I can save your life.

I hope neither of us are IN a situation where I would have to save your life, but I’m at least capable of giving it a go now. :-) Yesterday, I became CPR/AED certified! This is a requirement to becoming certified as a personal trainer, so I wanted to go ahead and get it crossed off my list!

Donate some blood if you can!

Once I made the decision to be a CPT, I signed up for this class a few weeks ago. I had been waiting all day and was so excited to go! Earlier in the day, I went to a friend’s house and did a little trainer-to-be session on her, making sure to leave enough time to travel to this class. I had about two hours to kill before I left for Durham, where the class was being held. I kept watching the clock, but decided to write a blog post before I got ready. So of course I looked up at the clock and it was 4:45 and I needed to leave at 4:30. Accckkk! I was so fearful that I’d be late for the class and that the instructor, Jo Hunt, would say, “Sorry, you’re late. Now you’ll have to reschedule and pay another $55.”  I am NEVER one to arrive on CP Time and am usually early for everything!!  I did some creative driving, and was gross and sweaty from the near 100 degrees in my no-AC-Xterra, but made it there 6 minutes late. The whole class was already seated and watching a film. Ms. Hunt was very nice, checked my name off the list and told me to take an available seat.

My little desk area.

 We watched some more films, answered questions out loud and took part in some “What Would You Do?” types of questions. Then we partnered up, mine was a nice 40-something man named Phillip who dressed a little like the Crocodile Hunter, and began practicing techniques. I had to roll Phillip over on the floor, position him and listen for his breathing. I’m thankful he had fresh breath. Sometimes you never know! I’m also thankful that I had previously lost 60 pounds so when it came time for Phillip to roll me over it was quite a breeze. 😛 Then it was time to work on our dummies!

So many to choose from!

 I scanned the room looking for one that looked super sturdy. As I mentioned, the last time I worked on one of these dummies, I applied too much pressure and popped his head off. And that was before I started lifting weights!

This could be the one....

 This one was the closest to me and right in front of my desk. It was meant to be! He looked pretty strong and solid at first glance. I went in for a closer look….

My dummy!

 …yup, this was the one for me! I named him Tyrone and got to work practicing the CPR on him. “Tyrone, are you okay? Tyrone, do you need help? Tyrone, I’m certified in CPR. I’m going to help you!” We all had a good time calling out to our dummies and “saving” their lives.

Classmates practicing on their dummies.

 We did this for a little bit longer and then broke off with partners {I went with trusty Phillip again} to practice saving each other from choking. After that, we were trained on the use of the AED. Then it was time to take our exam. I got a 100% and my certification card, which is good for two years. Step one on the way to being a CPT is done! And now, I need to go study. :-)

Are you certified in CPR/AED? Have you ever saved a life? Or how about killed a dummy?