There’s no crying in weight lifting.

Okay, there is a little bit of crying. At least for me anyhow, and I’m not really a crier. But as I said before–this whole weight loss/get healthy journey just brings me to it. There’s a crazy amount of emotion involved. Been through it? Then you know what I’m talking about! So yeah, sometimes right after I leave the gym, I cry because I can’t believe where I am at this point in my journey and how far I’ve come. You know, happy tears.


there's no crying in weight lifting


But then, sometimes right after I leave the gym, I cry because I’m so pissed at myself for not knowing more about weight lifting. I mean, I’m a certified trainer. I dropped a good bit of cash and spent a good bit of time studying to get those initials after my name–I want to be worthy of them. Last Tuesday, I didn’t feel worthy at all. Cue the non-happy tears.

It’s been quite apparent to me that book smarts about personal training and street gym smarts about personal training are two very different things. I’ve known this for a while and I’ll be the first to tell anyone that where strength training, muscle building and weights are concerned, I’m learning as I go. I try to soak up every bit of information I can get from, Oxygen Magazine, and Muscle and Fitness Hers, fellow bloggers that know their sh*t about the weight room, and from {secretly} watching the trainers at my gym.

I knew making a transition from a Cardio Queen to an Iron Maiden was going to take some work, but I felt like I was doing okay so far. After all, I must be doing something right because in the three months since I’ve joined the gym and began weight lifting my body looks light years better than it did from 12 months of running in 2012. {SERIOUSLY–why didn’t I start weight training sooner??? Can we chat about that?! I’ll save that for another post.} So while I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, I thought I’ve been doing it all right–especially my exercises. There’s only so much you can tell about form from a magazine, so I make sure to watch videos on YouTube {again, from peeps I trust} to see if I’m doing the workouts correctly.

hurts so good tank

So last Tuesday, while I’m feeling all confident, kicking butt right through my workout, looking all fly in my Hurts So Good tank top and legwarmers, imagine how wet behind the ears I felt when a trainer stopped me mid-work on the assisted pull-up machine to call me out. It went like this:

Trainer: {shaking his head and motioning to me to take out my headphones} No. No…you’re going going to hurt yourself. All that floppin’ around. You’re seriously going to pull your shoulder. That’s not how to do it. Let me show you.

Me: {removing headphones} But I like doing it this way–it gets my heart rate up. [ And now my heart rate really IS up as I can see a few people turning to look at us and listen in–acccckkkk embarrassing!] I think it is the Kipperling. Kiplinger. Kippie. Kip–

Trainer: You mean Kipping and that’s some Crossfit sh*t. Yeah, don’t do that. {He then proceeds to get on the machine to do me how to do the assisted pull-up correctly} See–controlled. No flopping. No using any other muscles to help you pull yourself. Look straight ahead. Good posture. Leg/knees straight.

Me: {punching him in his bicep which is bigger than my head} Of course it’s all easy and controlled for you. You’ve got guns!! {He then gives me the “I mean business” look, so I pipe down. He makes me try it–the RIGHT way–and then approved.}

I thanked him for his help–he really is an awesome trainer and is the one that gave me my first tour/tutorial when I first signed up at the gym–and he went off to work with his client. I just felt dumb. This seemed like it was one of the simplest machines in the gym and I was even doing THAT wrong? Argh. I then performed some more of the assisted pull-ups the correct way and was sooooo happy that the machine was facing the wall. The tears were coming.

snap fitness assisted pull up dips machine

Was this a reason to start to well up? Umm, no. So I stopped myself almost as quickly as I started boo-hooing. I was like, “For real, Cherie? Pull up your big girl panties and accept the constructive criticism for once. He HELPED you. He could have just kept on walking by and never said a thing. Maybe making fun of me in his head or grouped up with the other trainers across the room. But he didn’t. And by him helping me, I become better. A better weight trainer and just a better trainer period.  I wanted to scurry out of the gym right after this, but I didn’t. I finished the rest of my workout and made sure to find him on my way out that night and THANK HIM.

It would have been easy for me to take the next day off. Though I was almost over the whole thing, I somehow felt embarrassed still. He knows I’m a trainer…did he think I was a complete idiot? But of course I still went to the gym and marched right in to get to work. Shortly there after he spotted me. He came over, put his large arm around me and gave me a side hug. JEEZE. Did he have ESP, too and know that I was feeling sheepish?!! Anyhow, I tried to take the upperhand and mention the whole sitch first, “Thanks again for yesterday. I told you I was a Cardio Queen. Well, reformed anyhow. Just let me know if you see me doing anything else wrong, okay?” He said he would, punched me on the arm, and sent me on my way. I yelled out, “Thanks! I mean, I can’t pay you of course, but thanks!”

So yeah, I don’t know everything, which I already knew. But I love, love, love learning. And good grief do I love when someone calls me out. Though I may not like it at the time, lol, in the end I’m better for it. I feel surrounded by “Yes men” {and women} at times, so this was a refreshing change. Change is good.

If you see someone with horribly bad form, do you say anything? How do you feel when someone corrects you?

Yes, I love it more than Cosmo.

“Right now, your competition is training.” –Unknown

Love this mag!

Just when I was starting to wonder if my mailman had kept it to himself, my July/August edition of Muscle
& Fitness Hers
arrived. Of course it came right after I had finished my workout, but since I have all of tonight
and a rest day tomorrow, I can read it from cover to cover. It’s my favorite muscle mag and has tons of tips, exercises, and nutrition information without being repetitive. Plus it’s super colorful. This month even has a huge pull-out poster chock full of exercises that I can’t wait to try!

Today’s strength session went pretty well. I didn’t feel nauseous afterwards, which was fantastic, yet I
still feel that I kicked my own butt. I managed to crank out 40 reps with the
new 25 pounders and do the rest of the section of The Situation DVD that focused
on abs, chest and arms plus my 100 pushups. I was feeling so spry that I almost
decided to do a little boxing with my punching bag, but the leg is still stopping me from
bouncing around with quick feet.

The leg is feeling stronger today, so I’m praying, praying, praying that by
this weekend early next week I can start to walk on the treadmill for a
little cardio session. I’m totally loving this newfound appreciation of
weightlifting, and it’s taught me to stick with it, but I’m still a cardio girl
deep down!

Are you a more of a strength trainer or cardio fanatic?

Awesome poster!