More Time. More Connecting. Verizon Gives You More Everything!

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Verizon Wireless.

I’m not the most tech savvy gal. I still don’t know how to program a VCR and thank goodness there’s not much need for such thing. But I have a few simple pieces of technology and though I don’t know how they work necessarily, I know how to work them. Does that make sense? Good.

Since I know how to work them, work them I most certainly do–and often. Between my Galaxy Note 3 Smart Phone (that I WON on Twitter! Woo hoo!), and my new Jawbone UP and Sol Republic headphones (both compliments of FitFluential–thank you!) I am steady using one of these devices at all times of the day and night.

I love being connected to everything and everyone. Between random calls and text messages from my family, friends, boss and coworkers and all of the social media tweets, alerts, updates, messages, statuses, likes, favorites, comments, etc. all day–my phone isn’t quiet or unused for even the tiniest period of time. Haa, you won’t likely find me going “off the grid” for very long. But with all of this “connecting,” comes increased usage. A LOT of increased usage.

I found myself having MORE of everything else except more money and more phone data to keep up! A change was going to be in order for me to continue connecting to my liking. As I was on Verizon’s site investigating my options, I found the answer.


More Everything

Like an answer to my technological (and financial) prayers, I took a look at this new More Everything plan and realized that I would be getting MORE for less if I made the switch. I increased my data package and now I’m paying less than I did before because I always, like clockwork, went over every month. That’s not happening now! I can scroll, search, respond, text, call to my heart’s delight. And my wallet’s–the wallet is happier.

Sol Republic Ear Phones

Now I’m not at all worried that I’m spending too much time while I’m plugged in, be-bopping along listening to my Sol Republic ear phones. I use these for every work out. Whether running, lifting, or just listening to music while trying to avoid small talk (sorry not sorry–ear phones in = conversation ceased) these baby’s stay in and don’t fall out!

They have FreeFlex technology, offer a universal fit (check out all the different size buds in the pic!), and stay in your ears. They also feature:

♥ Single button microphone and music control
♥ Are sweat and water resistant
♥ Have a powerful i5 sound engine
♥ Are lightweight and keep a low profile
♥ Come with a carrying case

They are definitely the clearest earphones I’ve ever had! After I take them off (or sometimes leave them in case I’m still not ready for conversation) it’s usually time to plug in my Jawbone UP to check out my movement stats!

Jawbone Up Package

Jawbone Up on Wrist

I’d been seeing these on the wrists of fellow gym-goers and passerbys but didn’t really know what it was. When I received mine, I took a look at the little instruction book pictured and right away thought, “This goes with my phone…I’m going to look into a different phone plan…I’m going to need more.” (again, thank goodness More Everything came into my life!

Jawbone Up Screenshot Activity

Jawbone Up Screenshot Sleep

Jawbone Up Tips

I plug it in to my phone first thing in the morning, last thing at night and several times during the day and receive several reports such as movement, sleep, tips and can keep a food journal in it, too. The Jawbone UP definitely helps to keep you accountable and thinking about what you’re eating, how much sleep you’re getting and how much activity–or lack of it! Though I’m not plugged in for very long, it’s good to know I have the necessary data available and don’t have to worry about hurrying off of it.

These days all of your extra little bits of technology are somehow tied into your phone. While it once drove me crazy thinking, “On. Off. Hurry up. Use the phone. Get off the phone. Plug in. Unplug. Search really fast. Make sure you’re signed off. Repeat,” I no longer feel so uptight about it. I can leisurely listen to my music, track my stats, and talk to all of you lovely people throughout the day with worrying now. Verizon gave me More Everything for sure, and a lot LESS STRESS!!! 🙂

Verizon More Everything Plan