Confession: I was afraid of the gym.

I have a confession: I’ve been secretly afraid of the gym. Yes, I know I’m studying to be a personal trainer. :-) And I know I just lost a whole boatload of weight. But I did it all at home. When I spoke of going to “the gym,” that gym was my home gym. I’d been too afraid to set foot in a gym-gym. So considering my future career, I obviously had to tackle this fear NOW. This is what had previously been holding me back.

Remember the old me? Yeah, no way was I going in. :-(

One, it stemmed from having to see my large figure reflected everywhere. I could barely face seeing myself in my bathroom mirror at home, much less face the horrors of the wall-to-wall mirrors at the gym.

Is she pointing/laughing at me????

, I felt like everyone was going to be wondering why I was even at the gym, as if I was too far gone to get help. Plus, everyone at the gym already seemed like they were in great shape. So I couldn’t possibly walk in, looking like I did, huffing and puffing and risk being someone’s focal point.

So many machines...are they friend or foe??

Three, I had no idea how to work the machines. They looked like robots. Robots frighten me.

muscular man

That's a whole lotta man.

Four, and I’ll stop here, some of the men in there are scary. I like a muscular man for some eye candy and all, but what if one was going through a crazy bout of ‘Roid Rage and decided to take me out?! These are the things that go through my head. Well, WENT through my head. I took care of that today once and for all.

Snap Fitness

Snap Fitness in Chapel Hill, NC

 Today I went to Snap Fitness to shadow a personal trainer for a few hours. Yay!!! This is the same gym that I’ve been going to for my beloved hot yoga classes. Yeah, so this week is all about tackling gym fears, huh? First a group exercise class and now this! Go me! I wasn’t planning on tackling the gym fear today, but it just kind of happened. I had a little bit of time to kill before the trainer arrived so I made myself go around to all of the machines to read about them and see how they worked. I shadowed one of the trainers {that was already there} to pass some more time and watched as he had his client go through some reps on the machines. Then, when my guy arrived, I proceeded to follow him around and watch him and his client. The machines weren’t scary! They didn’t form a plan of attack to kill me and take over the world! And there weren’t any crazy beefy men in there. And if there were, they wouldn’t have looked at me anyway–everyone seemed to be minding his or her own business. Wow! Apparently the only thing holding me back, as usual, {CUE THE DRUMROLL} was ME. Duhhhh!!

After my trainer guy was done with his client, I took the opportunity to quiz him about the kinds of things that I won’t learn in my book–the day-to-day duties, the selling, the BS I’ll face since every career has it and I wanted to know now. He was quite the straight shooter–which I love because I am too–and told me the nitty gritty. Overall, I had a great time! I need to make some arrangements to follow a lot more trainers at different gyms to get different feels, but this was a fun first shadow. And the best part? I’m no longer afraid of the gym. :-) This week, I’m kicking fear’s butt! {But robots, yes. Still afraid.}


I need to do a commercial for this stuff.

 I came home and I was so proud of myself that I decided I could have a treat–a delicious bottle of Isopure! {40 grams of protein, no carbs, 160 calories–what??!!} They aren’t cheap, so I told myself I could have them sparingly. That was supposed to mean after a kickass workout, but today I deemed kicking fear’s arse a workout. 😉

Did you ever have gym fear?

This day was totally worth the 20 bucks.

Aside from forgetting my crisp $20 bill at the self-checkout after I requested cash back :-(, it was a pretty happy schmappy day! It began with the mailman leaving a special envelope at my door that contained this:

criminal justice degree

Woo hoo! Degree #2 for me!

 My diploma! Even though my classes ended in May, after working on it for the past year and a half, I am now officially a graduate with my Associate’s in Criminal Justice! AND with high honors {meaning, 4.0}!! I will add this to my Bachelor’s in English that I’m not using either. :-) But it is great knowing that I have it in my back pocket should I ever need it.

Hot, hot, hot yoga.

 I then made a call to one of my local gyms to get info on a hot yoga class this Friday that I was interested in checking out. The owner of the gym and I starting chatting and turns out she is looking to hire a female personal trainer! Sadly I still have a couple of months before I get my certification…but how awesome would that have been to set up an interview!!?? She was impressed that I was getting certified through NASM {it’s tough, but very well-respected}, so I know for sure that I made the correct choice in selecting  it! She still took my name just in case and hopefully we’ll chat again! She also put me in contact with the Fitness Director so I could set up a day to shadow him during one of his training sessions–which I’ll do on Monday morning!! Woo-hoo!!! Sooooo excited! :-)

My cute yoga mat in my favorite color!

 I went out to get a zillion errands to run and to pick up a yoga mat since I didn’t have one. I was going to stop at Target first but ran into Ross to look for a different red dress. I heart Ross, by the way!! I found this cute little mat for $5! I also picked up some of these:


 Stretchy, resistance bands!  When I was studying last night I learned about the different types of stretching {corrective, active and functional} and how important they are! I’ll admit, I’m HORRIBLE with stretching. I know I either don’t do it, don’t do it long enough or often enough. Again–another reason for my shin injury, I bet!! But after last night, I know how crucial it is so I will always do it now. These bands and my foam roller are going to be my bffs! :-) So I bought them and also found the new and improved red dress:

The Lady in Red-to-be...

 This dress is much better than the other, old hag-looking-thing AND it’s 2 sizes smaller than the other. :-) I was definitely happy in the dressing room this time. Thank you Calvin Klein–I like your sizes better!  I quickly went back to JC Penney to return the first dress and then went to GNC to look for some Isopure.

Can't wait to try this!

 One bottle has 40 grams of protein {amazing!}, 0 carbs and only 160 calories! I haven’t tried it yet, but it was on sale so I decided to pick up a couple. I keep hearing about them so it was time to put ’em to the test. I heart protein! I then went to Harris Teeter to get a leg of lamb {More protein-yes, I’m a crazy meat eater and will not apologize for it!!}

Go meat!

 I still had some tzatziki left over from making lamb-feta burgers the other night, so I wanted to use the rest of it with gyros! I was about to leave the store, but that’s when I remembered I needed money for the yoga class. And that’s also when I chose the cash back option and forgot to take my $20!! I have NEVER done that and all the yearsssss I worked in a grocery store I wondered how the customers could just walk away without their money. I was about 20 miles from the store when I remembered and wasn’t turning back. I know there’s Southern Hospitality and all down here, but I’m also not so naive as to believe that my $20 would still be there. Oh well, if that was the worst thing that happened to me today, I’m okay. Otherwise, it was AWESOME!!!! And besides, I’m GOING to get a job soon and the money will come back to me. :-)

Allrighty, I’m off to go chug a BUNCH of water to prep for this hot yoga class. I’m soooooo nervous. I hope I don’t pass out!

Have you ever tried hot yoga? How did it go?