Nah, Imma Stay. {{Namaste!}}

Well, look who it is…

It’s the Hot-Yoga-Loving-Cherie! She’s back!

Well, she never really left…she’s just not been at hot yoga since last summer. And please excuse this old picture from back then! I was all set to take a fresh picture with my mat today, but I left the doggone thing at the studio. I’m pretty sure it will be safe…I left every bit of sweat I had in my body on that thing and doubt anyone will touch it!

I had also planned to take a super crazy sweaty #fitfluential #proof worthy shot of my hard-earned work, but by the time I walked out to my car in the chilly air yesterday morning, it was gone! This is all I got:

I got a sticker! Good little student that I am... :)

I plan to go back tomorrow morning since Wednesday is my next off day. I love it soooo much, but ever since I started at Dick’s, with my crazy hours, I’ve let my hot yoga practice go. No more! It’s seriously good for my mind, soul and booty body, so I have to make it more of a priority in my life. {As money allows, of course–it ain’t too cheap!}

Anyhow, a few things came to mind while I was practicing today. {Again–this is why I need to do it more–I am the WORST at just being in the moment and focusing on my asanas and how they’re making me feel.}

1. I was proud of myself just for getting there. My favorite yoga teacher, the owner Maddy, normally teaches at 9:30am. I was like, “Hey, I’m down with that time on my day off. It’s not too early.” Then the night before, right before bed, I checked the schedule online and saw that she was teaching the 6:30 am class. OH THE HUMANITY!!!  Now, I am NOT one of those people that likes to, wants to, or has to exercise before the roosters crow. Makes no damn sense to me and since I don’t have to, fuh-get-about-it!!! My fitness routines can wait til 10am, thank you. But for Maddy, I got my butt up at 4:45 am, drove 25 minutes from my country home into town, and was on my mat at 6:25 am. Go me!

2. The yoga farts.

Yes, this is still happening. It always will be. I don’t know why I’m shocked. Or why I have the behavior of a 13-year-old boy when it does, but I do. I just do. This time it was just one dude. The same hairy, using five sweat rags to sop up his perspiration because his towel is soaked through, wearing too short shorts, gruntin’, solo man in class that’s always there. I mean, do you not know you’re going to class in the morning? Do you not know the studio room is somewhat small? And it’s 100 degrees? And we have to breathe in those farts when we do our pranayama? Did you still think it was a good idea to have a meal that surely consisted of straight up bean dip, bean soup, chili  and black bean brownies the night before?

3. Wearing what equates to just a makeshift bikini to class. I know it’s hot, but really?

Okay, nah. I’m just hatin’. I’d rock it if I could. The girl looked crazy good. I was in awe. It was like she was Photoshopped, but live and in front of me! But instead of being like, man, why can’t I look like her??? {Which was my exact sentiment last summer} I gazed into the huge mirror before me and thought, “Wow, I’ve dropped 20 pounds since I was last here. Look how far I’ve come. No, I don’t look like Photoshop Girl, but I’m a pretty awesome version of me!”

See how good hot yoga is for my self-well being?!

4. I still get “goosies” {I’m channeling J-Lo on American Idol, here} if I’m one of the chosen ones to get singled out by name if I’m doing a pose beautifully.  I’m not graceful, I have mad balance issues, and haven’t done this stuff in about 8 months. It’s nice to know some of it came back to me!

5. The Yoga Girl video. Yes, this was in my head a lot during class. I TOTALLY need to work on focusing, haha!

It gets stuck in your head…you’ve been warned! Hey, yoooooga guuuuurl…

I’m sure there were more things that popped in and out of my mind. Whatever it was, was probably interrupted by a fart {the dude’s, not mine} and I forgot to carry the thought to fruition. So I’ll stop here! Anyhow, it’s good to be back!

Do you do yoga to cross-train from running? Or is yoga your main form of fitness? What’s your favorite type?