Confession: I’m addicted to workout clothes & running shoes. So what?

There are a lot of vices out there, folks. Choose your addictive poison: drinking, smoking, gambling–these are the common ones. Not your style? Nah, me either. Well….okay, I have been known to spend some quality time at a casino twice a year or so, but it’s totally under control. Though I love it, I most certainly would not call it an addiction. Now, watching NFL games–that’s an addiction of mine. And working out–that’s another addiction I have. So to go hand in hand with all of the working out, I like to be properly outfitted to do so.

One of the reasons I love working out in my home gym is that I don’t have to get “dressed” to face the outside world. I don’t have to match. I can wear old baggy clothes. They can be dirty and filled with holes. No one is going to see me, so it doesn’t matter.

Umm, but yeah, to me it does.

It matters not that no other eyes will be set upon me but my own or my husband’s. I DRESS FOR ME and I have some high standards for myself. Let me put it this way–for sooooo very long, I had low self esteem. I would avoid full-length mirrors. It was repeated to me {by someone I’ll not mention at the moment} over and over again that I was fat and I didn’t look very good in my clothes. So yeah, even though I’m in the comfort of my home, I still dress as if I were modeling for a photo spread in XYZ Fitness Magazine. That’s just me. That’s how I roll.¬† So should anyone have a problem with it? Not really. But of course someone does. I’m sure you all have one in your life–a Debbie Downer.

Debbie never has anything good to say about my weight loss journey of 70+ pounds; she just likes to pop up and make downer comments about it. For instance–the other day on Facebook. I mentioned how I picked up some new running attire at Dick’s the other day. You know, a simple, harmless status that in no way should have sparked debate. But oh, it did. Deb posted her views and Downerism for all to see when she inquired as to “Why I needed to buy more running clothes as she only has two sets of running clothes and that’s all that really should be needed for anyone…yadda, yadda, blah, blah, blah.”

Gurrrrrrrrl. Bitch, please. {That was my snappy, sassy black girl that comes out when people ask me asinine questions like that.}

How are you going to ask me that? One, I have a job and make my own money. Two, I didn’t ask her for the money to buy it with. Three, when you send me a picture of your baby {who isn’t even one year old yet} surrounded by mounds of Christmas toys that she can’t even fully play with or comprehend yet, do I ask you why you and your family spent money on all of that when again, she’s 8 months old and would have been satisfied playing with the wrapping the toys came in??????

Nope, I didn’t. Because it wasn’t any of my business, Deb. Mentally judge and shake my head in wonder, I may have, but that’s it. Everyone has their little addictions. For some, it’s doting on their kids. For me, it’s doting on myself in the form of weight loss journey rewards. And instead of food rewards {which I don’t do because I’m not a canine}, it comes in the form of yoga pants, tank tops, running tights, shorts, sports bras and pumped up kicks.

Oh I am doing it. Don't you worry! Running = hot tush.

I can’t even put into words the amazing feeling I have when I’m shuffling through the racks looking for a Medium instead of an XL. Yeah, it’s a high. And I want that next fix. When you’ve stood in the store, tears welling up in your eyes because you can’t find XL, you really need a XXL, and all there are are Smalls staring back at you, yeah, you dream of a day when clothing shopping is fun. If my bills are paid first, before I pick up a pair of Nike compression tights, what’s the harm? I can’t find any.

And the shoe addiction? Good golly. They’re such pretty little things. But I look at them as an investment. The better, more fresh shoes I have, the less likely I am to re-injure myself with shin splints or another stress fracture and the more likely I am to run because they’re just so darn attractive and comfy.

Like buttah.

Okay, they’re so hot, I had to take two pictures of these Nike Lunar Sweet Victory beauties.

Yessss, yellow for Steelers colors. You got me.

I know I’m not alone in the running shoe addiction. I just read this blog post the other day where he counted his pairs around the house. I don’t have that many! ūüėõ

I do try to just keep it to clothing and shoes {and okay, equipment} but now and again, accessories make their way into my collection…

Orange Puma gym bag--hotness!

