Open for Business!

I’ll spare you all from the dramatic “You like me!” Sally Field reenactment, but that’s honestly how I feel! Your responses to my last “cheesy” post were so genuine, warm, and inspiring and I thank you SOOOO very much for them. Even if the next day’s events hadn’t gone as they did, I still would have been very inspired to spring into action.

What events? Oh, I’ll tell you!

First, I found a personal training job for which to apply! A real, honest-to-goodness, training actual people, job at a gym. Full-time, benefits, competitive pay, tuition reimbursement, yadda yadda… so hopefully that will pan out. It’s not too far of a drive {which is magical because I’m in the country far away from errrrything} and the advertisement for it was very recent. Even if it doesn’t pan out, it was good practice for me to update my résumé, write a cover letter and get in the groove of applying again. I was nervous as all get-out to hit the SEND button on the email, but I did. It’s out there for fate to do what it wants with it now.

Second, I finally handed out one of these:

personal training business card

There I was chatting with a woman on Saturday and before I knew it, she was asking for my card, telling me she wanted to be my first client, and that Cherie Steffen Fitness was officially open for business! I couldn’t believe it! As if she had read my previous blog post, she was saying how she didn’t want some skinny chick personal trainer that had never gone through what I had. She wanted a real person that used to be heavy, lost weight, and would understand where she was coming from. Holla!! That’s me!!!

Third, so yeah, Cherie Steffen Fitness IS officially open for business! I spent the entire weekend putting the finishing touches on everything I had been working on {good grief, there’s a zillion forms I gathered and typed out} and getting my ducks in a row. They were already somewhat in formation, but I really was like, “Okay, ducks, stop quacking around and seriously line up!!” So now, it’s all good. :-) As you’ll see on the top of my home page, I have a nice little page dedicated to CSF. Until I get a dedicated website, that will do nicely! I’m still working on the virtual aspect of it. Can’t wait to hammer that out as well!

Fourth, I finally created a Facebook Fan Page for Cherie Runs This. As of right now, it’s still über plain, but I plan to spruce it up this week. I’m just happy to have created it and have one space on there for my blog posts and health/fitness chatter. My non-health/fitness friends on my personal page will surely be pleased about this, haha. So if you haven’t already–and you probably haven’t since I’m just now telling you it exists–please LIKE my page and show some love!

So as you can see, I was a busy little beaver this weekend!

I'm from Beaver County, PA. I have endless amounts of Beaver-related items, haha.

I also managed to get in my final day of Week 4 training for my upcoming 5k! So far, so good! Bring on Week 5!

This was quite the productive weekend.  I feel good, ready, and hungry for that cheese!

How was your weekend? Are you still lamenting over your lost hour?