Hey, it worked for Dorothy…


I've got a feeling I'm not in Pittsburgh anymore...

Oh my happy little blog. How I missed you! I do apologize for my absence. I wasn’t trying to ignore this blog. I had every desire to detail my trip from start to finish, as it was all unfolding, but I simply was in a far away land without Internet access…this land of which i speak is Beaver County, Pennsylvania, a quick 27 minutes from Pittsburgh. okay, yes, the BC does have the Internet, but it’s not widely available. the only starbucks in the friggin’ town doesn’t even have it!! my dad doesn’t have it at his house either, so i had to rely on the help of my neighbors to allow me to “borrow” it from them. but to “borrow” it, i had to either sit on the front upstairs porch when the east wind would blow in just the right angle to send me a signal, or crouch in the doorway of that same porch with my laptop half hanging out onto the stoop. this was not comfortable and not an ideal way to get creative and in the mood to write, especially when BC weather would strike–and strike it did as it always does. i spent three weeks in my lovely hometown, and yeah, that’s why i hadn’t chronicled my exciting times in darn near a month. but i’m baaaaaaaaaack.

well, i’m physically back. mentally, i’m mostly still there. as some wise transplanted pittsburgher once said, “you can take the girl out of pittsburgh, but you can’t take the pittsburgh out of the girl.” what little bits of the accent i picked up while there are sadly slipping away, but the past few days, i’ve made myself say, “dahntahn, stillers, n’at, or jeet jet” or toss in words like, “pop, gumband, slippy, crick, or jag off” to represent here in NC.

most of the people back home are trying to get out and i’d gladly flee NC in a heartbeat to move back. i think the happiest day of my life would be if mark came home and announced, “you know, i’m not really feeling north carolina anymore. why don’t we just move to the Pittsburgh area? Beaver County perhaps? we can invest in some decent winter coats, snow tires, shovels, umbrellas. i don’t need to see the sun more than 10 days a year anyway! pack your bags, honey, we’re moving to the BC!!”  but oh, that’s gonna happen the day peta hires michael vick as their new spokesperson. 

i think what i miss about the BC/Pittsburgh is the familiarity of it all. the bad-for-me-food, the bars, my family, the round-the-clock access to Pittsburgh Steelers updates/interviews/coverage, and my friends. MY FRIENDS!!!!! i forgot what it was like to have friends. i’ve never, ever had a shortage of friends like i do now. now, all i have is acquaintances. yes, some are very good acquaintances, but that’s it. there’s no one that i can call to go to the mall or grab a cup of coffee and no one that would do the same for me. there’s no one that i’d call with an emergency at 4am–that’s what a friend is. my friends in pa ROCK. THEY FRIGGIN’ ROCK!!! they’re there for me and actually care. not that fake caring-somewhat-give-a-crap-if-it’s-convenient caring either. yes, props to you PA peeps; you’re the real deal and i miss you!

okay, enough lamenting for my fun, zany and interesting times in PA…in my three weeks there i’ve compiled a great deal of subjects to discuss. and discuss them i shall, just not right now. now, it’s time for unpacking!!