…but, it was on eBay at such a great steal for a Puma gym bag {$20!} and it was purchased with Christmas gift money–after I used some of the money for groceries and gas first.

Point of all this being. I work hard. HARD. Most days, especially around this time of year, I usually have a steady stream of sweat running down my back at work. And all those boxes that say ‘Team Lift Only’? Yeah, I lift them myself. AND it’s not even the crazy ‘time-to-work-out-rush/New Year’s Resolutions time at work yet. That’s when I’m REALLY going to work to earn my money. Soooooo, if I’m working hard for my money, my bills are paid and I’m meeting my weight loss goals, what’s wrong with treating myself to some pants, shoes or a bag? I’m not going to look, but if I did, I’m sure I couldn’t find anything.¬† This “addiction” or vice, is a-okay with me! I’m earning it!

How many pairs of running shoes are in your closet? What’s your go-to fitness wear? Do you know a Debbie Downer?

Friend Makin’ Wednesday…

Every week, Kenlie from All the Weigh, chooses a topic for Friend Makin’ Monday. All those in the blogging world are encouraged to read it, comment and pass it along. I just got hip to this so I had to change it to Friend Makin’ Wednesday to fit in today. :-) Oops. But you get the picture. Feel free to take a look at her¬†blog and play along!

All the Weigh

¬†1. Do you like to shop? Yes. But surprisingly not as much as I used to. Also, the places I shop and things for which I shop have changed. Being unemployed for two years will do that to you! Hahaha…I absolutely LOVE to shop at thrift stores now. I always find the coolest things on the cheap. Yesterday for instance, I found two {one large and one small} Lululemon tote bags! Got ’em both for 50 cents. Haha, I can’t afford their¬†yoga pants, but I can at least afford these previously owned bags!¬† I also like to shop online. I live in the country and it’s just easier to have stuff¬†come to me instead of vice versa.

2. How often do you wear make up? Every day. EVERY day. I’ve been wearing less, but I still wear it everyday even if it’s just a little foundation and clear gloss. I even wear it to walk down the driveway to go to the mailbox. My grandmother and mother instilled it in me. “You just always make up your face to be prepared Cherie,” they said, lol.

3. How do you feel about nailpolish? I’ve been wearing it more often. I keep my nails pretty short, and so that my hands don’t look too blah, I like to have ’em polished. My favorite polish is from Essie. That stuff holds on for dear life.

4. Do you consider yourself to be a feminist? Nope. Haha, not at all. Maybe back in my hippie-esque days of college. But now? Uh-uh.

5. What’s your biggest challenge as a woman? I don’t really find that I face any. I face more as a black person {gotta love ignorant people!}¬†than as a female.

6. Do you wear skirts and dresses? Or do you prefer something else? I do wear them if I have somewhere to go. But my outfits of choice are yoga pants and tank tops. I live in them 97.3824% of the time. I don’t like jeans, khakis or regular pants really.

7. How do you feel about high heels? I HATE them. I can’t walk in ’em. I didn’t even wear them for my wedding. Gimme sneakers and flats any day.

8. Do you subscribe to magazines? If so, which ones? I LOVE magazines. Totally prefer them to books. I¬†do e-Rewards so I get tons of free subscriptions. Of the ones I can remember to mention, I get Men’s Fitness & Men’s Health {for hubby}, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Whole Living, Women’s Running, Runner’s World, Oxygen, Muscle & Fitness hers, Law Enforcement Officer, Self, Health, Shape, Fitness… A LOT!

9. Do you shave your legs/wax/use depilatory creams or go au naturale? I shave my legs every other day. I¬†hate leg hair! I like everything as smooth as a baby’s bottom.

10. What do you like most about being a woman? I love the shape of our bodies. I love how we think and our intuition. And I love having boobs. Yup, I said it. ( o ) ( 0 ) I’m proud of my rack! They’ll feed my baby someday. And they’re real and they’re spectacular! :-)

Okay, now it’s your turn! ¬†Answer these questions and let me know a¬†thing or two¬†about you. Don’t be shy–we’re all friends here! :-)¬†And don‚Äôt forget to link up to All the Weigh if {and when] you make your own post.