Yes, I love it more than Cosmo.

“Right now, your competition is training.” –Unknown

Love this mag!

Just when I was starting to wonder if my mailman had kept it to himself, my July/August edition of Muscle
& Fitness Hers
arrived. Of course it came right after I had finished my workout, but since I have all of tonight
and a rest day tomorrow, I can read it from cover to cover. It’s my favorite muscle mag and has tons of tips, exercises, and nutrition information without being repetitive. Plus it’s super colorful. This month even has a huge pull-out poster chock full of exercises that I can’t wait to try!

Today’s strength session went pretty well. I didn’t feel nauseous afterwards, which was fantastic, yet I
still feel that I kicked my own butt. I managed to crank out 40 reps with the
new 25 pounders and do the rest of the section of The Situation DVD that focused
on abs, chest and arms plus my 100 pushups. I was feeling so spry that I almost
decided to do a little boxing with my punching bag, but the leg is still stopping me from
bouncing around with quick feet.

The leg is feeling stronger today, so I’m praying, praying, praying that by
this weekend early next week I can start to walk on the treadmill for a
little cardio session. I’m totally loving this newfound appreciation of
weightlifting, and it’s taught me to stick with it, but I’m still a cardio girl
deep down!

Are you a more of a strength trainer or cardio fanatic?

Awesome poster!