapel Hill Trophy Wife-shopping-in-the-late-morning-on-a-Wednesday-while-your-husband-is-working-at-the-office-and-you’re-standing-in-the-aisle-talking-to-another-Trophy Wife-about-how-a-$300-a-night-hotel-room-is-a-steal, I know I stink as I reach in between you to grab some Earth Balance but you’re just going to have to deal. I’ve been working {out}. No need to gasp at the mere smell sight of me.

Anyhooooo, I went there to grab these few items to make these:

that I saw on Savoring the Thyme’s blog. They are basically a healthier, more colorful version of the wonderful Rice Krispie Treat. I couldn’t purchase the natural food coloring {it was $19.99!!!!!} and I got a different brown rice cereal. I thought, “How much different will they turn out?” I’m sure they’ll be fine, just not colored. I’ll add some Sunny Seeds and they’ll be fine. Plus, I’ll try to veganize them as much as possible. Again, they’ll be fine.

Haha, mine look NOTHING like hers. :-(  I was so famished when I got home from Whole Foods that I didn’t bother to give myself the proper amount of cooking time. Before the Earth Balance/Rice Mellow mixture cooled a bit, I added the cereal. OOOPS. That like, immediately makes the cereal go all stale-like. No bueno. At that point they weren’t even palatable. Sadness.

This guacamole I created totally made up for my bad rice treats, though. It was amazing! I used 2 avacados, 1/8 cup of diced red onion, 1/4 cup of diced tomato, 1/2 tablespoon of lime juice, 1/8 cup of chopped cilantro and coarse sea salt to taste. YUMMM!

Back to another fail, though–this pizza. It was homemade and all of the ingredients were awesome–the Whole Foods doughball, the sauce, the basil leaves, the portabellos, the vegan pepperoni–everything but this nasty mozzarella cheese. Uggh, never again. I tried to not get the Daiya mozza as I heard that was bad, but this is crazy awful. It totally messed up my pizza!!! :-( The other vegan cheeses I’ve had from them were good, but yeah, mental note: No more of this mozza. I’ll try the Daiya next and if that’s bad then I may just have to eat regular skim mozza. Boooooo. So much for attempting a vegan meal.

Okay, so that reminds me. Here’s what I have to say:

As I stated in my post the other day, I am beginning the transformation to a vegetarian, plant-based way of eating. I was originally planning to do it for the month of October to celebrate Vegetarian Awareness Month and as a test of myself just to see if I could do it. But the more I learn about it and study nutrition, I’m seeing more and more reasons why I should just do it now and for as long as I can.

To help myself acclimate to the vegetarian lifestyle, I’ve tried to eat a vegan diet as of late. I figure, if I can eat vegan, I can SURELY eat vegetarian! Surprising, I’m actually liking the vegan food too! It’s a smidge difficult at times, but for the most part it’s not that rough. {Aside from the cheese snafu today, of course. Haha.}

Now the problem I’m having–though, it’s not ME having it, it’s OTHERS having it with me–is that everyone who still eats meat must tell me why I shouldn’t do this, why I can’t do it, why I’m crazy, why I don’t know the difference between vegetarian and vegan, why I should still eat chicken as a vegetarian, why I should just go back to my carnivorous ways, why they still eat meat and why I should do what they’re doing, etc, ETC, ETCETERA!!!!

SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!!!!!! Even when I was scarfing down my three meals of meat a day, I never once told a vegetarian or vegan {and yes I know the effin’ difference} what they should or should not do. It wasn’t my business. Why oh why must people stick their meaty paws in where they don’t belong?

Unless I’m asking you for money to purchase it, or you’re buying me my food {which, duh, I’m not and you’re not}, kindly stop, stop, stop. Sure, tell me what you’re eating, go right ahead, that’s fine. I love hearing your comments about what works for YOU. Conversation & dialogue is awesome. But for the love of Pete {who for all we know, could be a vegan}, don’t tell me what to or to not eat!!!

I’ll gladly write another post about the number one, winner-take-all reason why I’ve changed my eating ways. But not today. You’ve listened to me rant enough. Sorry I had to take it there, but yeah, some of y’all made me take it there. :-) I’ll return tomorrow as my usual, funny, easy-going, inspiring blogging tomorrow.

Do you ever encounter hostility stemming from the way you eat?